Dreaming of Alligators And Crocodiles

The alligators and crocodiles have been watching you for a long time before you observed their presence. Sometimes, you’ll escape but at other times, it could be too to late. What makes crocodiles an enthralling force in our fantasies?

When a dreamer sees the cold blooded creatures that lurk in the water, they appear as a sign of warning or a possible threat you could meet. However, sometimes this perceived threat is actually a result of the subconscious fears of the dreamer of hidden dangers, fears which are waiting to strike them in a sudden manner. How do you discern the difference between a real threat and a malicious individual that is trying to harm you? Your dream should provide you with enough information to guide you towards the correct direction.

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The context in which these reptiles appear will tell you whether the threat is in control or something that you are surrounded by. Be aware that despite the terror of the dream may be, it is an opportunity to be aware of anything that could be dangerous within your awareness.

Alligators And Crocodiles Dreams

Alligators and Crocodiles can be interchangeable in dreams which means they share brutal characteristics, with only minor distinctions between them.

We do know that these images are of dangerous behavior, instincts or urges that are uncontrollable and remain in the background for the person dreaming. The connection to the waters of a swamp or a murky lake suggests that it may be a hint to target the state of mind of the person dreaming.

The primary goal is for the person dreaming to discover the threat in their subconscious and be aware of it so that them to take action to protect themselves.

However, these alleged threats could be akin in the shadow part that the person who dreams or the dark side of one’s personality that is not visible. Sometimes, you may imagine the image of a creature eating someone which could be a reflection of these characteristics – or is a sign of a situation in which somebody is beaten down.

Crocodile Chasing In Dream

The majority of the time, being chased or escaping in our dreams, it implies that the problem you’re trying to avoid. What is the significance of an alligator? The symbol is a metaphorical hint of a powerful and destructive force with the power to drag you into the depths (emotions). What exactly is this? What is the thing that holds the power to influence you? Think of relationships, hostile individuals, family members, or even your friends.

Remember that when stagnant and dirty waters appear in our dreams, it leads the dreamer to a state of confusion or something that is negatively residing in a dangerous area. The dreamer has to kill the crocodile to regain control over their lives. The fact that you killed the crocodile in your dream, it implies that the threat is not just averted but also eliminated.

Invisible Danger Lurking

Crocodiles and alligators are well recognized for their skulking around the shore, in wait for prey approach them. Their stalking skills can be mirrored by the actions of sociopaths or criminals who want to sabotage you and entangle you with your to family, friends, colleagues, members, or even people that whom you have a connection with emotionally.

Sociopaths who seduce and infuse themselves to those who surround them to gain profit or entertainment. When they get in to you,, it is difficult to break from their grip. They could be violent and aggressive , with little or no consideration of who they are taking down.

They hunt down the fragile and weak, noting your likable personality as it sat waiting to strike. The eyes of reptiles are as cold and display a lack of emotion, just like you see in sociopaths. Eyes are the entry point to the soul.

The Shadow: Our Dark Side

Or the cunning and vicious nature of crocodiles or alligators may be just you. In Carl Jung’s analytical psychology the shadow archetype is the ” SHADOW SIDE” of your personality.

In the subconscious are your thoughts, habits as well as your weaknesses, instincts and idiosyncrasies. If your desires are causing damage to yourself and others then you must perform ‘SHADOW WORK’ in order to bring these traits into your life.

You’ll need to incorporate the hidden qualities of yourself and bring them into the light. Being aware that humans all have these characteristics and bringing them into the light could help you out of the darkness.

  • Anger
  • Hate
  • Manipulation
  • Dangerous
  • Sensitive
  • Destructive
  • Addictions
  • Social anxiety
  • Sexual deviancy
  • Depression
  • Self-sabotage
  • Neuroticism

Benefits Of Alligator Dreams

However frightening the dreams may seem, they have a lot of significance. They’re messages from our subconscious to either alert us to danger, or reveal the deep-rooted fears we have; or reveal aspects of ourselves that we don’t know about.

The symbolism that is associated with the reptiles to improve your skills and become less likable, or to master your negative qualities. They inspire us to investigate the dark waters of the undiscovered aspects of our feelings. When you’re capable of bringing these dark parts of you to the light, they no longer pose an issue.

Types Of Crocodile Dreams

Bite or getting being bitten by the hands symbolizes the person you might have assisted in defending you. Legs could indicate your advancement in your life and advance.

Being aware of others being attacked could signal the dangers they face and you’re aware. If you see a predatory crocodile attacking a pet, it is a sign that the instincts that are at risk. If a cat was threatened, it could be associated to feminine instincts while a dog is linked to your instinctual nature.

If you have seen someone getting consumed by a crocodile, it could draw your attention to the person someone who could be at risk in the real world. The place of the attack as well as the characteristics that the victim resembles give an idea of the person who could be at risk.

If you see eating a child, it could be a sign of your own child who is at risk. A metaphorical gripping by a deadly force, it could be linked to your previous. The need for inner child work.

Baby Reptiles Egg Dreams

The thought of a baby alligator or crocodile suggests that the threat could grow into something much more dangerous If it is not dealt with. These dangers can bring people closer to their own behavior or that of those in our lives.

eggs as a dream symbol could be positive or negative depending on the kind of eggs. Because of their seriousness, reptiles, the sight of eggs could indicate that the birth of something that could be dangerous (metaphorically). This could be ideas, people or even behaviors.

Egyptian Mythology:

Sobek was an Egyptian god who was the god of strength and power. Also, he was known for his protection of the Nile river. His fierce qualities made Sobek to be a patron to his Egyptian army, and a protector of the Pharaoh as well as the Egyptian inhabitants of Egypt. Sobek was associated to pharaonic power, fertility and military strength However, he also served as an apotropaic god of protection. apotropaic attributes.

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