Good News: We Got Our First Paper Accepted

The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion has accepted our paper on day-to-day spirituality. These things take awhile, so it will be 2017 before it’s published, but we’re very excited. Great job Jaime!

Title: States and Traits of Spiritual Awareness by Time, Activity, and Social Interaction

Authors: Jaime Kucinskas, Hamilton College, Bradley R.E. Wright and D. Matthew Ray, University of Connecticut, and John Ortberg, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Abstract: Using data from a nationwide, smartphone-based experience sampling study, we examine the ebb and flow of spiritual awareness in day-to-day life. We focus on the prevalence of spiritual states and traits, and conditions under which they occur. This both complements and builds upon previous survey studies that have focused on stable spiritual traits. Using multilevel regression, we found systematic variation in spiritual awareness both across people and within people’s daily experiences as they relate to time, activity and social interactions. Participants’ spiritual awareness varied modestly over the course of the day, being highest in the morning. Spiritual awareness also varied by daily activities. It was highest when participants engaged in spiritual activities such as praying, worshiping, and meditation. It was high when they listened to music, read, or exercised as well. Spiritual awareness was low when people were shopping, watching television or at work. In addition, spiritual awareness was somewhat higher when participants were with other people, especially their friends. Importantly, the relationship between daily activities and spiritual awareness varied by whether actions and who people spent time with were measured “in the moment” or over time.

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