Dreaming Of A Window

The Eyes Are Windows To The Soul ~ William Shakespeare

Windows in dreams that are symbolic, containing both internal and external forces that are being addressed. The important images appear in our dreams at specific moments in our lives, but depending on what it is that appears, the significance.

If the house is the mind/psyche, the windows are the eyes of the dreamer , as you are observing something unconsciously to you. Windows allow us to look without engaging and allow us to view from a distance, in our own private space. We are able to absorb information from the world around us even though we’re not ready to be a part of it at present.

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It is not possible to view this symbol as a mere opening to let in light to look out from the wall. It becomes an image of possibilities, insight; and ability to see ahead.

How Windows Appear In Our Dreams:

  • Through your window
  • A child was spotted falling out of the window,
  • Someone is looking at you,
  • Broken glass or broken window,
  • Looking out the window,
  • Cleaning windows
  • Then, it’s falling out.

Why The Window Appears

It is helpful to think about the most popular phrases that we employ in our everyday conversation that can influence our desires. The expression “a window of opportunity” is often used to grasp the opportunity before you lose out in life or experience, or to describe something which has “gone out the window”.

Windows tend to draw your attention to the inner world, in contrast to the doors in your dreams which can be interpreted as openings to the external world. Its rectangular form of windows is a sign of singularity, or every single thought you think about.

In literature, too. Windows are often seen as the visual connection between the inside and outside. Windows can be a welcoming light, but also danger due to the information it could reveal. This is the reason windows are often seen in a positive or positive way in dreams. It could be a symbol of individual freedom or even the entrapment of others.

The window could be the main focus of your vision, but it isn’t correctly decoded until you have all the details prior to and after you have noticed it. In addition to filling in the gaps, such as places, the outside world and the direction, the mood, and the people or symbols surrounding you can help to connect the dots.

Open Window Dream Meaning

The sight of an open window in your dream could be interpreted as the eye of your soul as a bridge connecting the unconscious to the conscious, the perception of a new perspective.

A chance has been presented to a dreamer who may not be able to comprehend it is an expression of their mental state. You are able to look out the world around you, to see something that might have previously been closed.

The window’s openness allows light to enter darkness in the rooms, shining light on the things that were buried or ignored and revealing something you had to cover up. The window is metaphorical to you as you interact with others outside and you may be revealing your own shadow that is the hidden part of you, which is a result of repressed behaviors, desires and inclinations.

An open window is a sign of the individual freedom of the dreamer You have gained access to a fresh perspective, understanding or view into your own life.

  • Being aware of something that isn’t known,
  • The soul is open to the light,
  • The unconscious is the channel for communication;
  • Illuminating the dark side of the dreamer.

Dreams: Broken Window, Glass, Falling

The sight of damaged windows or windows is an opposite to viewing something that is transparent. A distortion coming from the inside world (mind/psyche) alters the perspective of to the external world.

If windows represent of your eyes from inside (mind/psyche) looking out into your “perceived” natural world is broken up. Unconscious perceptions are distorted and distorted, impacting your body, mind and your soul.

You’re given a metaphorical clue that connects your unconscious motivations and inner thoughts, visions and thoughts into your conscious mind. This perspective needs to be corrected because it causes confusion in your daily life.

A window that is falling could indicate an absence of grounding or instability that reflects the view between your inner and outer world. Vision loss or distortion of your perspective in your daily life.

Dreams: Child Falling Out Of Window

The thought of a child falling from a window calls your attention to saving the Inner child. The term”inner child” a reference to the inner child who is deeply affected by traumas from the past.

The traumas that you experience can range from divorced parents to suffering from mental or physical violence, financial stress or even emotional neglect. The primary goal the inner child therapy involves reconnection with the fragmented or lost areas of our lives that were lost to us.

The fact that a child is thrown out of the window is a sign of the inability of you to offer him or the child with a safe and secure environment. The child’s actions are not apparent to you. Inattention to the child is causing the child to wander into a danger, causing injury. This is a mirror on your child’s behavior, fear and suffering that can lead you to the same path when you walk.

If you pay attention to your inner child, you’ll begin to safeguard and nurture the unconscious parts of you. When this is done, your life will be more satisfying as your worries and obstacles will be eliminated.

Window Dreams: Cleaning, Blinds, Curtains

Blinds on windows can be interpreted as a metaphor for with being “blind” or unable to perceive what is happening in your life. The ability to conceal and protect your eyes from external influences reduces your ability to perceive.

Curtains and blinds block blinds and curtains stop the sunlight from shining on your room (mind/psyche) and shedding light on the dark corners. The fear of being exposed or of exposing your self to the world around you.

Cleaning your windows could be thought of as a positive sign in relation to changing the way you view things in your life. The windows that are dirty or unclean is a reflection of past beliefs which are being transformed to view the world from a new perspective.

Someone Looking Though My Window

The thought of a stranger watching your windows can be a bit like an unreal nightmare. The dream can be described as someone who is observes aspects of your personality through your daily life or intruding into your privacy or something else that is related to the unknowable.

The significance of the dream can change based on the room that the person was watching you from. If they were famous or unknowable to the person who dreamed or if they were an imminent threat or were simply looking at you.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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