Dreaming of Coffin

The spectre of death can make the dreamer nervous as they think their days are over. But, it’s actually contrary. The dreams of caskets or coffins are often used as symbol of transitions, personal transformations or rebirths in one’s life. The meaning could change when you are experiencing fears of dying or attended funerals. Perhaps it’s time to have to put something important that has been a part of your life to rest.

Dreams of coffins often show in a variety of colors, like white, black or brown. They are commonly used to carry, purchase or even see a baby’s coffin. Based on the way that you see the coffin in your dreams, it could be an indication to guide you to the significance.

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Coffin Dream Symbolism

  • connecting to emotions and feelings
  • Older parts are dying off
  • No longer moving forward
  • undesirable behaviors, habits or behaviors or
  • maturity
  • conscious shift
  • cutting off ties or communicating with others
  • Puberty or transformation
  • Secrets to be hidden or buried

Coffin Dreams: For Your Eyes Only

A coffin is a funerary container that is used to view or keeping a body to be buried or for cremation. Dreams display these images for your private viewing. Someone in your life has passed away and is now in getting ready to be laid to rest. Only you have the key to unlocking the significance of your vision.

It is possible to see the casket being moved down into the earth or an open casket in the funeral home. The place and the people in the vicinity will lead you to the right solution. This could focus your attention on memories, feelings or relationships from the past which are now forgotten. It could also suggest that you’re concealing or hiding some thing from the world.

Generally, when there is a death , it always comes with the rebirth of life, or a period of growth, new life or activity, the term “rebirth” is used to describe a revival. If you’re alive in the coffin, it could indicate resistance or fighting against change the body. You are clinging your past.

Coffin Dreams Interpreted

Coffin Colors & Types

Certain hues reflect the mood or emotion of the change. Caskets of white and brown are frequent in dreams. White is a symbol of transformation and cleansing and is usually an optimistic symbol. Brown draws your attention to the earth and grounding. A coffin made of wood also connects with rebirth and grounding.

Baby In Coffin

If you are experiencing unresolved feelings or experience with abortions, or still-born babies dream, it could be that these thoughts come to you. The death of a baby could indicate maturation, or that the child inside you has passed away. The dream of a coffin for a baby inspires dreamers to explore the inner child.

Carrying A Coffin

The coffin you carry in your dream symbolizes dead things that you might be carrying around that need to be put to rest. If you’re transporting your body within your dreams, it could be a sign of the beginning of a new phase from the person who is inside the box. It is possible that you are noticing changes in the person. Carrying could also be an analogy for being carrying deadweight around.

Empty Casket Dream Meaning

The idea of a casket that is empty is a sign that you need to let go of the past and accept things what they are. A signal to look inside (not literally) and discover what could be lacking inside. A subconscious symbol of killing off the old part of your habits that are holding you back from transforming.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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