Dreaming Of Blood

The symbol of blood is as a metaphor for life itself, the vital element that makes up your energy that functions within your body. This special liquid connects the dreamer to the spirit of life, love, and passion, but also despair, anger and loss.

Dreams about blood tend to be vivid and often be negative in nature. it. The reason it comes such a way could be to safeguard something important inside that is diminished. No matter if you’re vomiting, bleeding, urinating or even seeing your ears bleeding, the issue is the dreamer’s and needs to be dealt with otherwise energy is going to be depleted.

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Blood Symbolism In Dreams

  • anger or anger or
  • love or passion
  • the depletion of energy
  • Chi, life force, prana
  • transfusion
  • Tribal
  • Healing and love
  • family, friends and emotions

Blood Dreams & Period Blood

The mysterious nature of blood may lead the dreamer towards fertility (mother) in relation to menstrual cycles. The painfully short time of menstrual cycles could be a sign of the pain of a difficult circumstance that you are facing in your life. This is the reason women often think of blood from their period to symbolize these small unpleasant setbacks which are usually not arousing to them. It is usually represented by the blood of their pads in the dream.

Strangely enough, women who are expecting tend to experience bizarre dreams of period blood. Most of the time, these kinds of dreams are normal, possibly relating to the fear of losing the baby.

Article: Unusual Pregnancy Dreams

Women can even imagine period blood on their Betties that can be a sign of issues related to their relationships and intimate. The idea of dreaming about blood from your period on your toilet seat is connected with your root CHAKRA which is the need to protect yourself as well as loss of energy and the need for grounding.

The thought of having the menstrual blood on your clothes is a sign of embarrassing circumstances, anxieties and fears in social settings. The clothes you dream about are usually tied to the persona of the dreamer or the way they cover what lies beneath the surface. The black blood in your dreams symbolizes the old and negative things that you need to removed. It could also be a positive signification of getting rid of this inert energy that has accumulated from your past.

Common Blood Dream Meaning

Bleeding Eyes: Eyes are often an image of the soul or your own inner vision. What you see or expressions (crying) is affecting your soul, since it reflects your internal pain. What do you think of your world? Do you think that the sight of an eye cause you to be blind? What you observe from the outside affects on the inside.

Spitting blood: A common dream symbol that draws your focus to the communication. The dreams of the dreamer bring to their speech patterns of anger, rage, and passion. The energy that goes away when this isn’t done correctly.

Bleeding The fact that you are bleeding in your dreams indicates that your vital energy is being diminished. The location you are in and the reason bleeding can aid in understanding the dream. You’ll want to think about the things in your life that are leading to your weakness, fatigue and a lack of energy. An unresolved emotional pain from the past could be a different area to look into.

Urinating blood:These dreams distributing as they relate to subconscious fears, or are an inefficient use of your energy. You should look into the areas of your life in which you are wasting a portion of your energy, which goes to the drain.

Someone is bleeding: People that you know are bleeding relate to the pain they may be experiencing through. It could be a matter of omission to you, but it’s an indication that they may require assistance.

Ears bleeding: A symbol that is often connected to the sun, or a SPIRAL female (vulva). It is often connected to you to hearing. Bleeding ears contain elements of harmful or negative advice , gossip and rumors that can affect your mind. Be aware of what you hear because it could affect who you are. It could be a reflection of hurt you experienced in the past, or something that is blocked. The ears are connected to the your head, and what you hear affects your thinking.

Vomiting Blood:Holding as well as releasing elements belonging to you have been brought on the outside. A symbol for internal issues from the past that must be dealt with. There is a sense of psychological rejection that cannot be held back. The blood that you carry makes up a part of your and required to maintain your vital energy (loss) by relating to certain thoughts, beliefs, previous memories or emotions.

Blood on the floor: The location of the spot where you witnessed the blood could alter its significance. The location of your home could be a symbol of your mind or psyche. You’re experiencing a loss of your life that affects your own or other people.

The Blood In Water: Water connects the dreamer with the state of mind that is emotional. It seems like there is an association between fertility and birth; depicting life as blood is your energy. Based on the type of water your blood was found in, as well as the location and the people around you could change the significance. A cry for help because you’re in danger, if sharks are able to detect the smell. Examining your own feelings of joy, fear anger, disgust, and sorrow by linking them to your dreams.

Bleeding Head: The head of yours is the place where your thoughts, emotions and feelings reside. A metaphor for a bleeding mind is the loss of something that is now attainable for you. A dissonance with rational and reasonable thinking, negative thoughts or even people who have influenced your thoughts.

drawing blood: Dreams often indicate fighting. It doesn’t mean that you’ll physically fight, but rather an emotional struggle you will have to fight. If you’re drawing blood at the medical facility ( doctor) this will help you focus on the energy you put into your life to aid yourself. In essence, there could be a change taking place in your life.

blood Test: Taking a blood test can be a sign of uncertainty, or fears and anxieties that are not conscious. There are a lot of unconscious fears regarding your health, or perhaps you are afraid to reveal what’s within you. If your results were positive, it indicates a clean mental report of health. If the results were negative, it prompts you to address past problems that you are dealing with in the present. If you’re worried about your health, this dreams may come up at times.

