Dreaming Of Clothes

The clothes worn in dreams are symbolic which represent the persona of the dreamer as well as confidence and how they be able to relate to other people in social settings.

The image is an analogy for something that’s not perceived but is perceived by other people. The powerful symbol is connected to Persona which is a psychological term that refers to the persona that one portrays to others, and is distinct from their true self.

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The clothes reflect the confidence of the dreamer or the deep-rooted fear hidden beneath the mask they wear when in public. You’ll be given a variety of symbolic clues in your dreams to determine if you’re suitable for the role or struggle to fit into.

Clothes Dream Meaning

If the primary purpose behind clothing is covering our bodies, it is a signification of that we wear them to shield ourselves from exposure. Contrary to feeling completely naked in our dreams clothing helps us cover our vulnerabilities and anxieties, or hide the truth behind them.

The type of clothing and colors we wear reflects our mental or emotional mood. They could be a symbol of sexuality, confidence and self-worth, or feelings of self-worthlessness and insecurity.

Clothes Symbolism In Dreams

  • Protection
  • Safety
  • Uniform
  • Decoration
  • Status
  • Modesty
  • Insignia
  • Identification

Color Of Clothing Dream

Red Clothes Dreams

Red attire draws your focus to lust, vibrancy and passion. romance and love. It is a hue that is distinctive in determining the emotions and feelings that are buried within.

Black Clothes Dreams

The black dress code symbolizes the dark obscure side of the person who is dreaming. They can also signify power, beauty, strength and also the the shadow archetype. It is the unconscious part of the dreamer , which could be ignored or repressed.

White Clothes Dream

The symbol is often seen in dreams as emotions that are pure and perfect. When a couple gets married, they dress in white to display their purity and completeness. The idea of wearing white is common and could symbolize unity, protection or the union. Perhaps it is a desire for completeness or perhaps a spouse? If there’s an unfavourable connotation associated of a white dress, it could be a sign of unconscious fear or feelings related to the pursuit of perfection.

Orange Clothes Dream

The combination of yellow and red will give you orange. This warm and fun color in dreams brings you closer to the sun as well as healing and pleasure. In spiritual terms, it represents the power of compassion, energy and emotional balance.

Yellow Clothes Dream

The color yellow is both a negative and positive symbol. It typically symbolizes happiness, joy and sunshine; as well as cowardice, dishonesty, betrayal and jealousy.

Blue Clothes Dream

The blue color of clothing is a symbol of peace, tranquility, and harmony. The hue is a reflection of water which draws our focus to our feelings.

Green Clothes Dream

It is a symbol for nature peace, heart emotion and peace. However, if it is used in a negative light, green could be a symbol of envy and anger.

Articles Of Clothing In Dreams

Pants In Dream Meaning

This could be an attempt to reference to phrases suggesting that you wear pants of your family members? If you don’t, you will be a source of the shame of embarrassment and humiliation. They are required to hide your valuable areas, and to avoid being found naked.

Dress Dream Meaning

Are you wearing a dress that is sexy? The dress is a symbol of security and protection, passion, attraction, love and purity. It also represents the unconscious desires and desires. The feeling of being liberated, attractive and reflect the social status of the person who is dreaming. However, these dreams could suggest that you confront issues that you’re not thinking about. When the attire is interpreted with negative associations, it could indicate a lack of strength or confidence, as well as a lack of compliance. Black dresses could also represent loss and endings. Wearing the right dress, you are the world around you and a lack of confidence. Being able to see a child wearing a white dress can bring your attention on innocence and purity.

Shirt Dream Meaning

They are symbols of dreams that represent protecting or shielding from outside. The state of the dream could be a reflection of how you prefer to be seen, or your present financial or mental health. Are you the type of person who would take the shirt off your back? Or do you prefer to keep your shirt on?

Jacket Dreams

Sometimes, these dreams draw your focus to safety and protection. It is often to shield us from the colder conditions ( snow) to ensure that we do not get affected within. These forces come externally secured.

Sweater Dreams

The need for warmth and security; you may be feeling colder emotions and require comfort. underwear: Protection from something private.

Baby Clothes Dreams

Positive signification of growing within your own life. It could also be a sign of the dreamers’ childlike or immature part of you – longing to feel loved and taken care for.

Symbolic Nature Of Clothes Cont.

New Clothes Dreams

The majority of the time, new clothes can be a sign of new beginnings, new image and identity. Positive dreams are a sign of an opportunity to start afresh in the near future.

Clothes On The Floor Dream

This dream could be an attempt to game on words to tidy up your image or act. Does it mean that you or someone else is in the way of your self or image? Was the place you home or work place, or even public? Sometimes, these dreams require you should pick up to ensure security or security.

Man Wearing White Clothes

The dreams could be linked to the masculine inner part of women ( animus).

Buying New Clothes

They are a sign of the beginning of a new phase within your own life. Most of the time, this is an inner change that is reflected in the external. It is about getting out of your old habits and integrating with the fresh.

Someone Wearing Your Clothes

These dreams draw your focus to those who copy or use your ideas. They could also indicate that they have a connection with you.

Hanging Clothes

Do you want to erase the past? You once had a sense of security? Do you feel like you’re getting a hang-up? Based on the context of the dream, it could mean that you cover yourself (metaphorically) or to let something go.

Seeing Clothes in Dreams


Sometimes, you’ll notice that you’re doing dirty laundry. These are the kinds of dreams that require you to concentrate on those you are doing the chores for. You could be cleaning up every day after someone else.

Giving & Receiving

These are positive dreams symbols that can either represent your security and kindness; or is given to you by other people. The act of shopping for clothing indicates that you’re looking for an identity change. Are you bored of the same self and are looking for something different?

Drying:“hung to to dry’ could mean leaving something to itself or abandoning anyone who requires assistance. The dream could be a reference to the time of waiting after you’ve cleaned something up (metaphorically). The process can take a while because you are waiting for change to occur.

Clothes for packing: Often times this could indicate a need to change. Clothes are a representation of your personal memories, self-image and your identity that you’re trying to sort out. It may also indicate subconscious desires to leave and move on from a particular situation.

Clothes in Suitcase: Do you have a desire to travel? Does it mean you’ve got excessive or insufficient baggage in your life.

Stains on Clothes: Your past actions are now being revealed to other people. You’re now aware of what you have to get rid of by yourself so that others don’t notice. The dreams you have had will make you aware of your actions, it’s and it’s time to change.

Old clothes: You are going back to your past memories, lifestyle and even your own personal. There is a possibility that you want to feel younger or something that will be a reflection of the time you were wearing these clothes.

Prophetic Meaning Of Clothes In Dreams

The Bible does not directly discuss fashion, but the Bible always speaks about clothes. After the Fall, Adam and Eve were aware that they were “undressed. clothes metaphor that symbolizes one’s standing before God and as a representation of the person’s position in front of God within God’s eyes in the New Testament.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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