Dreaming of My Aunt

The symbolic meaning of dreams for aunts

The significance of dreaming about your aunt is contingent on the relationship you share with her, or if she passed away.

The most common reason for dreaming about your aunt is a sign of femininity, protection as well as a protective and nurturing figure. The trick to determine the reason she appeared in your dream is to first determine what are your relationship with her.

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Your aunt was like your second mom who gave you unconditional love? Or maybe someone that brought back memories of Cruella from the 101 Dalmatians. The reason why this is so important is to determine if the dream is a painfully buried memories or if she came to you in your dream to guide you.

Aunts that are featured within our dream world are powerful messages with an extremely symbolic meaning.

Your aunt is known to appear in your fantasies

  • I’m dreaming of a crying aunt
  • Dead aunt appears
  • Aunt expecting a baby
  • fantasizing about an the baby’s mother holding it
  • aunt funeral dream meaning

The spiritual meaning of aunts in dreams

Have you ever thought that, according to experts in parenting, aunts are as crucial as mothers in the way of raising kids (especially girls)? In spiritual terms, the significance of your aunt in your dreams is based on the belief that you are an independent and strong person. This could be the reason the reason why women are more likely to dream about their aunts more than men.

Aunts are often the ones to appear in our lives when we require assistance and guidance for a specific situation within our life. Although you may enjoy a great connection with mommy, Aunts love to help when you aren’t able to see the same way with your family member within your own life. The dream must be encoded in a symbolic manner to allow you to discover the solution within it.

I’m dreaming of a crying aunt

The dream of an aunt who is crying has more than just one significance. Dreams of crying are an extremely powerful symbol of the release of emotions that were previously locked out in your past. The dream may actually be connected to a specific experience, memory or even a connection that you had with your aunt, which is now released in your.

Or, it could be that your antenna may be tuned to your aunt and you’re picking up some kind of sadness that she has experienced in her life. If you’ve never had a connection with your aunt but longed for one as a child The crying could be a subconscious reflection of your own emotions.

If you find that your aunt is sick in your dreams, it could be a sign of something missing in your relationship or something that requires nourishment within her.

I’m dreaming of my aunt being expecting a baby.

Dreams of pregnancy are an extremely positive sign that typically brings new growth, development and success within your personal life. The aunt you love may be expecting in your dreams due to a variety of reasons, but most times, it is more to do with dreamer’s returning to life.

Dreams can contain precognitive concepts, and the fact you dreamed of the possibility of your aunt becoming pregnant could mean that you’re noticing the new developments in her life. Perhaps she is actually expecting a baby.

However, they are not always accurate, the majority of the dreams are an expression of your personal growth and development, which has the same characteristics like your aunt who is developing within. Consider the dream and the place of the place you noticed the woman pregnant, whether it was a girl or a boy or in your home. Look up the dream of a pregnant woman in the search bar to find more details.

Aunt funeral dream meaning

Funerals and deaths are often thought of as dream symbols that are misunderstood, actually they offer the dreamer with more advantages than negative predictions. In our dreams, that the subject matter is usually symbolic and death could be interpreted as the resurrection. You may have thought that you were in danger, but this is not the case -dreams tell you that you’ve unconsciously observed an alteration in your aunt.

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Funerals inform the dreamer that this change is just beginning and may be gradual throughout their lives. Another possibility of your aunt’s death in your dream is about forgiveness or letting go, and a change in your relationship. In a way, you’re burying something that was once only there to allow the new to come into being.

The reason your deceased aunt is appearing as a dream character?

If your deceased aunt appears in your dreams, it may take some time to determine if this dream was a real visit or an unrepressed memory or emotion.

When the dead come in contact with us, they show smiles, love and even give us hugs for a specific reason. If you can determine whether this was a direct communication with the deceased Then your aunt is here to send you an expression of protection and love.

If your aunt has passed away however, she appears sick in your dreams, it indicates that you’re unable to accept and let go of her passing.

Biblical significance of dreams of aunts

The Biblical meaning of your aunt’s dream symbolizes feminine wisdom and intuition.

Exodus 6:20 “Amram was married to his father’s sister Jochebed and she bore the twins of Aaron as well as Moses. Amram lived for 137 years.”

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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