Dreaming of The Sea

Dreaming about the sea can be commonplace, but extremely symbolic dreams that draw your attention back to the subconscious part of the person who is dreaming. When water appears in our dreams, it is a reflection of our emotions, which is in this instance not known. The context and the symbols appear in your dream may change the significance. The mysterious nature of the ocean can be a clue to an underlying negative or positive meaning associated with it.

A lot of people use between the words “ocean” and “sea” in relation to the ocean, but there’s a distinction between the two terms in the context about the field of geography (the study of the earth’s surface). Seas tend to be smaller and deeper than oceans, and are surrounded by land. When it comes to dreams, these little details can provide clues to decode the dream.

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Sea Dream Meaning

When you begin to write down your dreams in your journal, you’ll notice that many symbols are used in the form of parables, word play and metaphors. Perhaps your dream about the ocean indicate that you see something you’re not seeing? It is possible that when you go into underground zones or the deepest ocean depths, you’re dealing with the unconscious side of you.

The shore or the land acts as your conscious which is the state of being conscious of and responsive to the environment around you. In the vast, unknown distance lies the unconscious and unexplored regions of the mind.

The unconscious influences our actions and thoughts even though you may have no idea of the hidden patterns. The sea may be seen as a forgotten memory, past experiences, unresolved desires and innate instincts. What happens in the ocean can provide a clue as to of what it is eluding at.

Symbolic Nature Of Sea Dreams

It is also possible to be able to observe the hue and movement of the waves, or simply watching them reflect your body, mind and your soul. The majority of sea-related dreams are comprised of the sea being clear and calm but sometimes it is depicted as rough, dark and turbulent. The current situation in your daily life is a mirror of what could be happening in the ocean. The greater control and overall state of mind in the dream, reflects your control over yourself. Uncontrollable environments often contribute to the inability to control behavior or the behaviour of other people.

  • Peaceful or turbulent
  • Clear or unclear
  • Calm or rough
  • Sailing or stuck

Common Sea Dreams

Swimming In The Sea: Did you go deeper or only at the surface? These dreams show you the degree of control and insight you could have over your feelings. The happenings along with the location and people around you meet are clues to reveal the meaning behind the dream.

Sea Waves: Most of the time, you’ll see sea waves, but the situation may be different when you are near the shoreline or even in deep in the sea. If there is a risk, it indicates that you could be facing turbulent times in the coming days. If you see these from your shore,, it could mean you are watching or perhaps not ready to examine your own feelings.

Rough Sea: Sometimes, we’re at sea. ocean whether we are swimming or on the water on a boat. If the sea is rough, it draws your attention to the present situation that you may be facing.

Drowning at Sea: These dreams indicate that you aren’t capable of managing or staying in the middle from your feelings. There is likely to be an event that could trigger this build-up or it’s just the straw that blows the camel back.

Beach & Sea: Most of the time, you’ll be people at the beach, watching the ocean. This dream could be a sign of an unplanned holiday? Does it signal that you need to look into the depths of your brain?

The water is Rising: If the water is rising in your dreams, it is a sign of rising emotions and moods. Things that happen in your life fast could transform into something more risky. What you do and how happens will determine the way you can be able to escape this particular situation.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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