Dreaming Of Moths

Moths can be highly symbolic and extremely powerful omens when they appear within your dream. Like butterflies, they undergo the process of metamorphosis. These stages could be metaphorical, implying an undiscovered inner transformation.

This transformation, unlike the butterfly appears to be linked to the dark, undiscovered areas that the dreamer. The moth’s nighttime nature draws your attention to the feminine psychic abilities that are dormant as well as the shadow, or the unexplored areas of the psyche which are yet being discovered.

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Moths Connection With The Third Eye

What is it that makes the moths of dreams extremely symbolic is that they make use of extra sensory methods or intuition to discover their way. Moths serve as a way to assist the dreamer in finding the light, which is usually what was dark up to the present.

Moth Symbolism In Dreams

  • The psychic abilities
  • Wisdom,
  • Blind faith or fatal attraction
  • Instincts and awareness.
  • Dark and light – yin and Yang,
  • Shadow,
  • Feminine, nocturnal, unconsciousness.

Fun Fact Did you know that Moths outnumber butterflies by a 9:1 Ratio? Males also possess a unique ability to smell. Actually, there are a few moths last as long because they are frequently consumed.

Moth Dreams: Psychic Intuition

The mysterious abilities of moths to live in total darkness could be a sign of your ” intuition or intuition‘. This is the ability to recognize something intuitively without needing conscious thinking. It is possible for them to appear to trust your intuition in uncertain situations.

The moth could also be a symbol of psychic abilities that were previously inactive are now in active. Something was once dark (unconscious) is now searching for its way to the bright side (consciousness).

Did you have the knowledge that moths are famous for their keen ears, capable of detecting the vibrations within them. The eyes on their wings may be symbolic of an all-seeing eye or a ‘ the third eye connecting to higher frequency.

  • Trusting your gut/guide/spirit
  • It’s time to look into the unexplored
  • Transformation of the mind
  • Ultra sound and vibrating
  • Sensitivity

Moth Dreams: Feminine & Moon

Dreams that are highly influenced by the influence that is the moon. Astrology has the moon frequently connected to the body of emotions, connecting the dreamer to feelings and desires that are hidden. The moth is an attraction toward the moon, indicating unconscious feelings rising towards the surface.

Are You Being Unconsciously Pulled By The Moons Energy?

The nature of the moth could be something that has changed within itself – the emergence from cocoon, awakening and the rebirth. The moth can encourage you to discover hidden talents that may be hidden within.

  • Creativity
  • Empathy
  • Yin energy
  • Romance and love
  • Intuition

Moth & The Devouring Mother

The desire to be in the light (moon) moth can provide the ability to achieve peace and harmony within your own life. If the feminine divine energy is disrupted, the moth could appear to be dead or there could be a general negative theme that is associated with the dream.

Moons are often connected to the archetypal mother or mother goddess. The negative association with the moth in your dreams is a sign of the hidden secrets of your dreams, deadly poison as well as the abyss, realm that is dead.

You may have heard the expression “like moths to flames which refers to a fatal attraction. A dead moth could be a sign of your blind faith that is heading towards the incorrect direction.

The flame could also take over you mentally and emotionally when you get caught in the trap. The moth is unable to navigate its way through the darkness because its senses are altered when you are caught by her trap.

The moth is then is associated with shadows or that dark aspect of a person’s personality. They are the unwelcome or unpopular behaviors, emotions or desires are usually suppressed or repressed by the individual.

The moon’s connection suggests that you should look into hidden emotions. If you don’t meet its requirements, the moth will continue to be ablaze.

How Your Toxic Mother Appears In Your Dreams.

  • Self destructive attraction,
  • Mother complex,
  • Unconscious emotions and behaviors
  • Depression or moodiness,
  • Infantile child
  • Narcissism.

White And Black Moth Dream Symbolism

A black moth links the dreamer with the shadow, which is either unidentified or in the unconscious. The dreams could be positive and negative depending on the situation and your response towards the insect. The black moth can encourage you to look for the right balance of yin and Yang in your life.

The white moth symbolizes the feminine energy of yin or feminine characteristics inside. This is applicable to males and females. White is a symbol of purity and innocence.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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