Dreaming Of The Moon

Dreaming Of The Moon

If the moon is shining in your dreams, it sends an extremely powerful message of the divine energy within you. The force of gravity that the moon exerts unconsciously directs you to eternal renewal, feminine, the CIRCLE as well as the darker aspect that is Nature herself.

Moon cycles are powerful metaphors for symbolic meanings that relate with the emotions that are connected to you and those around you. The mysterious nature of the moon allows the dreamer to discover their intuition, Hidden Creative talents as well as Higher consciousness.

Moon Dream Meaning

Since the beginning of time , humans are fascinated with the moon. It it has been a major factor in mythology, astrology, films and religion. Moonlight is a subconscious power that is feminine. The Goddess guides you to the beginning of a new phase in your life. The particular moon phase depicted in your dream has an unspoken message that suggests the beginning or end of the transition.

The unconscious magnet force is that pulls you toward something that has to be recognized. Moon-related negative associations in your dream could be connected to emotional issues that connect with your mom.

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Moon Dream Symbolism:

  • Psychic
  • Spirituality
  • Shadow
  • Yin energy
  • Fantasy
  • Creative
  • Rebirth
  • Love/romance
  • The bridge between consciousness and unconscious

Moon Dreams: Life’s Cycles

The moon’s symbol is can be elusive. She is trying to help you understand your inner nature to be whole. Its close relationship to with the Sun (masculine) and water (emotion) suggests significant conscious changes taking place. These cycles could include menstrualcycles, conscious changes emotional, as well as human phases.

The new moon could be considered to be infancy, with the crescent symbolizing the adolescent and youth, while the full moon symbolizes maturation, completion or even the onset of pregnancy. The moon that is a warning sign of light-filled area diminishes (or the darker area grows) signifies the end of the phase.

Menstrual cycles of women could be linked to the lunar cycle. Both are 28 days long.

Moon Dreams: Emotional Changes

The moon in astrology is linked to the body of emotions and provides us with satisfaction, happiness, and moodiness. The moon and the emotions have been a major factor in the superstition that many believe influences people’s moods and behavior.

Because our bodies are made up of most waters, the moon that appears in our dreams becomes an incredibly powerful symbol for something that is drawing our energy back towards the source. Like the tide being pulled and pushed , the moon is responsible for the emotional changes that occur in our lives.

Moon-like dreams can represent the magnetic pull that is bring emotions up to surface. They emotions are hurtful (feminine) feelings that require to be acknowledged within oneself.

As with the symbol of like the symbol of theYang and the Yin, there must be a balance of energy in order to be in harmony. The full moon could indicate changes in behavior, moodiness and fatigue.

Luna: The Mother Goddess

Moon is the feminine (feminine) equivalent to the sun (masculine) and is connected to the androgynous character of the psychological. In the ancient Roman mythology and religion, Luna is also known as Greek mythology, Selene is the godlike symbol for the Moon.

When her powers awake, and she becomes conscious of the dreamer, there is an increase in imagination, intuition and psychic ability. The thoughts, feelings and emotions are manifested unconsciously throughout the night, and are connected to the moon.

From a psychological perspective, the moon could be a signifying male’s inner woman or anima which is the female inside the male. If the relationship appears to be distorted or distant, the setting of the dream could be a nightmare scene.

If he is not connected to his female side, he is likely to be depressed, dull and irritable. But a person who is aware of his relationship is vibrant and shines like the sun shining off the moon.

The moon in astrological terms represents the self-inner part, the security, emotions and the unconscious. It is a reflection of the real self symbolized in the Sun. It provides protection while it moves around the sun, sending you the light.

Crescent Moon Dreams: Virgin Mary

The Christian text, we see the Virgin Mary sitting on the moon, also known as the sickle moon. The moon has always been portrayed as the symbol of Mary in that she is the source of light and reflect the illumination that is the light of sun (Christ). The moon is a symbol in the Bible for fertility, renewal, and divine epiphanies.

The Biblical significance of the moon in our dreams is it is because it is believed that the moon was designed to bring illumination for our Earth. In your dream , this could suggest a deeper relationship with God since he is more in touch to you in the dark times.

The Bible’s Genesis 1:16-17 (Bible Moon). Genesis 1:16-17 (Bible Moon) In Genesis 1:16-17 (Bible Moon) “God created two magnificent light sources, the sun and the moon, that reflect down on the earth. God also created the stars. God created these stars in the sky to illuminate our earth.” The Bible says in Rev. 12:1, who is blessed with”the “moon under her feet”.

Common Moon Dreams

Full Moon Dream Meaning

The dream about a moon full of light could be a way to connect the dreamer with changes or awakening ( see full circle) or changes in the emotional state. The dreams could be hinting to the mysterious, hidden part of you. Pay attention to your feminine qualities, creativity as well as psychic power.

Two Full Moons Dream Meaning

The dream about the two moons is an uncommon but mysterious symbol that represents being at the mercy of the two forces that are opposing you in life. The strong pull could cause the dreamer to lose equilibrium and harmony in relation to emotions, love, moods and feminine energy, as well as relationships. Because this is a subconscious process, the dreamer must determine the cause of this force of gravity to pull you toward something.

Three Moons Dream Meaning

The dreaming of three moods is an iconic image of TRIAD also known as a Triangle which contains elements of transformation and change in one’s life. The whole number has an beginning, middle and an end. It could end on a phase, death, rebirth, or the complete.

Multiple Moons Dream Meaning

The appearance of the appearance of four or five moons in your dreams can connect the dreamer with the feminine. A significant pull, change or transformation could be a signifying the YIN energy, or the unconscious energy. Over the years Astronomers have proposed an idea that Earth could be home to multiple moons.

Blood Moon

The word “blood” during dreams usually associated with passion, blood, the fire and anger. “The “blood moon” occurs when the moon of Earth is in complete lunar eclipse. The dream of a blood moon could be connected to the menstrual cycle of a woman or can be a connection to the undiscovered dark, and the shadow sides of unconscious feelings that are not being expressed. It could also draw the dreamer’s attention to ends, beginnings, or spiritual disconnect.

Mia Harper

Mia Harper