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Bats are often portrayed with an unpopular image because of Hollywood’s portrayal of bats in movies. They are often seen as symbol of death, filth or evil, but in the dream world, bats symbolize something completely different.

Dreams communicate with us in a language not familiar to us, often through metaphors, which is why bats are considered to be extremely important. The way the bat acts in your dream will determine if it will bring you an important message, a gift that is new, or maybe warning.

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Bats are a symbol from the past that depicts creatures that reside within the stomach of the Mother. It is an image that connects to mother womb, or CAVE Dreamers will go through a death and rebirthing process. Bats are believed as being associated with spiritual guidance, wisdom especially capabilities, feminine energy and consciousness, this shift could be happening in these regions.

If the bat emerges from the cave, it’s metaphorically meaning that something has woken which was previously darkness. The unidentified part of the dreamer has awakened when the bat tries to connect with them. Where exactly is it?

  • clairvoyance

  • moon
  • feminine unconsciousness, womb, unconsciousness cave
  • nocturnal – shadow
  • Death and resurrection

Bats and Intuition

Your sense of which is perhaps unconscious to you could be a bat in disguise. Bats have created a fantastic echolocation, a radar-based navigation system, to aid in locating their prey. Bats aren’t blind like some people believe, they are incredibly hunters and locate anything from far away.

Bats may be connected with the spiritual or psychic part of the dreamer, almost suggesting that other scenes aren’t used. They can sense vibrations and distance between them, this is similar to how people have utilized E.S.P to help them navigate.

Bats are extremely intelligent and highly social animals. Certain bats live solitary lives and others are part of colonies that exceed one million. The existence of large colonies reduces the chance of an attack by a single bat. Bats are a common sight in the night. linked to your social life.

Bats are extremely intelligent and have excellent vision and communication abilities, this could be a signal for you should either improve or utilize these skills for your benefit.

Bat Attack

If you’re getting attacked, or bats feeds off your blood, it could indicate the loss of energy in your life. The energy vampires are people who are emotionally narcissistic who believe that everything is centered around them. They’re almost incapable of thinking from another’s viewpoint.

They feed off the positive energies you have until you are exhausted. Bats are an illustration of warning to be cautious around certain members of your circle.

The white bats are typically a sign of the end or demise of something. Bats that are black and flying over your head can indicate negative thoughts or arousing anxiety.

The symbolism of the tree is believed to represent spiritual and physical feeding of transformation and liberation unity and fertility. Because bats fly and rest on trees, one could suggest the possibility of grounding.

Bat Dream Meaning

Bats may represent your dreams in times when major changes are anticipated in your life. In plain language, you’re being instructed by your guides to pay attention to the signs around you. In this instance, the indications could be physical, mental, or spiritual.

Bats may also be an opportunity to rebirth your life, because the old portion of yourself is being sucked off which is no longer serving you. Thus, new happenings will be a sudden occurrence and you will experience increased emotions as you move along your path.

It could be a suggestion of the idea of mediation, or going into (cave) in order for something to come out as fresh. This change in essence is not easy since acceptance is required.

These experiences shouldn’t be ignored and should be embraced since they hold the key to gain access. It could be a reminder to concentrate on your spiritual growth and to accept the small sacrifices of your self-centeredness. In union to your dark sideof dreams,, one must work on their inner self to be consciously ascending into the higher vibration or dimension.

Once you’ve accepted the Universe will do everything to make these changes as simple as is possible. Sometimes, the bat will remind you to keep pursuing your spiritual development by getting rid of your self-centeredness.

It is possible to do this by re-invigorating your beliefs and thoughts regularly by doing your inner work, being a loving and unconditional lover of your enemies, and fostering your personal development in all varieties.

Ancient Bat Symbolism

Bat was a goddess of cows from Egyptian mythology depicted as a face of a human with ears of cows and horns.

According to the Native Americans bats are the ability to navigate the uncharted. Bats symbolize a strong interpersonal relationship by a strong communication. The indigenous people from North America understood that bats are very social animals that have strong family bonds. Certain tribes of the North West felt they would be a part of the diligence process because they passed on wisdom to their own people. Bats could suggest entering the latest as well as out of the past.

It is believed that the Ancient Chinese had a different perspective on the way they portrayed bats. They saw the bat as an indicator of happiness. They represent the transition of life, of initiation and the beginning of a new chapter, almost as if it were an internal rebirth.

Bats In The Bible Meaning

The Scriptures ( Leviticus 11:19 ; Deuteronomy 14:18 ) suggests “flying in the dark.” Bats are listed as one of the birds on the list of animals that are unclean. Casting idols over bats and to “moles and to the bats” is to take them into dark caverns or desolated areas to which the animals go ( Isaiah 2:20 ), i.e to condemn them to destruction or desolation. Bats are often portrayed with negative connotations in the Bible, a connection with darkness, death isolation, and inherently unclean.

Bats In Religion & Folklore

In the meaning of dreams in the Islamic religion of Islam Bat can also mean hiding from others due to one’s sins like theft or listening in.

The legend of the bat is that in Aztec mythology bats represented the realm that was dead. They also symbolized decay and destruction.

The Nigerians story reveals that the bat developed night-time habits following deaths to his companion the bush-rat. The bat is now able to hide during the daytime to avoid being arrested.

God Mars declares that the God Mars affirms that the birds are in fact the winners, and that is the place where bats choose to pledge his loyalty and reject the creatures of the earth.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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