Dreaming of the Anima

In the night, he fantasizes about his Anima who is bipolar in the sense that depending on the relationship you have with her, could reveal her identity as your soulmate or even a villainous entity.

Psychologically speaking, a male’s “inner woman” also known as “anima” functions as his soul. If a man is alive, his passion radiates outwardly frequently referred to as an animated person, contrasted with a dull, empty person who lacks drive or motivation.

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If the anima connection is certain, she will be rewarded by the man by serving as his spiritual guide, possibly changing into the woman of your dreams, are filled with compassion and love.

However those who aren’t able to connect or engage with their feminine qualities are not just reflected in the world outside but also in the inner world as well. An anima who is deficient plays you like an animal on strings hoping that you will notice her. Like the chameleon, she can change forms that are commonly referred to as morphing into dark, shadowy characters or a fierce beast, or even a terrifying Witch in your fantasies.

A function in the interior that is not getting adequate nourishment during the daytime will manifest in the nighttime dreams with an enraged vengeance. The possessed animal tends to remain unnoticed or not noticed until something tragic happens. Then she awakes!

The Anima In Dreams

The anima is a concept developed by an psychoanalytic psychology Carl Jung referring to the unconscious feminine image that is residing in the masculine psyches, while animus is thought to be the animus is the male counterpart in the female psyche.

The principle is also depicted as being the basis that is Yin as well as Yang, implying that all things are opposing and inseparable. The unconscious feminine duelist that is a part of the male consciousness contains feminine traits that originate from the mother or the first female contact throughout his life.

Any kind of disturbance, imbalance, or unbalanced connection to the animal can affect his life negatively often referred to as an animus possession first conceived through his mom and then she is a model for his growth and outlook toward women, and the function of his feminine principle. Warnings and signs of the toxic mom in dream.

If the feminine side is either neglected or pushed into the abyss of unconsciousness and then she takes control over the conscious self and cause chaos within his personal life. The man who has integrated these unconscious feminine aspects within himself will establish an enlightened relationship with the spirit – she’ll act as a guide on the path to inner transformation.

Your Anima Possessed?

When the anima is possessed, the person is naturally weakand insecure, not posing any threat due to his inability to act in the world . The self-assured archetype has taken control of a portion of his conscious.

As a compromised computer program can damage or destroy your motherboard (wordplay at its finest) through reformatting the hard drive, it will send your in the opposite direction. The direction you are directed by will lead you into the wrong relationships or partnerships and also showing a moody and sulky temperament that is known for throwing temper tantrums as an infant. A lot of the time, He is prone to overreacting to insults and confrontations, while being completely ignorant of his own flaws.

Identifying A Dysfunctional Anima:

  • You appear as if you’re a spineless wuss
  • Incapable of making decisions independently
  • The moody and temperamental
  • A negative outlook on life
  • Neurotic behavior
  • Beware of risk because of the fear of failure
  • They could be young old men or young boys
  • Life is meaningless
  • Overreacts to minor issues and ignores bigger problems.

Does this sound like you? What Jung described as overcoming the negative anima was an “heroic feat” an introspection and returning with a significant and positive relationship to the archetype.

Engaging with your animal can be not for those who aren’t brave enough It requires a thorough self-examination that is only a handful of people bravely venture into the depths in fear of being swallowed by the water.

Anima Development Stages

Jung said that, as with the animus, the development of the anima is divided into four levels, which he identified as Eve, Helen, Mary, as well as Sophia. In dreams, however, the symbolism and themes are usually depicted in a metaphorical way that mirrors the progress of the daily life of every human. Theoretically speaking, man’s development of his anima goes through these phases as he ages.

  1. Stage 1 – Eve: This is the initial state, man’s anima is centered around his mother. This doesn’t refer to the actual mother of his life but rather the archetypal representation of a woman as a faithful source of food, security, affection, and instincts, or, in fact, the reverse. If he’s controlled, or does not have a significant relationship with a woman, he is a nefarious prey, he will fall into the hands of her. He often suffers from impotence or does not have any sexual desires whatsoever.
  2. Stage 2 Stage two Helen of Troy: In this stage, the image is usually very sexual such as Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, or Gal Godot. Under this illusion , it creates an image of the “Don Juan” or “Player” who is actively engaged in a series of sexual encounters. The thrills that are quick will be only temporary as he is prone to an unstable heart, and the fact that women aren’t able to meet the standards which mirror the subconscious “ideal” image. He’ll let her go like an unintentional habit while his prey victim is the next victim.
  3. Stage 3 Three Mother Mary: This stage Jung called it “Mary”, It manifests through religious sentiments and the capacity to develop a real friendship with women. At this point, he can be able to see women as she really is and not as a mere object. She is not just independent of their own needs, but also has a distinct persona. Sexuality is a part of his daily life and not a separate purpose that is what drives him. He has been known to discern the distinction between Lust and Love, with the capacity to remain in an ongoing relationship.
  4. Stage Four – Sophia Named in honor of Wisdom from the Bible at this point, the anima acts as a guide to his personal life. Through making the unconscious conscious, she seeks the meaning of life. In dreams, she is the archetypal mate of the older man and the teacher within the male brain.

Union With The Anima

The main objective is the goal to “wed” or create an “unification” with the anima. Often referred by the term “integrating” the anima is not the right analogy. It is possible to integrate the content of your shadow, but the anima’s integration can be overridden by the ego because the energy is too strong. You can do this by running parallel to her on your journey through life.

As Jung said or advised not to make a fetish of the anima because it could lead to a stumbling block in his personal development.

“If the woman is projected onto the world, rather than incorporated into his own being, the man is either an “victim of his fantasies about erotica or is compulsively dependent on an real female” — Carl Jung.

If you marry the anima correctly, she will assist you in a similar way, as a mediator, or experiencing an experience of spiritual or religious nature “whereby life acquires new meaning” in a way.

“The man who recalls his anima projections and becomes to himself what he longs to find outside himself finds that his suffering is worthwhile, for it makes him a deeper, more vibrantly alive, and creative human being” Carl Jung.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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