Dreaming Of Seals

The dreaming of seals is thought of as symbolic when they appear from the deep beneath. They draw our attention to the unknown, and bridge the gap between the conscious and the unconscious.

In contrast to whale, Shark or Dolphins Seals possess the ability to pull themselves up from the sea and to a preferred place to rest. They’ve been known to come to shore to give you an email. What exactly is it?

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The seals you see in your dreams are powerful symbols that symbolize positive luck, strong emotional states, and the unconscious emotional states that have been brought to the surface. Keep in mind that they are often a result of extremely cold temperatures, which could indicate the absence of attention or warmth from you.

Based on the circumstances of your dream, the meaning of a seal could be translated in a variety of ways. Dream symbols are encoded in metaphors, such as are’sealing the deal and keep your lips shut’. To properly understand your dream, you need to know what the meaning of a seal is to you, as well as its actions and its senses. When we consider all these aspects, it is then necessary to incorporate the symbols of coded codes into our daily lives.

Seal Dream Symbolism

  • A messenger, which arises from the unconscious
  • feminine energy that is connected with KUNDALINI
  • Protection
  • emotions, intuition, and instincts unconsciousness

Seal Dream Meaning

Seals spend the majority of their time in the water, exploring and then returning to shore to mat and birth baby animals. Seals serve as guides and require trust to discover aspects of the unexplored or the unconscious side that the person who dreams. When you are asleep at sea (consciousness) it symbolizes the possibility of new experiences in your life.

Connecting to the water the seal helps you attention to the emotional aspect. With sharp eyes, they are able to observe both underwater and in the air, connecting the dreamer to the senses or vision. The whiskers are able to detect the vibrations that are not visible by the naked eye and thus connect with higher levels of consciousness. They can encourage you to jump into the water since they protect you with their thick skin.

Seal Symbolism In Dreams

Seals possess the amazing ability to soak up the sun and stay in temperatures of -0 degrees. They are messengers of a distance from the warmth, and the dark, cold, and bleak regions of your subconscious. They may dive as high as 1300 feet below the sea level, indicating areas that you’re not familiar with. The idea of waking up from the snow to meet with friends and give birth suggests a new beginning and the possibility of resurrection. It could be related to the rising energy at the spine’s base (kundalini) and a climb up towards your sun (crown).

Nightmares about seals attacking indicate an unconscious resistance, or defense against unknowable fears. The seal could represent something that is in a state of frozen ( snow) in relation to your mental state. It is inevitable that you like that seal devouring you, to drag you to the bottom of your soul.

Seal Dream Idioms

  • All is sealed
  • Lips are sealed
  • Seal it with a kiss
  • Change someone’s destiny
  • Seal of approval

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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