Dreaming of Bed Bugs

The bed bugs comprise a kind of insect that feeds upon human blood typically in the night. When it comes to analysing dreams, we know that anything that can suck the blood is an issue. In contrast to leeches and head lice however, bed bugs are thought to be to be less of an issue, and more of an occasional irritation that is reflected in the area of your life that is not as good. Where exactly does the danger come from?

Bed Bug Dreams

Bed bugs in your dreams are more frequent than you think They seem to make through the dreams of your mind in a symbolic way. Because they are known to be in your bed in the night (unconscious) you’re focusing on your intimate part. What is a minor issue that has the potential to develop into a bigger issue within your life?

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Remember the old saying were a child “sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite”. If you find yourself confronted by an bit in your nightmare, be ready to dig.

The traits of bed bugs in our dreams may represent the emotions and frustrations in our lives. What would you do to bed bugs crawling around under your bed?

Bed Bug Dream Symbolism

  • Unknown to you,
  • It can trigger feelings of anxiety or anger
  • Anxious when you find it,
  • Uncertain of how to deal with it,
  • Uncomfortable to lie down,
  • Grossed out!

Bed Bug Dream Meaning

Your dreams speak to you in a language through symbols, images and metaphors in order to provide you with an answer. Like if you were to ask a question to the Zen master a question and only get a parable or a paradox.

We must first look at the significance of ” bed” and “bugs”. Bed is a metaphor for connecting the dreamer with intimacy, security, and relationships. We have a good idea of what the problem you face in your life bugs you’re not conscious of.

The mattress is the place where we sleep and is of course connected to intimacy or lack of it. Bed bugs are a metaphor for hidden or undiscovered emotions that been manifested in your bed. They are insects that emerge in the night when they are sleeping during the daytime. Perhaps this is a sign of not taking care to address issues that arise in your everyday life?

  • Low levels of testosterone,
  • Concerns about sexual harassment,
  • Relationship or marital issues
  • Feelings of shame, depression, and shame of guilt,
  • The effects of sexual trauma from the past,
  • Stress and anxiety related to work;
  • Needing someone to share the burden.

The bites of bed bugs are visible on the skin. The signs of bed bugs could be noticeable to other people. Infestations that are severe and persistent could cause stress, anxiety and sleeplessness. The degree of infestation you see in your dreams is a sign of the severity of your problem.

In your dreams, they are likely to attack you with holding the spectre of a tiger in the hair of your hair. The terrifying vivid dreams draw your focus to your health, thoughts and freedom, which could be at risk right now.

As with your negative thoughts and emotions if you don’t control them, it can could cause harm to you and those around you. Bed bugs are known to grow and multiply if they are not dealt with.

Anything Bugging You?

Bed bugs are known for their propensity to hiding. They can be hidden in the cracks of walls, crevices and the folded surfaces of bedding, beds, furniture and mattresses. The way they hide reflect hidden issues that are difficult to spot within your daily life. Are these bugs related to family members, situations friends, or workplace issues that have been following you at home?

Most of the time, anything that draws the lifeblood of your dreams could be connected to people who drain your energy as a psychic vampire. If you allow them in, they can be difficult to eliminate. They can conceal and drain you at times you least expect it. They can really take over your life. Are you aware of the names of these people?

Say Hello To My Little Friend

We often dream of eliminating these annoying insects. They appear when you’re tackling problems that have been brewing for over a long period of time throughout your existence. They are considered to be a positive that suggests you can be able to overcome the issue.

Bed Bugs Dreams Interesting Facts

  1. bed bugs are all over the place! If you think about them, that’s something else, but they are well-known to thrive in offices, hospitals and even hotels.
  2. Contrary to what many believe, bed bugs do not only reside in large cities or third world countries. They can be found across all 50 states of America however they are more prevalent in cities.
  3. Like the cockroach, They can go for several months without having a blood meal. They love to stay in bags, furniture and suitcases for long time before they can be close to a human.
  4. They’re not stupid. They are known to hide from humans so that they are able to continue eating eat. They usually hide in corners or behind frames of pitchers.
  5. Bed bugs follow a predetermined eating pattern. When a bed bug discovers an animal to feed on (you) and then feeds, it typically feeds for 3-10 minutes, until it is repleted.

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