Dreaming Of My Child

When we think of our children, they usually depict them as if they are at risk, in risk, kidnapped or even murdered. These nightmares could make you jump from your bed, thinking about whether this dream will be realized.

It’s good to know that that it is extremely unlikely that it will happen even though the feelings that you feel in your dream could be real, but not to you. The dream may appear to be metaphorical in relation to a deeper insecurity between your kid and you.

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These nightmares are designed to grab your attention because you may be trying to avoid, suppressing or ignoring a specific problem. If you are a person who has always worried about something that could happen to your child during your daily life, the nightmares you experience could be typical. They are prone to making your child appear to be others in your family or even unconscious aspects of your inner child.

Child Dream Symbolism:

  • Separation or divorce
  • School
  • Friends
  • Personality development
  • Anxiety and fears
  • Sickness
  • Humiliation
  • Bullying or abuse

Dream: Child Kidnapping

The experience of a kidnapped child is among the most terrifying experiences. Why is it that it appears in your dreams? One reason is that it could be a metaphor related to control, influence or being placed in a position of being held against one’s will.

The most important symbol in this dream would be ‘ removed from you. The dream reveals that the fact that you are not in control and show feelings of vulnerability. What does this mean for your relationship? The kidnapper could seem to be anonymous since this issue may be a mystery to you.

The kidnapping could have a emotional undertone that suggests repressed emotions. It is recommended to investigate the places where they could be kept.

Child Shot

The thought of your child being taken away could be a sign that is targeted aggression or a dispute that could hinder the child’s progress. Dreams like these indicate the need to help or take action immediately . It is important to offer emotional assistance.

The person you dream of shooting will give you clues that will help you unravel the mystery. A face that is not known suggests that the issue is not apparent to you, while an identifiable face suggests the cause of the issue or characteristics that resemble the person you are dreaming about. The shooter could represent you, or reflect the inner you.

The exact location where the bullet entered the body is a further indication of the location of the attack.

  • Foot = progress
  • Head = Mental
  • Heart = emotional
  • Hands = movement
  • Legs = progress
  • Stomach = intuition/instincts/gut/ energy

Child Drowning

A common dream symbol that draws your focus to the emotional aspect that your kid. The feeling of drowning is of being overwhelmed emotionally or overwhelmed and in need of help. You could be experiencing emotional turmoil around your child or son.

The dream you have in your head will reveal with minor details like how the colour of water appears, its location and the people around you and the way you responded to the event. The fact that you saved your child is a good sign however, dreams do not always conclude this way.

  • Feelings of guilt and emotional remorse
  • In a state of insolvency, it is impossible to save
  • Vulnerability
  • Scared
  • Helplessness

Child Possession

A controlled child in your dreams draws your attention to negative forces that are influencing your child. It is not that the the devil or the demon, but an entity that is in complete power over the child. The possession functions as a metaphor for the fact that your child is not can control.

  • Problems with behavior
  • Video games
  • Bad friends
  • Change in hormones

Inner Child

The dream’s unpredictable nature can seem to suggest one thing, but they could mean something completely different. A different way to analyze the dream is to indicate that what is who is in danger actually is you. The image of your child could be a reflection of the image of your internal child who needs assistance.

The main goal is to heal your wounded child who is suffering from the past. Your past trauma fear, pain and fears have created a child who wants to feel free once more. The goal is to discover the source of pain and help bring them back to light. Inability to identify this injured child can cause more harm to your family’s life.

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