Dreaming of Toxic Mother

“Aren’t you beautiful? Aren’t you beautiful? You’ll be as beautiful as your mommy!”

Do you recognize the same pattern? Perhaps it’s time to talk about your mamma’s an update!

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I understand that parenting can be an exhausting and demanding job. Adding to that is the fact that there’s not any particular guideline in regards to raising children properly, and having being a good parent doesn’t mean that they are good parents.

Maybe your mother wasn’t the loving and caring parent you hoped to have as a child. Perhaps your relationship was devoid of emotion, whether distant or cold, and accompanied by various psychological traumas. If this is the case, your mother could be an Narcissist.

Narcissistic Traits:

  1. A clear indication is her self-centered behavior – every conversation leads directly to her personal requirements.
  2. Her manipulative capacity to play victim is ineffective, incapable to accept any kind of criticism, pointing out faults in other people, but incapable of seeing it in them.
  3. Affectionate and controlling, and sometimes even violent in her desire to assert her authority.
  4. They are a bit of a sexy bunch and reward them only when there are tied to strings. Infancy habits and demanding behavior.
  5. Your boundaries are not honored. She fights for attention and keeps you close to her in fear that you’ll let her go.

The psychological effects are endless. Children of narcissistic parents are prone to damage to their independence as well as their image and relations with females. Their daughters often suffer from an empty space, a desire for attention from their peers, and longing for to be loved and understood within.

Dream Symbols Of A Toxic Mother

It’s true that the symbols that appear in our dreams can be helpful instruments that reveal something that is not obvious to us regardless of its frequent or nightmarish inclination. Our thoughts, feelings and thoughts are buried in the dark recesses of our minds, waiting to be seen. Through shining light into these dark areas, you can become a more of yourself – an improved person.

#1 The Spider

Metaphorically speaking, there’s no better way to depict the concept of a “hover mother” or the archetypal devouring mother that the one depicted by the spider. They are mothers who devour their children, especially her sons emotionally and psychologically.

Spiders have been known to be connected to feminine traits that you have. However, not all spiders that appear in your dreams are bad luck except if you have an unhealthy mother. In your dreams, you may see spiders infested within your home which is a symbol of your mental state or psyche.

A negative relationship with the mother could cause the spider to chase and biting you or attacking you after she is not apparent to you. Additionally, its ability to entrap you within its web mirrors the control of the mother and your inability to stop her from eating you.

#2 The Witch

If someone refers to another “a witch,” we know exactly what they’re talking about. The witch is by design opposite to the mother who is loving, she is angry to the core, and thrives off the mischief and harm caused to other people.

Anyone who was raised by a neglectful or cruel mother may have the presence of a ghost in the dreams of your. It is linked to your night’s (feminine) the darkness of the dark night (unconscious) the witch has put a curse on you. The witch shaves the ugly side of her head, and she attacks you when you don’t realize of her influence over you.

According to legend according to folklore, according to folklore, the old Hag (or witch) who is believed to lie in your chest throughout a bout or episode of insomnia is believed to choke you. Is it true or not?

#3 Snakes

Did you have the knowledge that serpent is among the most ancient symbolisms that represent female power? A distorted feminine part of you could result in a vicious serpent appearing within your dream.

The mysterious character that is serpents in dreams is difficult to determine whether they are symbols of enemies or are referring to subconscious urges, behavior or characteristics within. Female energies can be associated with empathy, compassion and intuition. It is also associated with emotions, creativity and sensations.

The snake can bite or attack if there is a problem with the divine feminine energy within you which is applicable to females and males since the female psyche is androgynous. The poison in the venom irritates your internal organs and can disrupt the central nervous system.

#4 Bears

Mother bears are believed to be extremely protective of their babies when you are near the carcass of your pet. Bears are often seen in dreams as symbol of the eating mother She shields you from dangers in the world, in fear that you’ll leave her.

Everything that is part of the vast, undiscovered areas of the unexplored landscape remains undiscovered – something is not visible but exists in the wilderness. When the bear presents itself, you must fight and kill it, or else you’ll remain in its force.

Her powerful nature and unrelenting power is a metaphor for relating to the feminine who is in complete control of you. The bear is recognized for its claws when you challenge or provoke her. Moving away is a sign that you’re unable to comprehend or face the beast.

#5 Felines

We all know people who are catty. Perhaps you’re a bit self-conscious. From the time of Egypt and in the Middle Ages, right to the present day – there has been a strong connection between females and felines.

The idea of being bitten, attacked and chased by any kind of cat suggests the internal struggle of a female. Cats and kittens are more likely to to appear in dreams more often However, larger and cats that are more aggressive are known to show up when your senses or behavior are at risk.

Feminine energy is recognized as being cautious, temperamental, and unpredictable and dangerous. They can attack if caused. The toxic mothers are have been known to harm the spirit of feminine energy.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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