Dreaming of Ghosts

Are you having a nightmare or a ghost?

Have you ever been sucked in your bed? Whatever you attempt to scream or kick your body remains rigid while you are still engulfed in fear , usually with the presence of something sinister.

If this is a bit familiar, then you’ve probably have experienced an episode that was characterized by sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is the state that is conscious, but in a state of being unable to move. It happens when someone is in between states of sleep and wakefulness.

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It’s as if there’s an issue with the brain’s matrix system, which occurs between awakening as well as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

In REM the brain becomes the most active, just like the bees that are buzzing around in the beehive. To prevent your mind from imagining the vivid nightmares (or harming your own body) your brain is equipped with an intelligent program built into it that has the ability to freeze temporarily your whole body.

If you’re one of the people who suffer from sleep paralysis, it simply indicates that the switch that turns off and on the dream switch is malfunctioning. The brain is woken up and your body is under the influence of sleep paralysis. The traces of your previous night’s dream is likely to get into your brain just when you awake.

Strategies to combat sleep paralysis: try to move your feet or toes when you’re stuck. Research suggests that you will break from your “stuck state” faster.

Common Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations

  • Shadows or demons sporting eyes that are red
  • Choking
  • Intruders, break-ins or break-ins
  • Monsters
  • The witch in your rear (aka Old Hag Syndrome)
  • Injured or abused
  • Strange smells (fire, food, smoke)

An Actual Haunting Or Sleep Paralysis?

When is the right the right time to invite an priest to your home? There is a thin line between sleep paralysis and a real ghostly presence. Although there is evidence from science that ghosts exist around 50% of Americans believe that they exist.

If we wait for the science to catch up, it could be too to late. Ghosts seem to come over to your home like a grumpy companion who won’t leave, but this time, they appear as something sinister.

The connection between sleep paralysis and a real ghostly experience is being interpreted differently across the globe.

A majority Middle Eastern countries associated sleep paralysis as a result of the jinn (” genie”) Jinn (” genie “)–a supernatural being that terrorizes and occasionally hurts its victims. It is possible that this is the reason why it is that the Evil Eye can be so common in these countries. Are they superstitious? or could there be some reason behind this?

7 Signs Of An Actual Haunting

There are numerous tale-telling evidence of paranormal activity occurring within your home. In addition to experiencing an increase in insomnia episodes per week, but and other strange things could be happening in your home. If you experience sleep paralysis associated with unusually frequent events, it could be the an appropriate time to consult experts.

    1. Cold Spots Similar to the film “The Sixth Sense” when the boy claimed to have seen dead people, many hauntings involve temperature fluctuations within the home. The cold spots ghosts are those that cause a strange energy in specific areas of the house , usually in areas where there is a crime that has occurred.
    2. Doors Slamming Do you have more doors than you thought you had closed? One of the most obvious indicators of a poltergeist who is angry is the slamming of doors inside your home. This is their method to signal that they are extremely upset.
    3. Unknown Noises Have you heard someone calling your name?
    4. objects lost: Ghosts are known to hide and move objects such as wallets and keys from your.
    5. Contacted If you’re repeatedly touched in your home.
    6. Electrical disturbances: Lights that randomly flash, electronics that aren’t working batteries not functioning.
    7. Strange smells: Strange or strange scents can be found within your home. The sign of a bad person are usually the smell of eggs that are rotten, while the scent of a good spirit is similar to flowers.

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