Dreaming of Phoenix

Dreaming of Phoenix

According to legends from the past according to legend, according to legend, the Phoenix was an immortal mythical bird that burns and then resurrects from the ashes.

It is believed that the Phoenix represents a significant symbol associated with immortality, resurrection , hope for the future, life after death protection, grace and love. In the ancient Egyptian mythology, they connect the feminine energy of this alternating female to the sun god. Ra depicted as an human body and an hawk’s head that ruled every part of the created world.

The bird that is stored in our homes is now so popular in our society, but no one seems to have an clue about its true significance. Perhaps you’ve seen an Phoenix tattooed on hipsters one day and wondered if the weirdos have something they aren’t aware of. Perhaps you’re one of the fortunate few who had a powerful vision of the Phoenix and wondered what is the actual reason behind this famous image.

Phoenix Dream Meaning

What is the significance behind the Phoenix when it is seen within our dream world?

It turns out that the significance of the phoenix symbol in your dream is in close relation to the way it is described in folklore and mythological texts. However, we are not able to consider the symbol as literal rather, it is more metaphorical in that it is a reflection of undergoing a significant change within your own life.

If the Phoenix appears only every 500-600 years, it appears to appear within your lifetime as a single moment that leads you to a new beginning. Its close relationship with the fire which can demolish or transform, allowing an entire rejuvenation of the Self. Similar to the alchemical process, the symbol of fire is in the form of an upward triangle which is the Christian symbol of the resurrection.

To fully comprehend the real significance of your dream’s Phoenix within your dreams it is necessary to conceptually deconstruct the image in a similar way to how the Bible employs parables. Additionally, the unconscous exhibits an inclination to send us messages in geometric shapes as well as archetypal images that point you towards the correct direction. The phoenix that you dream of is also commonly associated with certain colours or animals.

Spiritual Meaning Of The Phoenix

Theologically speaking, the Phoenix can be described as an extremely strong bird that symbolizes the transformation and change that occurs in one’s life. It is known to make an appearance at a certain time in one’s life , when they are experiencing an inner transformation or conscious shift. The phoenix is an unconscious feminine energy that is primarily composed of upward-facing fire, which indicates its connection to the rising of KUNDALINI which is the word that means “a spiritual energy or life force located at the base of the spine”.

The rays of the sun reaching up and being entwined with masculine energy SUN is a sign of self-healing. The sun is geometrically composed by the CIRCLE (with and without Rays), CROSSES, as well as SPIRALS will bring your one step closer towards the Source. In the ancient Chinese theology the immortal bird’s unique appearance is believed to be associated with Yin as well as the Yang or predicting harmony and balance in one’s life.

Spiritual Meaning Of Phoenix

  • Connection between feminine and masculine
  • animus and animation
  • Spiritual Rebirth
  • The death of the old parts of your persona
  • connection to the Higher Self or God’s
  • going through a major transformation in their lives

Phoenix Dream Symbols & Renewal

Certain colors of the phoenix that we dream about appear time and again. What is the reason?

It seems that these colors might in fact be connected to our seven CHAKRAS, in Sanskrit is a term that means “wheel” and is a reference to the energy points within the body. The phoenix rises in your dream, stimulating or opening the chakras in your body. For instance, a blue phoenix appearing in your dream could indicate the throat chakra, or the elimination of communication with others that was previously restricted. Green phoenix that appears in your dream represents the heart chakra, suggesting that the chakra has opened or is about to undergo a change. Click chakra to get more details.

Dreaming of the phoenix and the wolf is a striking image that represents the beginning stage of the inner transformation. The Wolf is a symbol of masculinity; going back to the beginnings of the SUN The Wolf has discovered the thing it’s been seeking. The wolf is part of the unconscous or wild part of the dreamer. The Phoenix is feminine energy that is now in sync to this energetic energy.

Mia Harper

Mia Harper