Dreaming of the Earth

In contrast to the Sun’s masculine energy, the earth is connected to the feminine The Great Mother, fertility, nourishment, and is also creative. As among the 4 classical elements the feminine energy is a the physical experience (matter) when paired with Heaven. It is a symbol of inner development, stability and a grounding of your energy and the Root Chakra or Muladhara is located at the base of the spine, which acts as the person’s central point of spiritual and emotional balance and the subconscious consciousness.

Its circle form of earth is a reflection of universal symbolism of the wholeness of life, transformation and the rebirth. In dreams, circles typically transform or connect to ouroboros and snakes, coiled balls, the planet Earth as an image that guides the dreamer to inner fulfillment. Earth is an image that is able to transform or activate the unconscious energy and is responsible for activating of the Kundalini which transcends the physical body.

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Earth Dreams ~ The Divine Connection

In astrology , the earth represents the divineor the Higher Self which manifests within the body as well as the physical actual self. As the third planet of our sun. The sun’s cross , also known as the solar cross, is an astrological symbol of the sun that is an equal cross within a circle. A symbol that is traced to the prehistoric times especially during time in the Neolithic up to Bronze Age periods of European prehistory.

The natural balance of the earth, Yin & Yang is harmonious with the positive principles of the Northern Hemisphere, and to the dark that comes from the south. Ancient Chinese link with the Earth with the stomach, the digestive system as well as the spleen. It is also closely related to the sensation of taste.

Earth Meaning In Dreams

Earth is a theme in dreams. It is an incredibly powerful symbol for the subconscious feminine energies. As a symbol of growth, Mother Earth (water/emotional state) is associated with the natural world where life thrives. When the earth is revealed in your dreams, it will reflect your inner world, causing distortion or balance in this chaotic energy. The strong magnetic force of the earth will pull you toward your mother.

Common Dreams About Earth

  • the destruction of earth (negative)
  • earth opening that is that is moving or turning (positive)
  • Dream of leaving the earth (negative)

Earth Dreams: Finding Balance In Our Lives

Negative dreams about earth can teach us to integrate the ground and finding balance within our daily lives. As per Carl Jung he understood the psychological psyche as being made up of two parts: masculine (sun), as well as feminine (earth) in each person. The aim is to bring these unconscious energies into our lives to be a complete individual.

The idea of the earth falling is a sign of an emotional instability or the loss of control that we experience in our lives. The idea of leaving the earth is a sign of inexplicably apprehensions about the future of the world, or may reflect an imbalance in your spiritual life.

As we view earth as the literal “Mother” we must keep her balanced and happy throughout the day. The dream of the earth opening (if it is not threatening) is a sign of opening the unconscious energy within. The dream of the earth rotating or moving, connects the dreamer to the wheel which is a symbol that can lead to ENLIGHTENMENT.

Earth Alchemy Meaning

Alchemy can be described as the practice of transformation and inner freedom, and the process of rebirth. The earth is all five essential elements together with Air, Fire and Water. It also contains the Spirit. It is a symbol for calm, stability and groundedness.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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