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Hair is thought to be highly symbolic in dreams since it is a representation of how you think, your self-image, wisdom and your attitudes. In a way , it ties to our identity (ego) which is why it can appear extremely intense or even disturbing at times.

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Since our egos are extremely fragile, any assault on our identity can make negative feelings and difficult emotions inaccessible to us. In contrast positive interactions with hair that we dream about usually signify new growth or inner change in our lives.

When hair grows on our heads, we’re dealing with emotions and thoughts which are usually repressed. This is the reason why when we dream, you might be able to see hair growing from your mouth, losing hair and breaking off, or pulling hair BUGS out of your hair.

Hair Symbolism In Dreams

  • sexual attraction
  • intellectual
  • rebel
  • freedom of expression and freedom of speech
  • Vitality and youth
  • Internal growth
  • The fear of getting older Death, dying or getting old
  • Giving up ideas
  • Lack of creativity
  • Insufficient power or control
  • Unattractive to other sexual partner?
  • The fear that one’s appearance is getting less attractive
  • Poor self image

Hair Dream Meaning

What is your hair’s significance to you? Today, we tend to concentrate heavily on appearance and attempting to appear like we’re looking the best we can. The dreams of these people often represent the way we would like to be perceived by others. What did you feel like in the dream? The negative dreams that revolve around your hair can be a sign of your personal areas where you are experiencing internal conflict. Sometimes, we are happy with the new style we have chosen.

Consider the people around you in the dream, places, looking into the mirror and cutting it short, or even emotions expressed. These are clues to aid in connecting the meaning of your dream together.

Hair Falling Out In Dream

The thought of your hair falling out is a vivid thought which is usually referred to as an unreal experience. If you’re looking at a mirror and see hair clumps falling out, it usually refers to some kind of self-reflection that is required.

The remorseful feeling can be similar to the feeling of your teeth falling out, which inspires the dreamer to look at the areas of their lives where the loss of their internal self is occurring.

Hair loss draws your mind to thoughts of low self-esteem as well as insecurity and vulnerability. Perhaps it is fear of getting older or losing something that was once important to you? Could this be related to your sexual drive and your virility? Do you feel that you lack self-esteem or self-worth? There is a sense of depletion or loss that affects your mental state.

Long Hair Dream

Positive dreams indicate inner strength and growth. It is a symbol of strength which connects us to the earth. It is believed that the Native Americans understood that their hair was a physical representation of the development of the spirit or psychic abilities and a connection to all things.

If you’re growing long hair , it could indicate a an increase in your internal size that is sudden in your life. If you notice that your hair that is black, you are focusing on the shadow or mysterious aspects that make up the dreams of the dreamer.

Short Hair Dream

The dreams you have in them will lead you towards acceptance and happiness. It could be a sign that you have cut something down within your own life. It’s possible you’re cutting down in your life, perhaps in relation to your thoughts.

Braiding Your Hair Dream

The dream could represent a metaphor to separate thoughts or connections two pieces that belong to you and are forming. The person braiding could be an intimate friend with whom you share a bond with.

Washing Hair Dream

When we go to the shower, it is a time to cleanse or washing away negative thoughts. Hair is spit out of your head, like thoughts and you could be taking care to wash away any negativity that you don’t require within your own life.

Cutting Hair Dream

The dreams reflect personal development because the old you is no longer a good fit for. Are you cutting yourself from your past? Scissors can be used to remove or cut off items that are no longer effective.

Removing Lice From Hair Dream

The most common dreams are when you may discover insects and lice in your hair. The dreams are a sign of things that are bothering you in your daily life. Lice is a problem that’s deeply buried and is difficult to eliminate.

Pulling Hair Out Of Mouth Dream

Strangely enough, the struggle to pull hair from your mouth is not uncommon. These nightmares draw you to the subject of communication, or the lack of it. You’re trying to pull something (forcing) something out which is growing within you. What is it?

Going Bald In Dream

A symbol of strength and aggression. The way you feel in your dream is a sign of strength or anxiety. If you are frightened of losing your hair, it could appear as a dream to greet you. People who believe they are losing their youth frequently imagine having a hair loss or bald spots falling out.

Being proud of your baldness is a good thing that suggests you are comfortable in your maleness. If you’re female and have a bald head, it everything depends on the mood of your dream.

The personal transformation and the desire of becoming bald go hand with each other. They are actually positive hopes that you could shed the old self and will be able to accommodate the new you.

Hair Growing Dream

They are positive dreams symbols that represent mental growth maturation, progress and advancement that are taking place throughout your life. When hair grows out of your head, it’s a metaphor to your thoughts and views about your life. Like dreams, there is a lot of emphasis placed on hair. It is metaphorically similar to the tale in the story of Rapunzel as a symbol of being separated from your mothering thing.

Plaiting Hair Dream

Dreams can carry positive and negative meaning. They could indicate that someone is trying to bind your thoughts or alter your behavior; or it could indicate a need to be taken care of mentally. Need help from someone to link things for you.

Combing Hair Dream

You may notice someone combing their hair. Based on who the person is, you are connected to improve their appearance, and to straighten things out. If you see someone combing your hair, it is a sign of a need to correct or straighten your thoughts.

Death And Hair Loss?

There could be a connection between our subconscious feelings about dying and our dreams of hair falling off. Like teeth dreams hair loss is into the same category as personal losses that you experience in your life. It could be the ending to something or an important change could be coming up in the near future. It is important to consider the metaphor of something that suggests it will not be reborn over and over.

Everyone wants to live longer and if you’ve hidden worries about it, there is a chance that you’ll have an ill-conceived dream. A different sign of loss of hair could be related to fears of cancer.

If you’ve seen people with cancer, they shed their hair, and often they die fighting cancer. If we suppress our feelings of loss, this symbol could be a bit rare, its ugly head.

Health & Wellbeing

Dreams can be a great way to help you pay attention to what might be missing in your daily life. The dreams of getting in the shower, washing your hair could prompt you to spend time to unwind and take care of yourself. In some dreams, our hair may appear dull, dry or even dirty. This can be a signal that you need to look after your appearance and improve it.

Stress and Hair Loss

Hair loss and stress is a common occurrence and if you’re experiencing this in your daily life, then your dreams are signalling something much more significant. Stress can have a negative impact to your physical and mental well-being. If you suffer from Alopecia and stress, your body’s immune system targets the hair follicles, causing loss of hair. This could play a significant part in the symbols of your dreams.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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