Dreaming Of Strawberries

Dreaming Of Strawberries

Strawberries are a delicious fruit that is well-known for its distinctive scent and vibrant red color, scrumptious texture, and sweet. If this delicious fruit appears in your dreams, you may be surprised to learn what it actually means.

In essence, strawberries are a metaphor in dreams that are connected with our sexual desires attracted and jealousy, enemies, romance and a new romance within your own life. The sight of a strawberry in your dreams can be a good sign that could be signalling a the possibility of a new relationship that’s just in the near future.

Did you have any idea that in mythology, strawberries were associated with Goddess Frigga who granted the spirits of young children who passed away during their the birth. It was believed that this symbol would allow them to transcend into heaven inside the strawberry. It could be that this symbol was meant to symbolize a rebirth or a change within your own life.

Strawberry Symbolism Dreams:

  • New Love,
  • Sex and fertility
  • Passion and beauty
  • Vitality and lifeblood.

Strawberries Dreams & Romance

Do you think this symbol suggests that you are attracting anyone new to your life? Champagne and strawberries are the perfect ingredients for a romantic night in. Perhaps there is a new person in the near future?

The shape of the heart is symbolic to a heart, which mirrors romance and love within your own life. Could it be that the meaning ofof the strawberry is related to Venus goddess of Love due to its heart-shaped shapes and red hue? Strawberries are often seen in our dreams, when there are a new thrill coming towards us.

The thought of eating strawberries in your dreams is a positive signification of that you are gaining or regaining any kind of pleasure.

Strawberry Dreams: The Color Red

The color of dreams is red. It’s an extremely emotional color that draws your attention to your inner world instead of outside. The color red is often is associated to blood and the energy of war, danger and strength. It is also associated with power, strength determination, love, passion, and love.

It is, in essence, an optimistic and warm color that is associated with our physical needs and the desire to endure – masculine energy. Sexuality is closely linked and may inspire deeper and more intimate feelings within us.

Strawberries Dreams: Interesting Facts

  1. The typical strawberry contains around 200 seeds.
  2. The strawberry flower has an average of between five and seven petals.
  3. Americans consume on average three and a half pounds of fresh strawberries per year.
  4. The word “strawberry” comes in Old English words “steowberie” or “streawbelige”.
  5. Fantastic for women who are pregnant. Birth defects such as spina bifida are less likely by eating regularly.
  6. Strawberry plants are perennial.
Mia Harper

Mia Harper