Dreaming of The Circle Symbol

The circle shape is considered to be as one of the most powerful universal symbols that has a long meaning. It is a shape that is observed everywhere we go Perhaps one would want to draw the perfectly circle using a pen and a blank sheet of paper.

Why is the circle being portrayed in one of the most insightful images ever discovered by man?

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Circle Symbolism

Because of its round plane shape, whose boundaries (the circumference) is comprised of points that are that are equidistant from one fixed center point (the center) and contains elements of completeness, the life cycle, the wholeness, The Self and harmony, completeness with eternity, as well as the entire universe. Spiritually, it is in close contact with God reflecting circles that is the center of all and whose circumference is not in any place divine life force or Spirit that maintains our existence moving.

A shape that doesn’t have a beginning or end is the force that leads you to awakening, transformation and a renewal. Sometimes, it is encountered in visions, dreams or even drawn spontaneously through drawing.

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Like the sun, The circle represents masculine energythat is connected with the cycle of the clock, which is represented by the solar system as zero numbers. The circle itself is the point of beginning or embryo, which is connected to the conclusion in the journey of self-individuation and reorienting towards the inner self, it focuses on the wholeness of your being and self-realization.

Circle Dream Meaning

In numerology, numerology, the number 10 is linked to the heavens and perfection and also eternity. Circles contain energy and hold it to ensure that cycles of growth are able to exist within them.

The circle is among the earliest of geometric symbols. They typically represent unity, wholeness and infinity. The halo of religion over the head of a saint signifies the completion of the saint, while in Buddhist texts, the image that is affixed to the circle signifies the enlightenment of mankind and its perfect union with the fundamental concepts.

When we dream,, the circle literally imprints itself on bicycle wheels, Ouroboros coins, ouroboros sun and wall clocks. ferris wheels, balls, or even circular food items like pizza are often seen as a symbol of the self or completion. The dreamer could also be the conduit for the circle, which is known to wander around in circles or walk around in circles during the dream. Any kind of discord or deformation between the unconscious and the consciousness will affect the picture of the circle in the same way.

In the case of the supernatural or occult belief system, being in a circle, it helps to ward away negative energy and shields the person from attack. The circle helps the person to remain the inner peace from external influences. The circle you dream of hopes that you will see completion whatever symbols appear in it.

The Circle: Path To Individuation

In alchemy, circles are used as symbols, and are often employed for both the process as well as the vessels involved. Jung identified alchemy as an image of the process of individuation – the process of self-actualization, the method of connecting the conscious and the unconscious. The symbol is recognized by a circle, one that has a dot at its center, or by the representation of the mandala, which is where all aspects of the personality are combined.

The Biblical meaning of the circle in dreams is that it symbolizes infinite and sacred unity. The concept of a circle is mentioned numerous occasions throughout the Bible as the form of heaven, as well as the point of beginning and end of the time.

The stages of the process of individuation

  1. Confronting the Shadow Self.
  2. The encounter with The Anima/masculine as well as the Animus/masculine – inside the Psyche.
  3. Mana Personalities.
  4. The Self or the end of process. The circle can be seen in dreams, or visions of mandalas. They are diagrams that sketch plans of the Self and the wholeness of consciousness.

Circle Dreams Interpretation

If the dreamer sees the appearance of a circle of rainbows in their dreams, it transforms into a profound symbol of awakening, higher energy, new beginnings, and higher consciousness.

In our dreams, the circle transforms into various shades like green, blue, gold and purple. Each color connects you to your own inner world. Similar to the rainbow as well as the CHAKRA method,, each color could represent an area of activation or deep awareness.

If you have a dream of spinning around, it is a sign of a negative vibe that’s pretty self-explanatory. It suggests that you could be repeating the same pattern over and over again in your life and expecting different results.

If we are sitting or standing in a circle, it symbolizes unity in numbers or the people who are around you. Dreaming of the ring of FIRE signifies a change and death or the destruction of the old and a new beginning to the future.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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