Dreaming Of Peacock

The peacock is a bird which has been the subject of a lot of lore and legends that go to the beginning of Egypt. Peacocks have a symbolic meaning in dreams, and they can be good and bad depending on their behavior.

Peacocks appear in our dreams as a symbol which connects us with the Eye of the Third and intuition, as well as protection, and occasionally an indication of vanity.

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A mysterious bird with the power to trigger awakening in the dreamer or reveal their pride and egotistical. They are seen at certain times in our lives , usually associated to changes or transformations.

Peacock Dream Meaning

In order to analyze this magnificent bird, you must be aware of the unique aspects of this bird and the way it appeared during your dreams. Through exploring the significance of the peacock in previous mythologies, cultures, and religions it has similar traits that you see in the dream. The birds are an image that represents your personal characteristics that need to be recognized.

Peacock Dream Symbolism

  • Vision or all-seeing
  • Transformation or rebirth
  • Pride or Egotism
  • Kindness
  • Attraction
  • Good Luck
  • Protection

Peacock Dreams: All Seeing Eye Connection

As early as the time of ancient Egypt The peacock is linked to the belief in the sun God Amon-Ra, a god of the sun and Horus (all being able to see). If the peacock has spread out its feathers, it’s covered with a multitude of eyes. The highly symbolic metaphor could be translated to God’s constant affirmation of the existence and nature of order in the Universe. In the alchemical tradition, they believed that the peacock as an omen of rebirth, similar to the Phoenix.

Another possibility is that it could be connected to your ‘inner eye’ or the ‘third eye’. Third eye is the Third eye is referred to as the link to the higher level of consciousness, which is located at the middle of your forehead. When it is opened, it can provide perception beyond the normal visual field.

The story of the peacock is that in Greek as well as Roman mythology, they referred to the peacock’s tail to eyes that looked out at the stars. If we can connect the significance of stars in our dreams, it could be related with divine wisdom, insight and guardians who watch over us. The peacock symbol is regarded as a sign of Christianity the peacock symbol is linked with the church that is all-seeing. The symbol could be associated with immortality, rebirth and revival of religious beliefs.

Peacock Dreams Symbolism

The negative aspect of peacocks can be seen as vanity, narcissism and pride. Peacocks draw attention to its beauty and splendor when it displays its stunning iridescent colors. It is a metaphor for showing your true colors, revealing the person you truly are or a heightened interest or admiration for oneself and the way one appears. A different interpretation could be the desire to be more attractive in order to attract an ideal partner in the appearance of color.

  • Self-importance
  • You need constant praise and admiration
  • A sense of entitlement
  • Attention seeker
  • Find a mate

Peacock: Kindness & Luck

In the Hindu tradition, they believed the peacock as being associated with luck, kindness and self-control. They could be symbolic of connecting people to their spirit through meditation. They are also known to as the ones who kill serpents as well as insects which are thought to be bad luck in dreams. Although the process of mediation is a good one, the peacock is urging you to be more humble, selfless as well as open towards higher levels of consciousness. The call mimicking laughter calls you to be more open and stop taking life too seriously.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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