Dreaming Of Jewelry

Humans have enjoyed decorating themselves throughout the years. Bones, shark teeth, feathers, flowers , and reeds decorated the bodies of our ancestors up to high-end jewels and royal jewels that are that are kept in museums of today. Jewelry pieces can alter how we feel and the way we perceive our own self, making it an effective symbol of dreams.

Jewelry serves a variety of functions that range from status and wealth and sentimental value; and also a symbol of the faith of God. Jewelry can be an concealed meaning in dreams, which is often encoded symbolically through symbols, designs and colors that alter the significance.

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The highly symbolic piece of jewelry is only seen at specific moments during your lifetime. As there are numerous ways to use jewelry, it can be applied to the interpretation of dreams as well. It’s not just an expression of us however, your inner beauty is visible through the eyes of others.

Jewelry Dream Symbolism:

  • Protection

  • Happiness and success
  • Self-expression and vanity
  • Security, wealth and honor
  • Rights of passage
  • Communication

Fun Fact:

The oldest known piece of jewelry ever discovered is 100,000 year old beads made of Nassarius shells.

Discovering The Inner Treasure

Dreams tend to combine symbols to draw certain truths to our awareness, and in this case, charm and attraction. This is a sign of respect for men but also a sign of elegance for women and a hint of what’s happening beneath the surface.

The dream of jewelry can inspire you to discover your inner depths that may be unnoticed to the person dreaming. It is important to consider beauty, symmetry, attraction and artistic talent.

Keep in mind that these costly items represent what’s been kept from view by the public. It is only revealed at certain moments in our lives. It is a symbol of what’s currently likely to be seen and observed by other people.

Law Of Attraction

Through the years of studying dreams, I discovered that jewelry may be seen when new events are taking place. It’s almost like it’s a subconscious dream, it could be signalling new prosperity and wealth to come in the near future.

A signification of drawing things towards you, but it may not be known at the moment. If you believe that wearing jewelry, the sparkle and beauty stand out, it will cause people to notice you and perhaps your accomplishments. If you’re boring, then you’re attempting from the other people around you.

These are essentially signs that you’re taking the proper steps to attract the right people toward you. If you see a lot of jewelry, or you are in a store selling jewelry, it could be an indication of good luck.

Fun Fact:

Did you realize that only Americans refer to it as jewelry, and everyone else refers to it as jewelry.

The Tables Have Turned

However, jewelry is not always a positive sign and often implies vanity. The people with higher social standing or wealth typically own and have jewelry that is more expensive and a reflection of who you would like to be.

You might even think about what you feel like when you are wearing jewelry, perhaps those that you can’t afford. It could be a way to express your importance and is a reflection of the person you are in this world. But deep inside, you’re not who your jewelry portrays you to be.

Dreams usually depict images that erode your self-image and confidence as a desire for recognition and to be appreciated. The dream may prompt you to look at areas of your life where you require to be admired by others. Do you require to be praised by other people?

Dream: Finding Jewelry

If you discover jewelry in your dreams, think of yourself as lucky. It could be an extremely powerful signification that indicates you will find something valuable in the path of life.

The details you discovered could be a metaphor for the kind of luck you could be within the next few years. The way you came across it and the exact location are clues to help you determine if it is an external or internal discovery.

The dream you have in your head will encourage you to look into the areas of your life that have ended up being extremely important. It’s a chance to discover your journey that could be in the air for a long period of time.

Fun Fact:

Do you realize that that in various cultures, jewelry is believed to protect against evil, such as jewelry like the Egyptian ankh, or Hamsa.

Gold Jewelry Dream Meaning

The strong resemblance of gold with that of the sun will make you realize that it isn’t just a random color. Gold is also associated with the wisdom of ageing, letting you know that the piece of jewelry is valuable that will last for a long time.

The symbol connects you you to the self within you and represents its richness. It could be a sign that you are likely to receive some lucky luck soon. If you’re getting the color of gold in your dreams, it means that someone on your path will gain wisdom and wealth.

On the other hand, this color is often attributed to enhancing vanity and insecurity. In our modern society, we tend to consider gold to be the most valuable worth that one can have. When you have it, you may think that you have financial success, but you are devoid within.

Gold jewelry could appear in your dreams to signal your subconscious desire to display to others things you have or would like to. The gold and money will makes you feel valued and powerful.

You Have Reached Your Limit

Your dream could be suggesting that you’ve reached the limit of your hierarchy. As per American psychology expert Abraham Maslow came up with the concept of the hierarchy of needs that suggests once you’ve got all you need, jewelry can be a indicator of your future. Your dreams could be suggesting that you’re at your financial zenith and have there is no reason to look any further.

Why Is Gold So Expensive?

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