Dreaming of The Animus

The men who occasionally show up in dreams during the night time be linked to your lust?

Perhaps the person you are meeting isn’t your love interest but rather something more complicated and deep is within you – the indirect connection to your relationship you have with your father.

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As per Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and the pioneer of analytical psychology, animus as the animus as the masculine, unconscious side of a woman. It usually manifests in dreams, typically as various forms of male and symbols. They can be positive or negative depending on the degree of awareness you have of this masculine aspect.

Similar to the Yin & Yang symbol that both genders exhibit feminine and masculine concepts, including the darkness and light, as well as other contrasts that complete one and complete – the anima representing the feminine part of the male psyche. The animus could be viewed as a female’s guide to incorporate masculine traits, or even show you how it is in control.

Animus: Masculine Energy

Jung believed that the human psyche was an androgynous entity that combines feminine and masculine traits The animus, however, contains women’s internal force the drive or inner self that drives a woman. The primary goal of creating an ego that is healthy is in overcoming the mind, thus becoming a complete, well-constructed individual.

If the masculine inner part is not fully realized, it hides its true nature in dreams, as images, symbols or even as threatening men. If you are a man, and you want to be able to are paying attention. Why? Maybe this distortion or imbalance has gotten into your life, sabotaging your real self-worth, value and lack of creativity. emotional confusion, lack of imagination and creativity, being ruled by the masculine side.

A negativity can influence women to be more critical or self-critical However, an positivity inspires her to make radical and bold changes to her daily life.

How The Animus Appears In Dreams

The characters in your dreams tend to change in mysterious ways, typically which are heavily influenced by the experiences of her personal father. But other males in her life , such as brothers, uncles, teachers, doctors and so on can to blame for creating this image.

If you’ve been adversely affected by males in your life , your desires will reflect male-centric themes or images in shockingly vividly that disguises men as dangerous forces like a killer or the masked man who is chasing you.

Male symbols that are associated with negative emotions could indicate the development of a “father complex” or in contemporary terms “daddy issues”; develops when the father is either absent or has a bad relationship with his son. The constant desire for support, approval as well as understanding and love grows into adulthood and can lead to terrible decisions in relationships. This is why you may end up finding yourself with the same person repeatedly.

Dreams typically depict animus of a group of men, soldiers, a King, fathers, dogs and horses, bulls, Hermes, wise man and more. They also incorporate male phallic symbols and types of power. Strategies to connect with your subconscious mind.

As per Carl Jung the contents of the shadow of the human are believed to change with animus, making it difficult to distinguish the two. Shadow is made up of the dark and undiscovered part of our personality behavior, urges and emotions that are frequently suppressed within the dreamer.

Identifying Good & Bad Animus Traits Within

The interactions with these unconscious symbols is often depicted in dreams, often through metaphors – it could be a positive or balanced relationship, or one that is negative or distant. The purpose of your dream is to help you recognize certain unconscious characteristics in yourself.

A Balanced and Healthy Animus (inner male):

If the animus is fully in place and the female psyche is healthy, it will typically instill these characteristics

  • Logical thinking.
  • Clear and rational.
  • The ability to build by continuous effort and persistence.
  • Connects with her inner self Words, ideas and thoughts.
  • Being a good person and doing what she is most essential to her.
  • Do not be shy to admit to being themselves.
  • Problem solution.

The Distorted or Possessed Animus:

If the animus is rooted or buried in the female psyche , it manifests in these characteristics:

  • Be aware of the behavior.
  • Bullying and dominating.
  • Sadism or a desire for power.
  • Control or devouring issues
  • Loud and opinionated, ridged and rude.
  • Inability to connect effectively and meaningfully.

Animus Development

The animus that is often hidden to women is mostly composed of hidden characteristics that demand attention. determination, drive and ideas stem all from this mysterious source.

Jung continues to discuss that there are four phases of development for animus in women similar to the animus in a man.

Animus Four Stages:

  1. The muscle man first is seen in fantasy and dreams as an adventure source like a jock , or muscle man or a Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. In the beginning, he’s the protector, the one who procreates and be the proverbial Adam to Eve. Eve. She is looking forward to being with the bad guy.
  2. The other is Helen which is a reference in allusion to Helen from Troy from Greek mythology. When she is past the phase of a bad boy, she will then move on to her independence. The man is known as the “generic Mr. fix it husband-father” His only main job is to provide shelter and help for his family members – despite the lack of inner qualities (inability to be virtuous, lack of the faith and imagination).
  3. The third stage, which is similar to that of the animal’s Mary stage, is The man who speaks the Word and appears in dreams as a priest, shaman, professor or an elder politician. In this stage of animus development , she has an admiration for the traditional way of learning. She draws inspiration from her imagination and is often works out her brain. She is able to relate to men not just as a father and husband but also as a friend and person in her individuality.
  4. In the fourth stage, it seeks to find an in-depth or profound understanding that the inner animus reality that bridge the ego and the Self. In essence, she is a symbol of spiritual significance and is represented by people such as The Buddha, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Dalai Lama, or Hermes the god’s messenger.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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