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The ibis’s dream symbolizes the ability of you to pursue your goals in your life. The ancient Egyptians believed that Ibis to be sacred. Ibis sacred and it is featured in a variety of old Egyptian sculptures and wall murals. It’s also found as mummified remains at numerous burial sites, and had an important role in the religion of. The ibis was a symbol of God Thoth. Thoth is the God of knowledge, wisdom and writing. It was believed to be the god of the flood.

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A thorough study of Ibis dreams


Dreams of ice can be interpreted as a negative signification of the slow pace of progress or stagnation in life. The fact that water is free flowing and is connected to the emotions of the person dreaming suggests that this could have something to do with be related to cold or unfeeling state of mind. If you’re driving on the ice, it is a sign of caution or a danger in the road ahead. Be cautious and be cautious or you’ll be crashing. Dreaming of ice breaking can be a positive signification of the breaking of barriers to understanding or the feeling of warmth within you. If you have a dream about snow falling from the sky, it is a sign of the inability to express emotions or stuck emotions. communicate your feelings.

Ice Cream

The sight of ice cream or eating it in your dreams is a sign of feeling satisfied and satisfied with the events that happen within your daily life. It is a sign that you are going to find some joy and happiness in your life.

Ice Cream Truck

The ice cream truck symbolizes your feelings and potential. If you are constantly chasing the truck, you’re trying to take advantage of the opportunities when they come by. If the truck is moving too fast for you , it could mean you’re missing out on the things that matter to you and you should accelerate a more.


Dreaming of icebergs is a negative signs that require the SUN to warm them. Icebergs alert the dreamer to emotional blocks or frozen emotions that reside in the subconscious. They are vast, unexplored areas that require your focus (warmth/heart) to reduce the risk. The bigger the iceberg, the more time this issue or emotion is left unresolved.

Ice Cave

Caves represent the Mother, the womb healing, feminine energy and healing Once you enter, you are with a new perspective. The mythology of caves is connected to the heart, and inside belongs to the emotional side , seeking refuge or hiding to help heal. A cave of ice suggests that feminine traits are distorted or cold – the need to provide warmth for the dreamer to feel liberated.

Deep study of Ice Cave dreams

Ice Cube

Ice cubes in dreams symbolize the cold feelings you’ve stored away. Ice inspires the dreamer to enter the heart to bring warmth to the soul.

Ice Pick

Dreaming of an ice cube symbolizes sexual sex and cold feelings or a way to repress your anger.

Ice Sculpture

Be attentive to how the image that you dream about is constructed and then apply it to your life and what it might stand for in your daily life. The dream signifies that you are unable to progress in the current state of your emotions.

Ice Skating

The thought of ice skating be a sign of a desire to live a happy life and feel free. The ice skating experience can bring together your feelings that don’t need to be burdened. The thought of skating on ice in the central park signifies the possibility of new love, possibilities and love in your life.


Icicles symbolize hardship and turmoil within your own life. If you can see melting icicles in your dreams, it means that they will disappear soon. If, however, the icicles are appearing, they are a sign that you are in for difficult times to come.


The icing dream symbolizes your personality and the way you present yourself, as well as hiding something to appear nice.

Icy Roads

A symbol of risk and a warning ahead. Roads represent the path of the dreamer in life and what lies ahead could make you slip and fall. Cold emotions could be a factor in this issue.


Identification cards are a part of our dreams, revealing our personal side of us which we keep close. When you get a new identity card, it is an identity change – an opportunity to start something exciting and new. If you lose or misplace your identity, you risk losing faith.


The thought of being an idiot or even being one indicates that you are in the process of thinking about something that is not needed.


If you’re bored, it means you’re bored, however, it’s because you’re not putting yourself to accomplishing the things that need to be completed.


The idea of a devotional dream to gods is a sign of the wrong and untrue steps to take within your own life. You’re not doing anything to improve your life.


A Igloo in your dreams could be interpreted as an indication of protection at the most cold time of your life. Cold or snow could be interpreted as a lock of energy flowing freely or an emotional blockage that causes you to withdraw from the problems surrounding you.


