Dreaming Of Plants

The dreaming of Plants are thought to be highly symbolic images that are associated with the growth and development that you have discovered in your life.

The plant you see in your dream will tell you a story about waiting patiently for the right time to blossom. The reason the plant is an iconic symbol in your dreams is the fact that it connected with the seeds.

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In sacred geometry, The seed of Life is a form that is derived from the seven inner circles that make up the flower of Life symbol. What does this have to do with your dreams? It turns out that dreams communicate with us through a symbolic language. The plant develops from a single seed, becoming a symbol for creation that connects you to the origin.

Plant Symbolism In Dreams

  • Something contained in that is expanding
  • Connects to Mother Earth and the divine feminine
  • connection with the spirit of God
  • new ideas, growth opportunities, and new
  • Color green is associated with heart chakra or heart chakra
  • Plants that symbolize new beginnings
  • slower development

What is it that makes you imagine plants in your dreams?

Because plants require time to grow, they become an image of the seeds you put in place previously to create this blossom now. Although not all dreams have the similar meaning, and sometimes plants are seen differently in dreams.

The dreamer could observe anything from pot plants breaking, plants being uprooted, broken plants, various varieties and colors. In dreams, plants are positive symbols that inform the dreamer what is in the process of growing. Any negative association to the plant could indicate obstruction, blockage or a halt to this new development.

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Dreams of plants often indicate the things that we invest the most time and effort in to grow; creating new relationships, spiritual development and new advancements in our work in our body, mind and the soul. If you see an indoor plant in your dream , it will draw your attention to your own inner world. houses in dreams are often connected to people to their mind/psyche or the inner structure.

The Plant’s Dream Clue: The type of plant and the kind it produces contains the hidden components of what is likely to flourish in the near future. Keep in mind that most plants have Fibonacci Sequence. Fibonacci Sequenceis the sequence of numbers that begin with 0 1, 2 , 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34,

Types Of Plant Dreams Meaning

The dream of the Snake Plant is an extremely positive symbol that symbolizes the elimination of negative energy from your life. The snake plant you see in your dream can cleanse and cleanse your aura as well in removing negative energy from your past.

Dreaming of plants in Pots symbolizes the beginning stages of what will develop throughout your lifetime. Like how you require soil and seeds to grow a plant, the pots you dream of suggest slow growth that will eventually occur. Pots also signal to the dreamer that this thing must be contained or restricted in order to allow expansion within.

The thought about Green Plants within your dreams indicates your feelings, money love, and the opening of the heart CHAKRA. The green plants we see in our dreams are positive signs that indicate that you are currently going through a transformation in your life and you will begin to reap the results soon.

If you have a dream about plants growing on you in your dreams, it is a sign of a new development that is happening. Although it may seem odd, dreams that can be, a plant that grows upon you are considered to be to be a positive sign of the times.

The image of a broken Plant within your dreams is a reference to aspects of your life that were cut short. The plants can grow back when they break and this dream could suggest that you are trying to replant something that was damaged. A dying plants within your dreams symbolizes being deprived of water (emotional condition) as well as the sun (masculine energy) The yin and Yang symbol that is aimed at the balance of your energy ( see yin & Yang in the the search box).

Biblical Meaning Of Plant Dreams

The significance of the Bible for the plants that appear in dream symbolizes spiritual truths and development. The Bible there are five plants that were mentioned are: Fig (Ficus carica), Nard (Nardostachys jatamansi), Hyssop (Origanum syriacum) and ‘Balm of Gilead’ (Commiphora sp. ), and Mandrake (Mandragora officinarum).

  • Fibonacci – God’s Fingerprint
  • Phi in the Bible – The Golden Ratio: Phi, 1.618
  • Flower of God

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