Dreaming of Dancing

The dream of dancing is usually more common among women than with men. It’s more than an expression of joy , but an underlying meaning that goes deep in the past, it is a part of our souls.

The first archeological evidence of dance originates from the 4000 BCE years old cave paintings in India. According to research, dancing was linked to the survival of humans as a method for our ancestors from the past to connect and communicate especially during tough times. Humans with the ability to coordinate their movements and were danced with their feet had an advantage in evolution.

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In our dreams, dancing appears to carry a message in every step, place or song as well as the person you dance with. It’s as if two energy sources are unison and dancing together, the world ceases. What makes dancing an intriguing symbol is that it’s because we are frequently dancing with our deceased loved ones.

Dancing Dream Meaning

I was thinking about why women are drawn to dancing more than men , until I discovered that it was to draw a partner. It could be as old as 1.5 millennia ago, when the first humans began dancing to draw their future partners. Additionally, dancers were discovered to have more serotonin levels, which is known to improve moods in mice and humans.

The idea of dancing with someone in your dreams could mean the possibility of meeting a partner within the next few years, or maybe a fusion of your feminine and masculine energies The psyche androgynous aspect has both of them. Based on Carl Jung he believed that the female dancer in your dream was connected to the archetype of female.

Perhaps we’re getting too involved and dancing could be an expression of life’s exciting moves, a desire to be yourself, or to enjoy yourself. What were the emotions expressed during your dreams? Did you find this to be more than simply walking your feet.

Your dreams will give you clues, often through metaphors like songs or locations, the type of dance, and who is leading the way or if you’re dancing alone.

Dancing Symbolism In Dreams:

  • An exciting and fun movement, as well as confidence,
  • Enhancing mood and serotonin levels,
  • Connecting two energy sources,
  • Movement, communication and bonding
  • Exuding happiness over the body;
  • Spiritual connection with the dead.

Dancing With The Dead

Do the loved ones we lost actually communicate with us through our dreams? Sometimes, when they appear they greet us with happy tidings typically giving us gifts or giving our flowers, or, in this case, a last dance. It is not a coincidence since many people have reported dancing with their father who died.

My experience has shown me that connecting with the deceased in dreams is possible but there is a thin line between real contact and the unconscious or emotions that are repressed in dreams. The dance with our deceased loved ones is an unspoken communication since they are not able to communicate with us for the time being.

Are these dreams a sign of your connection with them when you were alive or perhaps your energies were unified from far away in the afterlife. They are moving alongside you in spirit, body, and every step of your journey… as if your life is a musical score that is being played out for the world to listen!

Common Dancing Dreams

A variety of stories about dancing dreams are typically located in the church because it is a optimistic dream image. A symbol that could bring you to your soul beliefs, or a kind of unity within your life.

If you’re dancing like the rhythm of a baby, it could be connected to your inner child who is growing. While babies are often seen to be connected to changes and growth within your own life.

The ability to dance and sing in your dreams can be an indication of joy and anticipation for the future. You’re expressing your self in ways that you’ve never done before and it is a reflection of the way you communicate and how you move throughout your day.

In Exodus 15:20 the first mention of dancing is in the context of the Miriam’s dance that will be discussed in a moment. … dancing was usually viewed as an act of victory or celebration, interpreting dancing as a prophetic declaration or enactment, which increases the significance to be the most powerful weapons of warfare.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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