Dreaming of Pinecone

Through the course the recorded history of humanity, the famous picture of the Pinecone symbolized enlightenment, higher consciousness, and the Third Eye.

Before the time that the ancient Romans, Greeks, Assyrians, and Christians adopted the pinecone as a symbol of fertility The ancient Egyptians were able to see the pinecone had an even deeper significance.

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The walls of the pyramid are engraved with the words “Pinnacle”. It is engraved on the walls of the pyramids. Pinecone is found in the staffs of Osiris (the god of the afterlife as well as the dead and the resurrection) which is located on top of two snakes that are intertwined. In sync with our own energy, snakes emerge from our spine and activate the pineal gland, which is shaped as the pinecone.

Pinecone Symbolism

Stone carvings depicting numerous Sumerian, Anunnaki and Indian gods are shown holding the shape of a pinecone Shiva’s hair is tied with snakes that form the shape of the pine cone. The symbol has been debated for a long time as to its meaning. the arrows appear to be in reference to spiritual awareness and the enlightenment.

How Your Third Eye Opens In Our Dreams

As per French the philosopher Renee Descartes (1596-1650) described the Thethe pineal gland in terms of the ” Seat of the Soul” It is an area where all of our thoughts are created. Today, the the pineal gland is believed as an endocrine organ that produces the hormone melatonin, in quantities that change according to the time of the day.

The name comes from it’s “pine” al gland due to its similarity like the pinecone, it is located at the geometric central area in the brain of each human. It is closely linked to our body’s sense of light.

Mathematically speaking, the Fibonacci sequence is visible all over nature, in leaves, seeds and stems of plants. The number of spirals that form on the pinecone, in each direction, you can create an ideal Fibonacci sequence.

Pinecone Dream Meaning

The pinecone image has been reported to make its appearance in dreams, even in visions of the psychedelic drink that is ayahuasca also known as DMT. The hallucinogenic ingredient of DMT is present in plants. Ingestion or smoking DMT can result in greater insight, personal growth as well as emotional healing. connection to a sacred nature, gods and spirits as well as the natural energy.

In dreams, the shape that of the spiral appears to be more frequently observed than the pinecone even though both have a similar significance – a powerful shape that connects us with the divine as well as The Source.

Other visions in dreams that are connected to eternality, awakening, the trees of life, and eternality are often associated with pine trees, evergreens or pine needles. Trees are a perfect metaphor in dreams depicting the grounding of Mother Earth and how we change to grow, or thrive connecting earth and heaven.

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