Dreaming of Killing Someone and Hiding the Body

Have you ever thought of killing someone in bed? Do you think that your vision of killing someone and hiding their body or burying it in a grave is a representation of the worst things that could befall you? For many people, this type of dream is extremely alarming.

If you’re someone with a positive heart and good intentions, and you do not wish to harm people, then these thoughts are bound to cause you to sweat and be unnerved. It is evident that killing someone is not something you’ll ever think of. Even if you’re angry with someone, your anger isn’t to the point that you could cause pain to people around you or even take their life.

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People who are prone to malicious motives rarely dream of killing anyone.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Dream About Killing Someone And Hiding The Body

Spiritually speaking, murder in your dreams doesn’t make you a famous murderer. It’s more of a symbol for:

  • Your appeal to get rid of a portion of yourself
  • Your kindness to a specific person
  • A signal of offer or expressing your desire to power
  • Your fight to get away from the influence was triggered by the person who that you killed during your fantasy.
  • The solution for an issueby eliminating a portion of it
  • You are dealing with anxiety, temper issues, and self-control
  • You love someone too much and are afraid that you could harm them in the wrong way
  • Unspent anger or aggression. Sometimes you are trying to contain your anger and anger towards the person or thing that your mind is actually releasing the emotions even while you’re asleep.

If you imagine murdering someone and hiding the body, it indicates that you are capable of tackling your issues and not be held responsible to the consequences for your choices.


On the other side, if you committed a murder in your dream, but did not bury the body or fled the scene of the crime. It could indicate that you lack the courage to confront your issues and you’ll be accountable to the consequences of those bad actions.

The thought of killing someone in your dreams suggests that you are possessed by sufficient motivations to are unchecked by your conscious mind, you may take actions that could result in murder. Based on the kind of murder, it may be a sign of rage issues or a long-standing hatred.

The people who you kill in your dreams regardless of whether they are who you know or you haven’t met represent your personality. If you dislike the person or wish to kill them, you’re at this time trying to eliminate a part of yourself that you don’t wish to confront.

killing an unidentified person and concealing the body

There are two motives for killing someone else – You are either planning to do something massive or you are you are a psychopath.

For instance: you imagine murdering someone and hiding the body. You might be thinking that if the police manage to discover the body of the deceased they’ll surely attempt to identify the people associated with the person.

In this scenario you may think you ought to kill couple of random people and then hide those in the exact location. This could alter the motive of the murder. If police are unable to find a connection between the three dead bodies, it could be more difficult for the police. You will have enough time to get out of the area or change your name.

On the other side there are psychopaths. If someone kills an individual and isn’t arrested in the hands of police. He is or she becomes more interested in the matter.

In time they develop into serial killers. It’s a mental disorder referred to by the name of an Antisocial Personality Disorder.

In this scenario there is a disagreement between the person following the law or social rules. In most cases, the person is likely to go through a lengthy history of arrests and fights. The majority of them are adept at lying. This condition is typically seen among men, and is most prevalent in teenagers.

You’re a boss who’s killed you in your dream

It’s true that a small percentage of employees have the desire to destroy their bosses. In the service industry everyone knows how bosses can dance over the head, causing endless work and mental stress.

Certain people are able to handle this, while others aren’t. In the majority of cases the ones who are unable to endure the adversity either quit their job or commit suicide. However, a small percentage who suffer from the opposite mental disorders.

So instead of quitting their job or taking their own life and committing suicide, they develop the urge to take out the bose in order to end the problem once and for good. Long-standing. Sometimes, this desire or dream is triggered by an experience that is terrible.

For instance Two employees of the company are great friends and have worked together for many years. Their new boss is so arrogant and puts a lot of stress on employees. Both are aware that a lot of their colleagues have begun to quit the company. However, this doesn’t affect their boss. He begins to recruit new employees and then continues to torture them.

One day, one of the two friends takes their own life because of an excess amount of pressure at work. The other friend is unable to keep his tears from bursting.

However, the incident hasn’t had any pressure on the boss, and he’s acting as, “So What,” there’s been no change. In this scenario, the only first thing that pops into that other person’s thoughts is the need to murder his boss and conceal his body from view.

Killing a Friend

If you have a dream of murdering someone and hiding their body, it could be a best friend. There could be a variety of reasons to this. Most of the time you have a person with whom you discuss everything.

Sometimes , you share the details regarding your personal life to a friend, but you are not able to divulge to anyone else. If that extremely trustworthy friend of yours is a thief and you are left with no alternative than to take your friend’s life. There are many scenarios to consider.

As an example, your friend has committed fraud in your name and the police are now trying to track you. You knew you would be detained for this reason.

In that scenario when you are angry, the anger that pours out of you may turn violent. It is possible to think that you’re going to be in jail and not even do any act.

If that’s the situation, let it be a crime in your name and take out the friend. There could be a variety of situations such as when you discover the extramarital affairs of your wife and your most beloved friend, or perhaps your friend caused permanent harm for your loved ones.

The murder of a family member

Family is always important to all, unless you have experienced loss or abuse during the course of their lives. It is a goal for every person to protect their family members in any way. Every person goes through various stages of life and the majority of them are traumatic and challenging.

Sometimes, the threat to your family members from external sources. Sometimes it can be a relative or even the closest person who has something harmful to your family.

For instance you have a family members is trying to steal the house or all of the money you own. To do this they are making sure that no stone is left unturned. You are astonished to learn that you know everything , but you can’t accomplish anything since that person is a close friend.

So, eventually, you start holding your anger in your own. However, one day it will explode, and you’ll have an intense desire to kill the family member and conceal the body of the deceased from all.

Doing something to hurt someone you don’t want

killing someone you do not like isn’t a sign of an ordinary person. It’s usually the sign of psychopaths. It is an emotional disorder that is referred to as the Antisocial Personality Disorder. In this case it is when the patient has a problem with following the laws and social rules. In most cases, the person is likely to go through a lengthy history of arrests and fights.

The majority of them are adept at lying. The disorder is typically seen in males, and is most prevalent in teens. If you don’t undergo the proper treatment for your mental health the disorder will begin to increase. You will begin murdering people simply because you don’t like them.

Do dreams of killing someone and burying the body suggest the presence of sadness or bad luck?

Yes! Absolutely! killing someone is not an ideal thing. In the beginning, it will be a relief to you to know that you killed the person who been the most unkind to you.

After this, you must consider keeping them from the world. There is always the worry of being caught in the hands of police. So is, in all likelihood, not a good thing for you.

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