Dreaming of Beach

What Do Beaches Symbolize In Dreams

You may have woken from a day spent on the beach in your dream and wondered what all this about.

The answer to the purpose behind your dream of a beach vacation could have an easy answer, such as a desire to unwind in your daily life, or something more complicated.

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Dreams tend to make use of specific symbols that help you to connect dots, and when you get to the depths of the Ocean, Sand and Sun you will have a powerful symbolic dream in your possession.

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Beach Dream Symbolism

  • Connection between two opposing energy sources
  • Warmth and comfort
  • It is a sign that you are working too hard.
  • Peace, fun and enjoyment
  • bridge between the conscious and the emotional unconscious

Do you like seeing the water of dreams?

Water is among the most popular dreams, but not many people are aware of its true significance. In essence, water is connected to your personal life, but due to the depths of the ocean, it calls you to look at what is under the surface that you can’t see.

The symbolism of the word “water” can change according to your current state of mind regarding the particular aspect of your life. For instance, those who dream of huge waves or tsunamis suggest that there is an unresolved mental disturbance (mind/psyche) that could be creating a threat to your life. Based on the way that the water of the beach appears in your dream , it will tell you about your present emotional stateof mind; calm or rough, tranquil and relaxing, or maybe you’re tempted to jump into the water and take a dip.

The beach and swimming are the dream of many

The thought of being able to swim at the beach is a sign of happiness, pleasure and enjoyment within your daily life. Beaches are usually positive and suggest that you’ll reap the benefits from your hard work, however swimming can reveal the level of your emotional security.

The sun’s symbolism is a reflection of its nature.

Another symbol that is often overlooked in our dreams is the shining SUN shines as you walk along the beach. The sun is a source of more spiritual components than any other it is a powerful symbol of masculine energy and greater consciousness, growth, energy, and the connection to the divine. If the sun is surrounded by it’s CIRCLE it’s signalling some kind of inner completeness that is happening within your life.

When you combine the masculine warmth of the sun with the feminine qualities of water, it focuses your focus to the opposite energy that is prevalent in your daily life.

The early Chinese identified these opposing energies as Yin & Yang – The balance between yin and Yang was believed to affect the health and stability of the individual, society and even the whole universe.

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What’s the significance of the meaning of the beach sand?

Dreams of sand can be interpreted as a negative signification when the dream location is located in the desert because of the lack of vegetation which is evident there. But, the beach sand that we see in dreams serves as the boundary or middleway between the unconscious side of you (depths of the ocean) as well as the conscious part of you (being at the shore). If you’re at the beach, you are at the crossroads of your perception field and the unknowable.

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