Dreaming Of Being Robbed

I was noticing that other dream interpretation websites claim that being robbed in your dream could be a sign of financial loss. I hope they don’t make mention of that the when you next fly into your dream, you’ll need to jump off the top of a building in order to check your newly found abilities.

Dream symbols tend to be seen in a metaphorical sense , but never in the exact picture. If you’re not having precognitive dreams on the regular basis, the possibility of being robbed may be a reality.

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What does being robbed in your dream really mean? Being Robbed in Your Dream is a sign of an intrusion or breach of your privacy. The robber can be in the mind of the dreamer , not necessarily the wallet.

The reasons you’re being robbed in your dreams

The dream of being robbed can be a depressing theme which warns the person dreaming of this attack that it is likely to be unexpected and abruptly. The dreamer must determine is if the attack is already happening or will appear out of the blue in the near future.

Your dream may provide clues to the robbery you see in your dream to help you understand the significance. The majority of dream robberies happen at gun or knife point or a car taken away, witnessing a robbery or house being broken into at work, or with particular items like cellphones and jewelry. Based on the items used, EMOTIONS expressed as well as the location are clues where this attack originated from.

Symbolic Emotional Clues

  • shock, fear, angry, annoyance
  • grief, scared, sadness, despair
  • insecurity and mistrust
  • feeling of being violated or a the inability to trust an individual

Who or who is the robber in your dreams?

What did you feel like as you were taken from your dream? Consider that experience and determine whether it can be applied to any other situation that you’ve encountered in your life when your private space has been taken advantage of or breached. Be aware that your sense of security is now upside down.

Being Robbed In Your Dream Examples

  • emotional abuse in relationships or at work
  • Someone violates your trust
  • Something is preventing you from progressing
  • Infringement on your privacy
  • Someone has planned to profit from you
  • taking away your inner drive, your happiness, or even your comfort level

Things that are stolen in your dreams?

The idea of dreaming about your phone being stolen is a sign of an individual or thing that could have compromised your communication with other people. The phones in your dreams are a huge symbolic these days since they represent the entire identity of the person dreaming on one device. When this happens, our lives become a major problem.

If you have a dream about your jewelry being stolen, it is a symbol of the precious and personal items within our life that are damaged. The jewelry you wear can change the meaning of the dream, but its value is usually internal and hidden.

The money stolen in your dream is a sign of someone taking advantage of your hard-earned money. The symbol of money holds past energy, which helps the dreamer prosper.

Dream meaning of Robbery

It is normal to see your car being taken in your dreams, that represents a part of our drive, or forward motion that is put on hold.

If your home was taken by an intruder, it links the person dreaming to their mind (psyche) because houses are a symbol of the inner structure. The intruders who enter our homes are extremely symbolic in that they are able to be hidden, causing an unsettling effect on your mental health.

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The dream of being taken hostage by a the KNIFE point is a representation of negative aspects that seek to take away, disconnect from, or even penetrate (emotional) parts of you. The idea of being robbed with a gun appears to be an explicit assault of force and aggression.

The spiritual meaning behind being taken hostage

The meaning behind being taken from your dreams will encourage you to believe in your intuition and shield yourself from negative elements or people that are in your life.

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