To think of lighting something can trigger a flurry of thoughts or the opportunity to begin an entirely new path. If you don’t have a difficulty in igniting it, then you will succeed with your idea.


The feeling of being ignored in your dreams draws the attention of the dreamer to feelings, emotions or thoughts that were ignored within your relationship. A powerful symbol that remains unnoticed by those who don’t take note of your issues in a thoughtful manner.

Deep study of Ignored dreams

Ignore the ancestor

Dreaming of insanity or rudeness could be a reflection of unconscious aspects of yourself that you aren’t sure about – or that belong to other people. They are typical in those who experience feeling of being slammed or criticized by other people. The emotions you experience in your dream could be a reflection of an area of your life in which your feelings remain unresolved.


In the right context, iguanas could be interpreted as either positive or negative omens. Their cold-blooded nature is often seen as negative when they draw the attention of the dreamer representing situations or people who could be threatening or provoking them. If your instincts aren’t recognized, they could attack the dreamer. The Iguana has an apparent third eye which could be connected with higher levels of consciousness. The dream of an iguana in blue is connected to wide spaces and freedom, as well as intuitiveness, communication, expansibility as well as sensitivity, inspiration and. The killing of an iguana is an affirmation of the triumph of your inner self or eliminating any threat to your life.

A thorough study of Iguana dreams


The dream of illness, poor health, or an incurable illness are typical themes that reflect the internal pain that is hidden. Its vividness dream prompts the dreamer to discover the root of this so-called “sickness” within the body? A metaphor that is more connected to the psyche or mind of the person dreaming about the past or current emotional turmoil which are causing stress. The dream of healing from illness is a positive signification that suggests a healthier lifestyle or a proper nourishment of the body, mind and the soul.


The dream of seeing something glowing is a positive signification that signifies understanding or a breakthrough within your own life.


If you imagine an imitating someone else, it means that the person they represent is looking up to you. You’re making a positive impression on others; an indication of flattery and being well-liked by other people. If you think you’re imitating someone, this means you’re trying to imitate someone else. It could also indicate that you respect them.

Immaculate Conception

The Immaculate Conception Dreams is about your spirituality and your intimate connection to God.


Dreams of immobility represent the feeling that you are stuck, inability to progress in your daily life. The immobility of your dreams could reflect aspects that are a part of the mental health, which can be seen in being unable to rise up in your dreams.


The feeling of immortality is a good dream that could be a reflection of the areas of your life where you feel invincible.

Immigration Officer

Immigration officers are featured in your dreams during an important transition within your daily life (see the plane). It could also mean that you’ve encountered delays or problem prior to beginning the process.


If you have a dream that your skin is impaled by something, then you must be aware of the body part being impaled and what it means to your daily life. It is a sign of unhappy feelings in your mind and the act of the act of impaling them releases the thoughts. It can also be a sign of sexual tension , so think about the object that is piercing the skin, and what it makes you feel.


The idea of impeaching a person is your determination to be in control and make use of power. You’re confident in your abilities and would take action if it was necessary to be done in order for people to believe that you’re powerful.

Impossible Tasks

The dreams of these people often depict challenging or impossible tasks that are difficult to understand. These are tasks that are subconsciously encouraging the dreamer to discover the cause. The location and the people in your vicinity are clues.


The idea of being an imposter embodies the feeling that you are an outcast that is embracing themselves in different locations and in situations. If you are thinking of being an imposter at your home, think about the character of that person because even though you’ve been acting in the way you do, you are feeling like these traits aren’t part of your character.


Impotent in your dreams indicates that you are afraid about being able to do the job correctly or in the manner that people are expecting of you in real life. In connection to your mistakes embarrassing and masculine energies that requires strength.


The idea of being locked up in a prison can bring the feeling of being trapped and trapped in a circumstance from which you feel that there’s no escape. Are you in a relationship that is life making you feel like you’ve have lost your freedom.


Your hard work is paying off, and people are recognizing that you deserve applause. Your dream is a sign of your personal growth and advancement in the ranks of society.


