Dreaming Of Talking To The Dead

When you think that dreams were not complicated enough, you discover the dead who is talking to you while you sleep.

The particular kinds of dreams are usually classified as ” visitation dream” However, there appears to be a thin line between real contact or your imagination going free.

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Talking To The Dead In Dreams

Before jumping to conclusions, we must first look into certain indicators of direct contact to the deceased.

Typically, when we communicate with loved ones who have passed away, the dream is usually more intense and precise than the typical dream. In fact, the conversation usually contains an unspoken message that could be decoded in a metaphorical way, usually giving us guidance and love, as well as support, or closure.

The thing that makes it more interesting is the fact that people are able to make phone calls in the form of a dream. Imagine calling long distance! On the other hand, they also avoid us by remaining silent.

If the two subjects get together, they meet, they are typically known to give us gifts or even food or messages on the phone. We can certainly write these visits as simply “dreams”, but why do so many people report the exact same signs?

Reasons Why You Are Talking To The Dead?

First of all, can we actually be sure? No! That’s why dreams are usually dismissed and viewed as if you’re crazy when you share it. However, this personal experience must be analyzed through exploring the possibilities because we do not know the significance of dreams.

It appears that it is more probable that we be able to detect this signal when we are engaged in rapid eye movement sleep R.E.M asleep during which our minds are at their most relaxed and more prone to contact. This is because some people’s antennas are tuned more than others.

In the dream world, we could be in the middle way between the earth and another dimension, the one in which you and your partner appear to be connected, but apart. In this grey area, you can catch a glimpse of your deceased family members or friends who pass on important messages. They seem to have a sense of foresight about things that are in the present, past and the future, and communicate with the world in an language that everyone speaks, yet is frequently lost. Be thankful for this gift is only available to a select few.

#1. Talking To The Dead Dreams: A Hidden Message

Since each dream is exclusively designed for the dreamer, The dead are frequently recognized for dropping metaphorical clues to help you understand the meaning. The idea of talking to loved ones can be disguised as some other thing.

  • Warning or warnings or
  • Sending love and affirmations
  • showing up when you’re in being in
  • Need help and direction
  • Protection and support

Talking To Dead Dreams: Phone Calls

Did you know that it is quite frequent to receive calls from loved ones that we dream about. The symbolism that is phone phone could be an “metaphor” for communication between two worlds, but it’s not a real phone, but could be a symbol for an ” antenna” which can detect their signal.

Talking to dead people in the phone of your dreams is a message that only you are able to decode. What did they tell you in the call? The location, the emotions they expressed and the people who are around you provide clues that can help put the puzzle together.

Talking To The Dead: Receiving Offerings

The dead that you talk to in dreams can come with gifts. Anything that is handed to you is symbolic for the person dreaming – at times, you may not be able to see what’s within. If you had a conversation with them in your dreams , did they offer you one of these items?

Receiving gifts from dead relatives in your dreams can be considered to be a positive sign as a sign that they remain in contact with you and wish to express this through specific objects.

Dead Person Not Talking To You In Dreams

Metaphorically speaking, if they’re watching you but not speaking in your dream , it could come up with many possibilities of interpretation. These kinds of visits are a bit scary, as they appear to be not actually themselves, but a kind of replica. But the dream is symbolic, and the message is encoded in their inability to communicate.

  • The dreamer may have spiritually shut down (7 chakras blocked)
  • The dead could try to speak with you in different ways throughout your life, but you’re not paying attention.
  • They are watching and observing but they are not able to speak to you.
  • What was their mood what was their mood? – sad, happy or scared are indicators

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