Dreaming of Doctor

The thought of visiting a doctor in your dreams could be a bit confusing because of the kind of appointment, the information given or even doing surgery on you. The good news is that doctors who appear in our dreams are thought of as positive omens and are believed to help heal our body, mind and soul.

The appointment might be long overdue, but the doctor assures us that they are in the process of healing these previous injuries or traumas that we have experienced in our lives. Although you won’t be in a position to determine where the problem is coming from since it’s still hidden from you. However, depending on the doctor’s appearance or behaviour in your dreams can provide clues to where to look.

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Doctor Dream Meaning

The doctor you see in your dreams is in close contact with the WISE Old Man archetype, as described by Carl Jung, known to be a profound philosopher renowned by the ability to discern and discernment. In essence, this doctor disguised to be a doctor been able to enter your mind to heal the inner illness that is manifesting unconsciously.

Article: How The Wise Old Man Appears In Dream?

The profession of a doctor is typically symbolically encoded in the particular part of your life requires healing. For instance, a imagine an eye doctor, it will direct you to your intuition or the THIRD EYE which could be unattractive or has been activated.

If you examine the region that the doctor treated in your dream, it assists to pinpoint the exact region to the body’s CHAKRA body CHAKRA. The act of marrying or dating doctors is a sign of unification and healing for two energy sources. For women who are married or dating doctors in their fantasies will connect to her animal – helping to heal the masculine in the feminine psychological psyche.

Doctor Symbolism In Dreams

  • The healer
  • A wise sage is one who comes from or being characterized by prudence, wisdom, and good judgement.
  • A wise man or woman
  • Leader or advisor
  • Dream of a native doctor represents healing the spirit

Doctor Dreams: Why They Appeared

The images we see in our dreams could be interpreted metaphorically and applied to the world that is not known to us. It is necessary to approach the symbol of the doctor like we do with the wise characters in our favorite films.

Similar to Yoda appears as in Star Wars, Mr. Myagi in The Karate Kid or even Galadriel from Lord of the Rings; they are there at the right moment in our lives to provide guidance in times of confusion.

The doctor, like the sage characters offer assistance, teach and give suggestions for the protagonist (dreamer) even though in our dreams , he or she may speak in a language that may be foreign to you. Sometimes, this draws your attention to your personal world, your personality, emotions or characteristics that require to be changed. While at the same time, letting the person who dreams choose their own path to destiny.

The dreams of doctors provide illumination to dark areas within your own life you’re not able to discern in the present, even although you’ve received numerous clues that indicate root of the issue.

Doctor Dreams: Healing Power Within

A doctor can also treat their patients from within by providing them with the right medication. This is a signal for you to look at what’s within you that causes an unbalance within your own life.

I am sure that you have been familiar with the phrase from the great Chinese scholar Lao Tzu “He who knows other people is smart. The one who is aware of himself is well-informed”. The key is to find and resolving your internal illness within will free you.

As the doctor looks the inside of him and deeply it is a way to help you gain understanding of who you truly are. The doctor is an archetype which drives us to self-reflection in the quest for wisdom.

Like the hero of the films you’re on you are on a quest blindly seeking assistance from someone who is able to discern what is best for you. The symbol that of healing power that is residing within you that you can be confident in.

Doctor Dreams: Bad News, Scared or Resisting?

We’re going to dive into the deep end and draw attention to the dark aspects of your character. Any form of resistance or receiving bad news from a doctor could be explained by your ‘ the shadow‘ that the person who dreams. The shadow is defined as the unconscious behavior of our mind or painful past experiences impulses that are not wanted or buried emotions that are hidden in the disguise.

The shadow often lies the cause of many of our nightmares and frequent nightmares that don’t seem to disappear. The doctor is eager to assist you, regardless of how the medication tastes, but you have to confront your doubts or feelings of insufficiency. The dreams you have are all something to do with the thoughts and not your body. As with most heroes, they need to see the wisdom of the sage prior to fighting the foe or in your case , your own dark side.

  • Rage or anger,
  • Painful past memories,
  • The goal is to heal the child within,
  • Unconscious fears that keep you back;
  • Negative thoughts, behaviors, or impulses.

Dream Dreams About Doctor Appointment

It is common to see frequent theme of dreams revolves around scheduling appointments and seeing. These are positive dreams omens which could be the first steps towards internal development or addressing the problem with us.

It could also mean that you need to examine your health or the areas of your body that you’re not taking care of. The kind of doctor you see could be an indication of the areas you should be taking take care of.

Surgery Dream Meaning

Dreaming of surgery often involves cutting abrading, cutting, plastic suturing, or physically altering the body. However, despite the nature of these dream experiences, they clearly indicate where the issue is originating from.

If you can decode this dream metaphorically, you’ll be given the solution. For instance, we could apply the medical term “doctor” to say you are suffering from leukemia and require surgery or treatment to treat it.

Does this mean that you are suffering from leukemia? It’s not, but it could suggest that you’ve got “bad blood” or perhaps anger in your body, which has affected your body, mind and your soul.

Location Of The Surgery

Heart Surgery Dream Meaning

One of the most common dreams is when a doctor is working at your heart. When your HEART closes, it is difficult to feel empathy or feelings toward others. The job of a doctor is to help open it up and provide you with compassion forgiveness, acceptance and forgiveness, to grieve in a proper manner and achieve peace and calm.

Foot Surgery Dream Meaning

Feet are a part of your self, an internal mirror that reflects your ideals, attitudes security, and the movement. The dreams of these people are usually seen as a signification of your personal journey and your freedom ( feet dreams).

Stomach Surgery Dream Meaning

It is believed that the STOMACH in your dream is connected to the emotional blockages that have built up in your life. It is something that you’re unable to digest and are now and you are being treated to. In the gastrointestinal tract, you are susceptible to the unconscious emotions associated with Anxiety, Anger, and Sadness. These are previous memories, emotions, or feelings that are stored in the stomach. Did you realize that the brain has an effect directly upon the stomach as well as the intestines.

Head Surgery Dream

Heads are a symbol of knowledge, experience, and thought-provoking. Could this dream reflect the absence of these qualities? The mind is connected to the body and the soul. Surgery is an indication that positive changes in the mind are in the near future.

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