Dreaming Of Oranges

What are we aware of about oranges? First of all, they are beneficial to the human body, as they provide us with a an excellent supply of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is believed to boost our skin, immune system, and helps keep blood pressure in control.

Positive internal effects are transferred in the same way as we think about the benefits. Oranges symbolize and bring us joy, happiness and excitement, as well as harvest, affection and a general feeling of well-being.

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A combination of the two strong colors , yellow and red, becomes symbolic in your dreams, indicating something new and exciting on the horizon. The union of two inner energies to create one – a rise of energy that will cause you to shine and get more radiant in your daily life.

Orange Dream Symbolism:

  • Reflects the relationships between people,
  • Attraction and sexual urges,
  • Knowledge and wisdom,
  • Fruitfulness,
  • Blending or balancing between two energy sources.

Why The Orange Is Symbolic

Most likely, oranges are going to show up in your dreams suspended from the trees. You might be picking them up or drinking orange juice or even eating one. Because oranges are grown on trees, we need to look at the significance of trees in our dreams.

Dreams of trees are considered to be one of some of the strongest symbols that connect the dreamer with Heaven and Earth and are rooted in the earth and reaching towards the sky. The symbol of immortality and the tree of life as well as the tree of knowledge is the most precious gift of nature that gives you peace, spiritual wisdom, and the promise of eternal life.

Oranges are a metaphor in the context of getting internal benefits from outside. It’s a vivid color that draws the attention of those around. It is a combination of red, energy, vitality, passion energy and yellow; sun masculine, life and energy.

Oranges And Healing

The color orange appears when we are experiencing healing within our lives. It is believed that the orange color can be connected to the second chakra, or what is called sacral, which bridges the body’s emotional and sensual side with and the ability to express creativity.

In the practice of yoga, meditation as well as Ayurveda the term “chakra” is used to describe the energy wheels all over the body. There are seven major chakras that align the spine. The chakra of orange (sacral) could represent the orange you see in your dreams.

If this energy is blocked, it can cause feelings of guilt and a stiff lower back tension, agitation, and a lack of sexual desire or pleasure. It is interesting to note that the orange color is located in the middle of the root (red) and the solar the plexus (yellow). When these organs are working together, your body’s energy will be in balance.

Common Orange Dreams

  1. Oranges are considered to be as a positive signification of removing obstacles to energy, and opening new possibilities to creativity.
  2. Drinking orangesregularly: Your entire body will reap what you have gathered from your labour.
  3. The orange tree you’re picking an orange that is ripe, suggest that your timing is perfect because you will be rewarded shortly.
  4. The moon in orange: A symbol to connect you with your feminine, creative side is expected to blossom soon.
  5. Orange sky: Increased sexuality and creativity.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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