Dreaming of Lotus Flower

The Lotus flower may not have an important role in Western culture, but in religious traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, as well as Jainism it is believed to be a sacred flower.

Like the Bible Similar to the Bible, the Eastern teachings employ metaphors and parables to show codes or hidden secrets in specific symbols that conceal the truth. It is possible to ask what the reason why the lotus flower is considered to be worthy of notice as it is buried in the muddy waters and is far away from the sun..

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A lotus flower that appears in your dream symbolizes a rebirth in the dreamer, emerging from the confused mind that they’ve been awakened. The way the flower appears and blossoms in your dream will reveal a secret.

Symbolic Meaning Of The Lotus

As with all metaphors, the lotus flower symbolizes the human struggle to leave the darkness to discover the illumination. It tells a story about how is also our own. We can rise from the darkest times of our lives to reconnect with the light that surrounds us. It is believed that the lotus bloom is a symbol of luck in Buddhism. The flower is depicted all over Buddhist art, symbolizing the attainment of higher levels of consciousness or the state of enlightenment. It is now a recognizable symbol in Eastern religions.as a symbol of purity beauty, enlightenment, self-regeneration , and rebirth.

Water lilies or Lotus flowers are often seen in our dreams with vibrant shades, and we can even imagine plucking them or giving them away as gifts. In our dreams, they can be powerful symbols of inner transformation following an extremely difficult time. Dreaming of a lotus bloom when pregnant symbolizes new development, awakening, and rebirth in your life . A baby will change your life. It could also be a signification that your child is spiritually gifted.

Symbolic Nature Of The Lotus Flower

One thing that is noticeable immediately when you look at this lotus bloom is that it appears so clear and clean against the muddy backdrop of the lake. This is the reason it is now a recognizable image of people who have managed to overcome the negative or toxic surroundings mind to emerge as clean and pure. The lotus flower symbolizes the cycle of human death and life; the transformation of death and resurrection. Often referred to by the name of “lotus flower of life” that symbolizes in a spiritual sense signifies the death of the old to be born again.

  • Buddhists take the petals as a symbol of the heart’s opening
  • The ancient Egyptians could have made use of this method to represent the inner light ( Dandara light) or higher consciousness.
  • The lotus flower is a symbol of Hinduism The lotus flower is associated with the beauty of fertility and beautiful, wealth as well as spirituality and eternality.

Lotus Flower In Dreams

The dream of a lotus flower can mean a variety of things depending on how the flower blooms and the colors, or if it is given to you as an offer. If a lotus flower in purple appear in your dreams, it could be related to the crown chakra or spirit which is thought of as “the bridge to the cosmos” the highest among the 7 chakras. They are located above the the crown on the top of your head. It is the one responsible for spirituality, enlightenment, wisdom universal consciousness, and the connection to the higher wisdom. The white lotus flower in your dream is a sign of Bodhi (being awakening) and is the state of mind that is pure.

The sight of a lotus bloom within your dreams indicates that you were gifted with something valuable that can bring you closer to awakening. If you’re picking the lotus flower in your dream, it is a sign of acquiring or enhancing your desire to attain the higher level of understanding. If you see a bright lotus flower in your vision, it is a signpost to take this route to the light as well as inner tranquility.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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