Lessons Learned from SoulPulse: A Smartphone-Based ESM Study of Spirituality: A Forthcoming Chapter

Roger Finke and Christopher Bader are putting together an exciting new book on methodological innovations in the study of religion. They kindly invited us to contribute a chapter about SoulPulse, and it will come out in 2017. Here’s a description of our chapter:

Title: Lessons Learned from SoulPulse: A Smartphone-Based ESM Study of Spirituality

Authors: Bradley R.E. Wright, Richard Blackmon, David Carreon, and Luke Knepper

Abstract: SoulPulse is an ongoing, experience sampling method study of spirituality that uses participants’ smartphones to collect data over a two-week period. Launched in late 2013, it is a new approach for studying spiritual and religious experiences. In creating it, we had few resources to guide us, and so we went through a lot of trial and error. In this chapter we review some of the lessons that we learned. This guides both researchers wanting to use or evaluate this methodology. These lessons relate to how often to administer surveys and questions within surveys, creating suitable measures, designing an appealing software interface, recruiting participants, and analyzing the uniquely structured, multilevel data generated by this approach.

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