Our feelings of love, joy, and peace vary by how well we sleep

In our previous blog we took the 6,100 Soulpulse respondents data and compared the experience of God’s presence (in other places we call it closeness to God) by the quality and quantity of sleep.  Today we are taking the data in the same sample and comparing the subjective experience of love, joy, and peace with sleep.  Using ESM smartphone methodology, respondents were asked twice each day to report their experience of love, joy, and peace.  Here is a histogram on those results compared with the quality of sleep:


As you can see, there is a slight trend towards experiencing (subjectively, or in John Ortberg’s words “the experiencing self, not the remembering self”) more love, joy, and peace with better sleep quality.  As mentioned in the previous blog, data like this in the entire sample suggests attention to sleep quality can enhance experience of what the Soulpulse researches call “spiritual fruit” (love, joy, peace).

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