Dreaming Of Candles

Dreaming Of Candles

Candles are provide illumination and light for celebrations that go back as long as 5,000 years. However, the origin of their existence remains a mystery. The idea of dreaming about candles is thought to be to be highly symbolic and represents the hope of illumination, light and divine in your dreams.

Candles are utilized in everyday life to celebrate occasions, celebrations, and ceremonies however in the realm of dreams they have a deeper symbolic significance, guiding the dreamer to the proper direction.

Candle Dream Meaning

Candles may appear in dreams as not lit, with in different colors, candles made of wax are often multiple, which can metaphorically communicate to the dreamer something. The context, the location and the other people around you can provide clues in your quest for clues to unravel the meaning of this dream. The symbol appears during the same period of your life. It can occur in both good and bad times.

  • Spiritual guidance
  • Purification and purification
  • Protection
  • Soul
  • Light/divinity
  • Knowledge/wisdom

Candles Spiritual Dream Meaning

Candles may appear in dreams in dark times in your life. When you are feeling depressed or lost in your spiritual life The light of the candle is guiding you to your inner self. Through the Hindu celebration of Diwali candles symbolize the light of day over darkness, goodness over evil, and wisdom over ignorance. They connect wisdom and consciousness. The dream candle can interpret in a similar way, when you may be fighting against the forces of evil and good either from the outside or inside.

The Bible says that in Christianity candles, also known as the sanctuary lamp, depicted as Christ always burning in a dark, sinful world. The candle in Judaism the candle symbolised God’s eternal presence , which can never be snuffed out. The burning flame within you, the pathway through your dark shadow ( shadow) will lead you to the light of awakening. In many different religious and cultural traditions, candles are often viewed as the spirit that is truth, usually they are lit to symbolize the death of a person or the resurrection. Candles are usually a symbol of protection against evil.

Dream Candle: Symbolic Colors

White Candles Dream Meaning: Dreaming of white candles can connect the dreamer to pure consciousness. The flame is like your aura, which is shielded in times of darkness. It is burning to reveal your the truth, your spirit, and the completeness of your soul.

red Candles dream meaning: The red color is also associated to the root chakra, the earth chakra and grounding. Red is usually depicted in dreams as passion, love, fire, blood and energy. You’ll experience new vitality, energy as well as fertility and success.

yellow Candles dream meaning: Yellow brings your focus to wisdom, intelligence and the sacral chakra energy. Positive thoughts, higher consciousness and confidence, as well as putting ideas into action as well as endurance, creativity and the ability to see.

Blue Candles Dream Meaning: Blue often signifies the throat chakra; communication. Focusing your attention on the negative thoughts and emotions. Be willing to forgive and strive for happiness.

The color pink is a symbol of happiness. Candle The Meaning of Dreams: Pink candles often represent happiness, positive energy, self-love, friendship, and harmony.

Candles: Common Dreams

Unlit Candle Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a candle that is not lit in your dream is a sign of the faith in your inner guidance to guide you in the right direction. The fire that helps ignite this inner flame belongs to you. The unlit candle you see in your dream is an image of your search. The candle that is not lit could be a connection to your personal fire within. It could be connected to your spirituality or a connection to your higher self or consciousness.

Candle Wax Dream Meaning:

The idea of seeing the candle’s wax suggests pure flesh, security and humanity.

Three Candles Dream Meaning

The dream of three candles is a way to pay focus on a moment of penance, prayer, and sacrifice. 3 orThe Triad is the total number since it includes the beginning, middle, and an ending.

Mia Harper

Mia Harper