8 Signs a Deceased Loved One is Near You

How can you tell if someone who died is still around? I’ll show you 10 obvious signs that show someone you love dearly is close by and is watching you!

Have you ever thought about whether the spirit of your loved ones who have passed away could be communicating with you?

guardian angels together

Have you ever thought about your loved ones who have passed away so much that you wanted to be able to see them?

Don’t give up the hope. Spirituality can be in communication with the physical world and the spirit of the lost loved one.

It is important to realize that the spiritual realm is always in motion whether you feel that or not. It’s not always the case that you will witness the actions of what’s happening spiritually. There are however, clear indications that your loved one is in your vicinity.

The reason you notice these signs is because it’s specific to you. Usually when you start to be depressed and hopeless due to the gap that remains undiscovered and that spirit from your lost loved ones will come to you to help you and provide you with the feeling that you’re not on your own.

What do you know whether your loved one who has disappeared is still around?

Don’t worry or be worried or. There are 10 obvious indications that your loved one is near you. I will give them to you within this post. These indicators are undisputed. If you notice these signs, then they are telling you that someone you love dearly who is gone is visiting you.

How can you tell if a dead person is still around? Four easy methods

If a person who died is discovered, it will not be like the horror films you’ve seen.

So, erase all those memories when you go through this article. The house won’t be left dispersed.

The sole reason you’ll experience such events is when the spirit of your loved one you love is mourned.

Or, if he/she was murdered unjustly or some other unfortunate external causes contributed to the incident. If this occurs you must contact an exorcist or priest to expel the ghost from your home.

As I’ve stated, this isn’t an everyday scenario. A lot of times, spirits move through our homes without awareness. They’re like the air that flies by us without noticing.

So, it can take some concentration and sensitivity to determine whether a person who died is in the vicinity. There are however methods to determine whether a person who died is in the vicinity.

Let’s look at some of the things we can observe.

1. It will be apparent that there is an icy chill in the air.

I’ve experienced this many times, and it was a bit scary initially until I became accustomed to the sensation.

If there is a disruption in the air around you, then it is signalling that a dead one is in the vicinity. Most times, it will be obvious at the place of your home.

For instance If the dead one is near the fireplace, then this is the place where the chill will be. In that region that you’ll begin to feel frigid temperatures.

It is usually very cold. Usually, I check out the weather to see whether it is beginning to snow. Then I notice that it’s high up at the top of the mountain. The chill that is felt in the air of an area in your home is a signal that someone has died living in your home.

2. Feel chills that come from nowhere

If your body starts to show signs of goosebumps, and your hairs on your body are growing straight.

It is a sign the dead have gathered around your home. As I mentioned earlier it’s not the first occasion that you get this an experience.

The majority of the time, this occurs when the person who died would like us to know that he or she is in the house. It can be frightening because it can trigger a anxiety.

But, as you become used to having dead people in your life, it will reduce in frequency over time. So, if you experience goosebumps suddenly and you notice that your hairs start to straighten up and straight, it is likely that a dead person is in your home.

3. objects that move through “themselves”

If you notice that certain items in your home begin to shift their position It is an indication that a loved one who died is in your home and close to you.

Sometimes, when you place things on top of the table, you’ll come back to discover that it is on the opposite side.

If this happens frequently, it’s an indication that there’s a dead person living in your home.

Things don’t happen by themselves.

It can be moved by a person or a spirit, and in this instance it’s the dead one who attempts to signal its presence through this events to draw your to your.

4. Unfathomable visions

If you suddenly notice an unintentional glimpse of a person moving by, that is an indication. It is not difficult to believe that this is a indication.

It’s always one of the most obvious indicators that you have spirits in your home. I had this happen to me two times, back in the year 2000 I believed it was just a dream until it happened again.

It was one of my first memories, I ran out of my room, and didn’t come back until 2 day. day. Funny, right? As I have previously mentioned.

Once you are comfortable with this and get used to it, you’ll realize that it’s not that big of a deal to have ghosts living in your home.

10 clear signs that a loved one who passed away is close to you

This is among the most important points of this article , and I would like you to be attentive to every word you learn from this section.

In this article I will give you 10 indicators, that indicate that there is a dead loved one in your life.

If you notice one of the signs listed above, then it’s a sign that you’re not on your own. It’s a sign the loved one you lost has visited you. It’s a sign there is another person within your home and around you.

1.) If you start to smell the scent of your loved one who has passed away

I can assure you that from personal experience, it will happen to you within the first four months after losing your beloved one.

If the person is wearing certain perfumes, you are going to be smelling it every day. Most times, it can linger for months. When you be aware of this, it’s an indication that the deceased loved one who wears the perfume, is close to you.

It is possible that you don’t be able to hear or feel an absence. But, when you start to smell the scent of the person you’re not seeing, it is a indication that the person is close to you. It’s a sign your loved ones who died have not gone away from you.

After this incident I was crying throughout the day because the scent of the perfume brought a number of memories in my head. It brought back all of things I had forgotten about this person.

Then, I experienced happiness and hope in me as I realized the soul of my one who died is watching over me. If you can smell the scent of the person you’ve lost It is an obvious sign of the presence close to you.

2.) If you start to feel like you’re not alone

It is also an signal that your loved one is still with you. It is a feeling sadness that is triggered by the loss of the love of your life.

There is a void that remains empty because of the losses that we’ve experienced. A lot of people suffer from psychological issues that could lead to a state of insanity.

Thus, spirit guides of beloved ones may interfere when we’re getting to the point of breaking.

