Do Women and Men Differ in Feeling Close to God?

Women and men experience spirituality in different ways. Drawing from SoulPulse data, we took 6,100 surveys in which participants responded to the statement “I feel close to God” at this moment, with zero being “not at all” and ten being “very much.” It turns out that in terms of average levels, there’s no significant difference. Both the women and men in the SoulPulse sample scored about 6 out of 10. But there was another difference. Below are two histograms: The one of the left plots the distribution for women participants, and the one on the right for men. They have different distributions.


Namely, women reported more variation in their feeling close to God. Some women sometimes reported being at 1 of 10, the lowest possible score, and other women at other times reported being at 10 out of 10–the highest possible score. In fact, 15% of women’s scores were at the highest level. Men also ranged from lowest to highest, but they were much more likely to come in around the average. Put differently, the women in our sample were more likely to run hot or cold to God, and men were more likely to be warm.

How would you explain this difference?

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