Dreaming of Cats

Cats are among the most famous dream images that can bring the dreamer closer to their feminine and creative sexuality, unconscious emotions and freedom.

Based on your personal knowledge of these traits The cat can be aggressive towards the dreamer until they are aware of them. Cats are mysterious symbols that have both bad and good traits which are often unnoticed by the person dreaming.

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They can help us to attain spiritual enlightenment and balance, creativity as well as independence and intuition and also, shadow side of neurotic behavior or feminine threats. Cats are often believed to show up in our dreams when we are attracted by a vicious person.

Additionally, the meaning could change according to whether you’re female or male, or a the dog or cat lover. As per Carl Jung cats symbolize their owner’s feminine anima or feminine side of him and symbolize how men relate with women throughout his daily life, and also his sense of. Women, however, may imagine cats as an expression of her subconscious behavior.

Does Your Toxic Mother Appear In Your Dreams?

Cats have been known to impart wisdom to those who dream, encouraging them to discover the undiscovered aspect of their mysterious character. If it’s is a symbol of your soul or helps you be more confident, this powerful omen has many meanings.

Why Cats Attack In Our Dreams

The idea of having a cat attack in your mind can be a sign of self-sabotaging behavior, or ignoring instincts, or is related to an unprovoked female confrontation. These typically involve passive, verbal, violent or emotional-driven attacks. In most cases, in your dreams you will receive enough clues to identify the danger.

A person who has dreams of an attack by a cat is an illusion that is part of the unconscious feminine side of him or the anima. In his own psyche it is believed that the anima acts as a soul and influences his thoughts as well as attitudes and feelings. If he is not in harmony with his feminine side will cause the cat to attack.

  • unconscious neurotic behaviors
  • Dominance
  • Impulsiveness
  • Agreeableness
  • Timid Behaviors

Dreaming Of Injured Cat

Cats that are injured or sick suggest that there is an conflict between your intellect and the feminine, and the intuition. This could mean that the person dreaming may be struggling to stay grounded in their true self, or maybe there is an imbalance between feminine and masculine energies that is yin and Yang. This is a signification that could prompt you to consider your relationship with mother.

Since cats are believed to be highly intuitive, sick cats could suggest you’re not recognizing or embracing the inherent qualities. This is a signification that could require the person dreaming to tap into the energy field in order to be more conscious of their surroundings.

Black Cat Dream Meaning

The black cat symbolizes fear of trusting the intuition of your heart and trusting in your senses. Some people connect the black cat with destruction, evil, as well as poor luck (see shadow) In other instances, they seem to represent not recognizing your feminine power.

Kitten Dreams

Kittens are positive, uplifting dreams that suggest the beginning of a new phase and innocence. symbolizes joy, love and happiness. They are excellent indicators of positive future events. On the other hand, their constant need to be loved can bring your attention to infancy or insufficient development. In addition, the sight of a litter of kittens could signal an entirely new phase in your life that could be the beginning of a new phase of development.

Killing A Cat Dream

However disturbing these thoughts may be, they bring your attention to conquering weaknesses and eliminating negative characteristics that you have in your life. What did you do to take it down and why? Where was the location? What did you feel like after you had done it? Sometimes, killing is a way of getting rid of negative elements that have become apparent to the person dreaming.

The sight of a dead cat draws your attention to areas of your life that may be overlooked, or even been buried. Perhaps it connects to the feminine divine as well as the creative and intuitive side that may be missing. It is a symbol of bringing attention to these areas and bring life back for the feline.

Common Cat Dreams

A cat that is angry in our dreams represents fear or the female attributes are ignored. Perhaps unconscious or neglected parts of the dreamer who require attention. If you see a cat in danger or in distress in your dreams could suggest the unloved female side. The cat’s rescue is thought to be a positive symbol.

If the cat is in your house in your dream , it connects you to your subconscious feminine and mind. Based on the floor and the way it approached you, it could have both positive or negative meaning. The cat is surfacing with a particular purpose which is to investigate the feminine side of conflict, intuition or sexuality.

Dreaming of dogs and cats is a sign of the the YIN and YANG or masculine and feminine characteristics. It is also the symbol of yin Yang masculine and feminine energy opposing forces that have joined. What was the relationship between dogs and cats? The behavior will tell you whether there is an underlying conflict. The expression “raining cats and dogs” is believed to refer to particularly heavy rainthat could be related to the state of your mind.

Cat Colors & Meaning:

  • Black and White – The opposites of each; Yin Yang and Yang
  • Black black Luck Shadow, feminine negative or shadow
  • White: Pure, spirit and higher consciousness
  • Ginger – Anger or passion
  • Grey/Blue – Stability, intelligence, cohesion, and conservatism
  • Brown brown Mother earth Grounding
  • Cinnamon – Wealth
  • Orange Orange Energy, enthusiasm and getting rid of bad habits
  • Yellow Yellow Practicality, stability Repression, anger

Spiritual Meaning Of Cats

Ancient Egypt

Bastet was the Egyptian goddess of worship from during the Second Dynasty (2890 BCE). She played an important function in protecting the family from eye problems, evil spirits, and illness particularly those associated to children and women. Bastet is the goddess of sun Ra and was associated to the idea that of Ra’s Eye of Ra (the all-seeing eye) and the Distant Goddess, which is linked to the transformation.


The old Persian religion which could be as old at 4,000-years ago, had their own theories about cats. The cat Gurbag is believed to be the creation of the Evil Spirit and, in the Pahlavi texts, it is classified as a “wolf species”.


Cat Sith Cat Sith is a fairy creature that comes from Celtic mythology. It is believed to resemble a huge black cat with an unmarked small white mark on the chest. Legend says that the cat that screams in those who live in the Scottish Highlands was not a fairy, but rather a witch who could transform into the form of a cat nine times.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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