10 Alabaster Box Symbolisms

Today, I will discuss the spiritual significance that lies behind Alabaster Box. Alabaster Box.

  • Have you heard of the alabaster container?
  • Are you aware of what it is?
  • What are the various applications and spiritual significances that this container holds?

If you don’t, then you may be inclined to go through this article until the close.

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In addition to the Jewish tradition which made the alabaster box very popular (which we will discuss later), it is thought that everyone has the alabaster container.

Before you head off to the closet to begin collecting your trinkets I’ll explain it briefly.

In the midst of all the spiritual objects and artifacts found in the world, the alabaster box is the only one that isn’t all physical.

What exactly does this mean? It is believed that an alabaster box can be an item that could be real or figurative in all aspects. This means that you can receive an alabaster box message without an actual alabaster box.

This is why this subject extremely technical.

What is the alabaster container even if you don’t own an actual one? Does it come to you in dreams? Do you happen to stumble across it accidentally?

Once you know what the alabaster box is, how do you comprehend the message it sends from the universe?

Continue reading to learn about the 11 spiritual significances that an alabaster container holds. Certain of these messages can be taken from the biblical context of the alabaster box.

What is the Alabaster Box?

It is generally considered to be a costly box. It is derived from the Biblical story of the woman who had an alabaster container. When you hear the phrase “alabaster box”, it instantly conjures up an image of a box that has gold earrings that are surrounded by it.

Yes, you are right. Alabaster boxes are expensive. But that’s not the only thing you can get from the alabaster container.

Let’s travel through the past through our Jewish tradition. As a woman begins to reach the age at which she can get married and getting married, it is Jewish custom to buy an alabaster box to be used for her.

The container will soon be filled several expensive spices and ointments, that will be stored inside the box until she’s ready for marriage.

Today, Jewish tradition believes that the amount of the dowry that will be given will depend on how the alabaster box weighs.

Every family attempts to buy a large alabaster container and load it up with lots of ointments and spices to secure a substantial inheritance to their girls.

When the husband arrives to collect his wife, she will take her alabaster box and break it at the foot of the husband to show her respect and loyalty and wipe his shoes with Ointment.

It is the custom that is the tradition of Jews .

The alabaster box ritual was popular during the time of the bible. But, it was used long before Jesus was born.

From this short historical trip, it is clear that the thing that makes an alabaster box so expensive isn’t the box it’s own however, but the various ingredients and Ointments.

All of this are likely to make sense after a few minutes. But, before we get into the discussion about the various spiritual messages that an alabaster box can convey Let us look at two or three additional questions.

The Alabaster Box Meaning in the Bible

Alabaster boxes gained prominence due to its appearance in the Bible. The Bible mentions it in Matthew 26:6-13 We find an individual who broke her box at foot of Jesus and then poured expensive Ointments onto his feet.

The story is now gaining popularity across the globe as the alabaster box story. According to the Bible what is the significance for an alabaster container?

The significance of the alabaster box in the biblical perspective is primarily concerned with the sacrifice.

It speaks of the desire to give up everything you have in your possession in order to please God.

This means that you must be prepared to sacrifice your comfort in order to fulfill the purposes of God in your life.

It could also be a sign that God requires an enormous commitment from your side that you have to be prepared to make.

Additionally, another meaning spiritual of the alabaster container in the Bible is that of brokenness.

In the tale about the lady, you’ll be able to see that she wept at an epoch. Her tears were an indication of grief and surrender.

This means that she gave her decision in the name of Jesus.

If you happen to encounter the word “alabaster box” or in a dream or dream, God is telling you to give your heart to Him. He’s encouraging you to believe in him with all your heart and let Him direct your steps.

Alabaster Box Spiritual Meaning: 11 Messages and Meanings

In this article we will discuss all the messages that you could receive from an alabaster box. In addition, I will explain the meaning of a metaphorical alabaster box can mean to you. Let’s dive into this.

1) The most sought-after possession

A box made of alabaster is an item that is difficult to part with.

Imaginatively speaking, when someone advises you to destroy the alabaster container, it’s instructing you to be prepared to give up the most precious possession.

It could be your car or a way of thinking or even a large portion from your wealth.

The alabaster container is something that you’re not ready to give up. Everybody has one or more boxes, and God will ask for it at some point or another.

2.) Heart of charity

If you have a dream that involves an unfinished box and then it is said to you that “alabaster”, it is an spiritual symbol of giving generously.

The universe uses this dream to create within you a heart filled with sincere love and concern for others.

In a variety of ways, you’ll find yourself becoming more gentle and soft toward other people.

A alabaster box speaks of the importance of having a heart that is generous. It helps us realize that giving helps make the world a better place, and gives us a an underlying sense of purpose.