Instead of feeling lonely, you’ll begin to feel like you aren’t in a lonely place. It will be like someone is with you.

Another thing to remember is that you aren’t likely to be scared. There is a way that you can get familiar with this sensation. It’ll feel like you’ve experienced this sensation before. It’s always accompanied by an elation and happiness.

3.) You’ll begin to smell the kind of food that the cook prepares

If the person you are talking to is close to you enough that they cook meals for yourself or you, then you will be able to smell the kind of food that they love cooking.

This happens many occasions too.

If you suddenly taste the foods that the person who passed away loves making or eating then it’s a clear sign that the loved one who died has been watching you. It’s a sign they are near and is coming to visit you.

4.) You’ll be able to be able to see the image of your loved one who died on the floor

If this occurs, stop asking how the image got there.

All you need to do is take the photo and stare at it until the feeling is overwhelming and you are able to appreciate the presence of your deceased loved ones around you.

If you see the image of your loved one who died lying on the floor, in the middle of nowhere it is an indication from the loved one who died that they are still with you.

5) If you start to notice similar numbers with the details of the individual

This isn’t one of the most common symptoms that occur however your situation may be unique. So, I’m forced to add this to my list.

If you notice similar numbers to the details of the deceased person It is an indication that they are close to you.

Information like their phone number, home number ID of their bank account as well as tax ID identification number, passport number and many more.

If you start to notice similar numbers to the information of your deceased loved ones This is a clear indication that the loved one who died is still with you.

6.) Feeling a gentle tap to your left shoulder

It’s a frightening sensation. It is however one of the symptoms that your deceased loved ones are trying to contact you.

If you suddenly notice a right rapping across your shoulders It is the deceased loved ones trying to inform you that they are with you.

Particularly when they were playing when they were alive.

7) If you start hearing the voices of that person inside your head, you will begin to hear the voice of the person in

Another sign is not to be ignored. If you start hearing the voice of a loved ones who died in your head, then it’s a sign the person you are talking to is in your vicinity.

The voice may not be calling your name.

It could be just an expression of common sense that the person would say. Whatever the reason as a clear indication that the loved ones are still around.

8.) You are seeing butterflies in your home

It’s a stunning scene however, it’s also an indication that your dead loved ones are near to you.

In most cases, it is thought that when we pass away, we have the option of choosing which animal we would like to return as.

The majority of people who die choose butterflies over other animals.

So, if you notice butterflies in your home it’s an indication that your beloved person is close to you.

9) If you can see the spirit animal or totem of your loved one who has passed away

If you recognize the spirit animal or totem of your loved one who has passed away and you can see it this is an indication that your deceased loved ones are still with you. It is possible to see this in real life or in dreams.

10) Physical presence

It is not a common occurrence. It is essential to have an intimate connection with the person who died.

If you witness the physical appearance of your loved ones who have passed away It is sufficient to inform you that the person you love is close to you.

Do the deceased have the ability to contact us?

Yes, the deceased may reach us. We can be reached via various channels.

The physical and spiritual worlds are able to be interspersed. The spiritual realm can interact to the world of physical, and reverse.

Thus, the deceased can call us at any time they wish to.

It can happen through visions, animals, smells or even voices. But, you have to remain open and willing to accept the possibility that dead loved ones may be able to contact you.

You can contact us here to a reputable medium.

Can you be in contact with deceased loved ones?

It is true that it is possible to communicate with dead.

You can summon the spirit of your dead to talk to them. Witches use this method a lot of times when they require guidance. Additionally, you can ask for the universe to send spirits of your loved one to bring comfort to you in the wake of the loss.

You can communicate to the dead and they will respond. This can be accomplished using an Ouija table or picture, coins or even vibrations.

It is also possible to communicate with deceased people through medium or psychic. If you’d like to speak to mediums to speak to someone who’s passed away, you can visit this page and avail the five free minutes offered by Angelical Balance.

Friendships between loved ones after death

The loved ones of the deceased may be in contact after the death of a loved one. The reason for this is because the energy that is shared between the two parties remains even after death.

Thus, they are able to easily find themselves by using similar sounds. Family members can be in touch after the passing of a loved one.

We often feel that spirits don’t feel. But they do. If they don’t hear from us, they’ll come to us for a chat and we will be able to speak with them again.

Do the dead harm me?

Yes! A dead can cause harm to you.

It is usually from dead people who hated you in the past when you were still alive. They may cause harm by trying to get you angry by screaming constantly into your ears.

They may also control your thoughts and force you to hurt yourself by cutting your skin, or even ending the rest of your existence.

This is the reason you have to seek out spiritual guidance prior to speaking to the dead. It is important to get help to stop yourself from triggering the wrong kind of spirit.

How can I seek spiritual assistance to speak to the dead?

To speak to the dead, get the help from a medium or seek the assistance of a psychic.

A medium is an empty bottle to allow the loved one who died to fill.

Thus, you will be able to communicate with your loved ones who have passed away in flesh. A psychic can summon spirits and assist you communicate with the spirit world while also offering spiritual protection.

Final Words

Talking to our lost loved ones is a wonderful experience.

But, you have to be aware that this route is risky and could expose you to attacks from evil spiritsthat try to hurt you. So, make sure you seek assistance.

Also, you must always be aware of the signals of your loved ones who have passed away in your life. This will inspire you and bring you joy even in the midst of the grief you’ve endured.

Do you have the 10 obvious indications that a loved one is close by and wants to speak to you? Please comment below!

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