Dreaming Of A Bull

Few symbols throughout the history of mankind have shown the raw, powerful energy of life as powerfully as the bull.

If the bull appears in your dreams, it is an incredibly strong message which has entered your mind with a brutal force. The’image’ could have all the traits of what a bull appears, feels and sounds like, but it isn’t a bull, but instead something that is hidden inside your own.

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In the realm of dreams, we receive clues that must be decoded in a metaphorical way to discover the solution. In any event, we have to decode what we know about the bull and how it relate to the life you live in the present. The bull is a powerful symbol, just as the bull or the tiger which encourages the person to face their subconscious desires, fears and anxieties.

The significance that the bull represents in your dream alters when you’re pursued, attacked or fight back against the bull. Who or what do you see as the bulls in your daily life?

What You Need To Know:

  • Bulls are extremely powerful, masculine and aggressive.
  • The female counterpart of the bull is called the cow, whereas males of the species which was castrated includes a steer, ox.
  • They are known to fight and attack at the slightest hint.
  • Bullfighting is a ferocious force of pure virility, waiting to blow.

Bull Dream Meaning

One thing that probably immediately comes to your mind is the general attitude of being dangerous and aggressive in contrast to its female counterparts (cow). This is the reason that most of our fantasies are centered around being in a hurry to escape when we encounter the bull. The bull isn’t meant to scare you, but rather to give you an element missing from the puzzle that must be incorporated into your daily life. It is often pointing to our subconscious drives and desires.

Consider the phrase “taking the bull by the horns” which means to handle difficult situation in a clear and confident manner. What are the reasons you run around in your life?

The bull’s image is a reminder to think about the things you are running wild or you are unable to control your life. The inability to control or address these issues results in your unconscious behavior and emotions go wild. Or, the bull may appear in your dreams to try to control whatever is that is threatening you and perhaps other people in the vicinity.

Bull Dream: The Shadow

Because of the bull’s strong muscular physique, it indicates the power of bulls over you. This is often called”the shadow or dark side of your personality. It is a reference to the primitive animistic aspect of our personality, which is viewed as the evil part that is selfish. It is the source of both destructive and creative energy. In the film ‘ The Mask” Jim Carry alter ego was shown as he donned the mask.

The idea of dreaming about a black bull is quite common and could be a sign of your shadow or something that is hidden to you. The manifestation of something that is completely in control of your own will and the power will increase if not acknowledged.

Bull Dreams: Masculine Energy

The mythology of astrology and mythology, folklore, and religion, there is a significance of the Bull is both symbolic of the masculine aspect of leadership, strength, anger, renewal and power. Females and males alike can imagine the bull as the psyche of the mind is androgynous, with masculine and feminine traits.

The famous bull image is believed to be a God throughout the ages of many civilizations because of its masculinity, strength, sun and the power of righteousness.

The bull could inspire you to integrate these qualities into your life in order to be a more than a pleasant person. Contrary to the cow’s gentle and compassionate nature, the bull’s stamina and raw vitality could be required in your daily life. Bulls encourage you to show courage and courage during tough moments within your own life. In essence, incorporating the power of the bull into your life, you will achieve equilibrium and harmony.

Ancient Bull Symbolism

Taurus was the very first zodiac sign associated to the ancient Mesopotamian people, who described it as “The Great Bull of Heaven” the constellation from which it was that the Sun rose. The bull could also be associated with the moon symbol, also known as MOON, which is the middle space between sun and light. The bull is often seen as a symbol of your dreams that relate to immortality, fertility, protection and eternality.

In this way, many different cultures across the globe have at some moment in history, revered bulls as holy. According to the Hebrew Bible, sacrifices always reflect the transformation. The most popular methods to changesomething involves eliminate it. In your dream, killing the bull could mean death and resurrection that results in an internal transformation.

Ox or Bull Positive Symbolism:

  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Virility
  • Fertility
  • Level Headed
  • Calm
  • Sensitive
  • Sentimental
  • Generous
  • Loyal

Negative Symbolism:

  • Rage or anger that is uncontrollable
  • Incapable of confronting the fears or concerns
  • Escape from your subconscious drives.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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