Dreaming of the Ankh Symbol

The most well-known symbols that is engraved across the Egyptian tombs, pyramids, as well as hieroglyphs, is an Ankh symbolizing”the “key of life” or “breath of life”.

A powerful symbol that has no origins, it is often called key to the Nile which is a symbol of Egyptian mythology as a symbol of eternal life in both the world of earth as well as in the afterlife.

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Ankh Symbolic Meaning

Ankh is a symbol of power. Ankh often appears at the feet of powerful Egyptian individuals of the highest rank like kings and pharaohs and pharaohs, ensuring their immortality. It is considered to be one of Egypt’s sacred symbols, some consider the ankh to represent the elements of air, water and sun.

Some scholars also believe that the Ankh could be understood in the same way as opposing forces similar to the Yin & Yang, but between femininity and masculinity, possibly the reason for Akhenaten with its androgynous look. An image that could be connected to Egyptian gods like Osiris, Isis (knot of Isis) and Ra (Sun god) which is why the gold color of the Ankh was in accordance to the sun.

According to an archaeologist, they believe that this symbol is a representation of the path of the sun’s path on the horizon. However, some critics believe that the painting “Ankh” was used to symbolize “mirror”.

Ankh Symbolism: Visions & Dreams

In visions or dreams, in dreams or visions, the Ankh could be considered to be a symbol of secret wisdom and knowledge. It is often possible to gain this knowledge through it’s the Third Eye – in emerges in our dreams to spiritually shield our lives on the journey or to help us reach higher levels of consciousness. The Ankh that appears in dreams is regarded as an omen of good fortune, bringing spiritual prosperity and protection to the person who is dreaming.

The unconscious could utilize the image or shape metahporally to provide the the key to unlock the mystery. or the power to unravel the mystery to the inside of you. The circle is believed to connect to the eternal or infinite, bridging your connection to the higher power source.

The Ankh has both feminine and masculine aspect which encourages dreamers to look at integrating both in the mind. In the words of Carl Jung one must be capable of integrating the male ( anima) or female ( animus) energies to complete The Self.

Dreams of an ankh signify that you’re integrating the opposing aspects of yourself that is masculine and feminine and earth and heaven, meaning that you are experiencing the essence of your living. See Integration Dreams.

Ankh & Christianity

The shape of the enigmatic ankh is created by starting at the top with loops or a circle which is a symbol of the completion of a journey, God or enlightenment, with no beginning or ending. Its ankh is an elongated cross form but has an elongated teardrop in the place of the upper bar. Like the Christian cross, over time the loop on top was lost. The origins of the Christian cross that is portrayed in the form of the Egyptian Ankh is a subject of debate.

The time of The Coptic Christian Church established by Saint Mark who was an apostle in from the first century (c. AD 42) adopted the Ankh symbol as the crux of its ansata, which is a cross that has an handle.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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