3.) Take a look around

Are you aware that an alabaster container can be a powerful motivational tool? Yes it can increase your confidence and self-esteem throughout the day.

Let’s take a look at the box of alabaster.

Based on what we learned during our short study of Jewish traditions, you can discover that the value for the box of alabaster is determined by the value of the ointments contained within.

Spiritually, this means that your worth isn’t dependent on what you can physically see.

It’s not dependent on your body shape or color or physical performance.

Your worth lies on your inner soul.

If you can enrich your inner man with enough, it makes your more important than anything you could ever attain in the real world.

4.) You are getting married

If you’re a single woman, thinking about getting an alabaster box for an anniversary present is an indication to get ready for your wedding.

This is a signal from the universe that will provide you with a clear sense of the timing in relation to the season you’re in.

The dream of the alabaster box will open your eyes to realize that you are in this season called love and it will end with being married.

Most of the time, the realization of this dream can be achieved in just 12 years.

5.) The friend you know is planning to get married

If you are thinking of gifting to your loved one an alabaster box, it contains the same message of spirituality, which indicates the fact that your loved one is set to be married.

Why do you be able to have this kind of desire? Because you’re friends, you ought to be aware that she’s getting married.

The reason you’re being in the alabaster box is because your friend is hidden from you.

It’s telling you that your friend isn’t planning to inform you of the wedding she is planning.

This is merely an opportunity to inform you of what kind of people are that surround you.

6) A new alabaster box

If you are planning to buy an alabaster box that is brand new after you get married, it is not an ideal sign.

A new alabaster box in Jewish culture is like being single again.

What is this? It means that your marriage is already in the process of falling apart.

The thought of holding a brand new alabaster container isn’t a good idea. It is best to seek assistance and make more efforts to prevent your marriage from dissolving.

Be aware that those who are in a relationship can’t send this message.

It will only break during marriage , not prior to. So, those who are married shouldn’t have plans to buy a brand new box made of alabaster.

7.) The marriage you have with your partner is in good standing

If as a man you’ve ever thought of holding the broken pieces of an alabaster container, it’s a sure indication you’re in great condition.

The reason is because the broken piece of the alabaster container that you hold in your hands symbolizes your wife’s loyalty, love and respect.

It is positive indicator that increases the romance in a marriage.

The sight of a damaged part of the alabaster container can give couples the hope that things are running well between them.

8.) A box of alabaster that is empty

It’s a little different . A box of alabaster must never be empty. If an alabaster container has been left empty it means two things:

  • It is a sign of a refusal to be married.

    Women who don’t wish to be married are known as an alabaster box without spice or an unfilled alabaster container.

    • The reason for her reluctance could be because of previous betrayals or a marital breakdown in recent times.
    • Does the universe say you must get married against your wishes? No.
  • The second message is a result of an empty alabaster box

    I am saying that you are not yet ready to marry.


    • So, if you’ve thought about being married in the near future it is advisable to pause.
    • This dream will prompt you to stop and take your time before entering into a marriage.
    • The reason is because you’re not prepared for the responsibilities that are associated when you marry. This is the reason why your alabaster container is not filled.

9) Numerous potentials

If you are thinking of taking various spices and ointments from a shiny brown container, it is saying that you’re bringing spices from an alabaster container.

It is not necessary to be a discussion about marriage.

You can also discuss the various talents and skills you have.

The universe is informing you to use all your creativity and potential to achieve your goals.

10.) Soul twin connection

If you’re a male and you have a imagine the woman who breaks an alabaster box right at your feet, it’s an indication you that your soul twin is trying to get in touch to you.

This means that she sends these dreams via her vibrations to inform you that the time to love is here.

It means that she is thinking of you and wants to be with you..

11.) Your actions are the cause for the marital breakdown

If a relationship breaks up the parties will always think that the other party is responsible..

The husband is convinced that his wife is the one to blame, and vice versa.

As women, if you think of breaking the alabaster box of yours because of your anger, it’s an obvious sign you are the reason for your marital failure. you are the cause for the marriage’s failure.

The cause is an inability to control emotions.

What is the Importance of the Alabaster Box?

The importance of an alabaster box is because it indicates that you are able to see. If you look at the literal meaning of the alabaster box you’ll discover that only those with an eye for detail are able to find something unique within their hearts.

Additionally, it is a indication that you are in the right place to be a romantic.

As a woman, if you are cleaning your alabaster container you are revealing the season you’re entering into.

The alabaster box is crucial since it will reveal the season you’re going to be entering.

The alabaster box acts as a channel that the Universe is able to communicate with your soul.

Final Words

There is no need for an actual alabaster box to be able to use the information from this post. If you find something that is special within your heart, you should always return to this article to get clarity – particularly when you start to dream of the possibility of an Alabaster Box.

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