Blood and Accident: These are very common dreams that bring your attention to your direction in life. If there’s an accident and blood is seen, it indicates accident and blood appears, it indicates anger and the losing parts of yourself who were once part of. The kind of car you’re in, the where you are and the people around you could give you clues which emotional trauma is occurring.

The Bloody Teeth The most popular dreams, the symbol of teeth suggests an association to image, communication, and loss. Teeth that are bloody can be a sign of negative speech , and anger can be a factor throughout your day. It is a symbol of becoming aware of your words and how you interact with people around you. The parts that are not being noticed are now being observed by others.

The Belly button is bleeding: These dreams could bring you closer to the feminine (mother) connection to your innermost parts. The dream draws your attention to the sacral chakra in relation to your sensuality, emotional body, and the ability to express your creativity. Bleeding can bring your attention to worries as well as uncontrollable urges and addictions.

Blood on Hands: If you have a dream of blood on your hands, it’s an indication of an act of wrongdoing. It could be that you feel like you’re doing something wrong or harming people through some means that are that are not directly involved. The dreams come to you to look back at your previous actions and realize how your bad actions have directly impacted you.

bloody Nose:Often times connected to breath of life, being aware of things that are not visible or intuition. Bleeding noses can be unpredictable and can be embarrassing. It could be a reflection of an event that you are facing.

Blood on Underwear:These dreams are more frequent for women than men. They are they are a sign of shame or awaiting changes. Metaphors that relate to the cycle of life emotional energy.

drinking Human Blood:Depending the source of the blood will affect the vision. As an energy vampire, you feed off the energy of others to gain satisfaction. An expression of self-reflection and the risk of stealing the life force that isn’t yours.

Bleeding Neck: The neck links the body and mind and is a negative symbol that relates to the communication. An imbalance between the mind and the psychical feelings and emotions something that is been slit in the.

Blood Clots that Pass: These are positive dreams symbols that indicate you have gotten rid of something which has its own internal dangers. A blood clot can be metaphorical connection to the past and could affect your entire body.

Syringe: Its context Syringe could be an positive and negative symbol dependent on the substance being injecting. If blood is being injected, it means you’re going to experience a surge of new energy.

Blood Transfusion Transfusion of blood is the procedure of moving blood or other blood products into the circulation of a person intravenously. The blood is sourced from a different source, which can give you fresh energy. The blood is often a symbol of transformation or positive change.

Bleeding Finger: Fingers have the potential to be pointed and be blamed. It can be linked to a loss of movement or other work-related issues.

Private parts: The things you keep from the world, something private. The thought about bleeding your private part could bring you closer to your inner feelings and desires.

Blood Meaning In The Bible

The Bible does not say that the life of the flesh lies through blood (Leviticus 17:11) because it is the lifeblood for all living things (Leviticus 17:14) because the blood is the lifeblood (Deuteronomy 12:23).

So, we can see that blood symbolizes life, as well as Christ’s blood. Christ. While blood is a symbol of life, it is important to note that in the Bible also refers to blood as a “breath” (oxygen) as essential to living.

We are saved from the sinning

Cleans our minds and hearts

Helps us to be free and to overcome the temptations

We are freed from dependence on actions to help us from danger.

We are guaranteed eternal life through Christ

We are saved from the wrath of God

The Red Moon: The blood moon or red moon draws your focus to feminine feelings of attraction – romance and love. It is a symbol of exploring the subconscious that is the shadow side, the ( shadow) hidden parts of your psyche. It is a sign of change Death and rebirth, you go through the transition phase.

Shakespeare Blood Macbeth

Shakespeare Shakespeare, who was an expert in symbolism, magnified blood in his plays. In the play Macbeth by Shakespeare the constant image of blood is employed as a symbol of the constant feelings of guilt that the characters feel which ultimately leads to their constant feelings of terror and terror.

Blood is a sign of Macbeth’s emotions about murder. The symbolism of blood shows the fear of Macbeth prior to his killing Duncan . Macbeth is able to see the sight of a dagger floating in front of him, leading him to Duncan ‘s bedroom. Macbeth hallucination is similar to an experience we have in our dreams, connecting to a possible subconscious terror, anger and lust that is buried deep within.

Vampires & Blood Dreams

Blood’s symbolic meaning in novels and films has made its way into our fantasies. The story of Bram Stoker ‘s Dracula, the most obvious and powerful symbolism is blood. The blood he uses is so significant to those who believe in the legend, and can symbolize more than they could ever imagine. If vampires show up in our dreams, they are a sign that someone is draining your life force away from you.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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