Incense can be used to promote spiritual connection, elimination of negative energy and harmony within your life. If you have a dream about burning incense, it is a sign of your spiritual growth. Based on the type of incense you are burning, it will direct your attention in a specific direction.

A thorough study of Incense dreams


The bizarre dreams are quite often reported but are not discussed because people who think you’re crazy. Actually, these dreams are a sign of your personal connection or a new bond that you share with your family members.

A thorough study of Incest dreams


Dreams can be a sign of the fear and anxiety of an event. It could also indicate that you are unable to take control of your actions, and others are able to take action. This could be a reflection of your anxious attitude towards something that is happening within your personal life.


The idea of earning money is the full potential of your daily life. The idea of spending your earnings is the transfer of valuable resources or the opportunity to develop new abilities.


The idea of not being competent is the feeling of being unable to meet the requirements or demanded from you. You believe you are not capable of finishing what you began.


If it is present in your dream , it is a symbol of the fears you face in your daily life. If you are unable to reach it or perceive it clearly, it could be a sign of uncertainty in your sexual desires. If you can connect with it, then you’ve overcome your negative feelings.


The idea of being independent may be a sign of your feelings of being free and independent. Your subconscious could be telling you to stand your ground when people quit or hurt you due to your dependence.


If you’re an Indian in your dream, it indicates that you’re looking to return to your roots and get to nature more or be more observant. The dream of an Native Indian is a symbol that inspires the dreamer to be grounded and believe in nature’s guidance.


The dream of experiencing indigestion indicates that something is making you feel uncomfortable. It is a problem that causes you to feel uneasy in your daily life.


The dreams of infants are extremely positive dream symbols that represent the growth of innocence, new beginnings and the inner child of dreamers.

A deep analysis of dreams of infants


Dreams of illness reflect external forces that are negative and can harm the spiritual, mental and emotional health of the person who is dreaming. A symbol in connection to an internal issue that impacts the health of the person who is dreaming. The clues can be found in the site of the inflammation. The desire to dream about a tooth infection is related with poor communication or negative communication problems. The leg or foot reflect problems with movement or inability to follow. The possibility of dreaming about an infection on your arm is related to work. Dreaming about a yeast infection could suggest anger and negative thinking that require treatment. It could also indicate internal conflict that is directed at relationships.


Being infertile is a possibility however not mean that you are not able to bear an infant. It could be that you’re worried you won’t be able to bear or take care of the baby. However, it indicates inability to work.


Infidelity dreams have nothing to be related to lying or cheating it is more of an unconscious relationship between two people. It could also be a symbol of not being honest in other aspects of the relationship.

In-depth analysis of dreams about Infidelity


The idea of inflating something during a dream is a sign of your intelligence, consciousness, inner knowledge and a higher level of consciousness.


You get what you would like in your loved ones! Your dream suggests that you have plenty of opportunities to create events in your life that will benefit you.


The dreaming of initials is a symbol for the name of someone in your daily life. It could also be a play on words that are meaningful to you.


The idea of being initiated in a dream signifies the beginning of a new chapter, a new beginning or acceptance in the group. The dream of a ceremony for initiation suggests going through a spiritual transformation or progress in the dreamers life.


The location of the injection and the person the person who administers the injection can alter the significance that the vision conveys. In your dream, an injection can be a powerful representation of suffering before healing. The location of the injection and who is injecting you can alter the meaning of your dream. According to Sigmund Freud, he believed that any puncture made to the skin with sexual urges or desires that are not conscious.

In-depth analysis of dreams about Injection


Traumas in dreams are often negative signs that change based on the place and what’s damaged. The symbolism has to be more about an internal issue rather than physical pain. Conflicts in the past or present or anger, as well as repressed emotions interfere with the dreamers’ movement through life, resulting in it being perceived in the form of an injury. Legs that are injured restrict movement to the body, mind and the soul. Head injuries can affect the mind’s thoughts, opinions, and ideas and, most importantly, your capacity to make choices. The image of a person injured in a the dream symbolizes the people around you who are in need of assistance.


The ink on the page represents feelings and decisions that are forever. The words you write remain this way!


The relationship you have with your family members will alter the meaning of your dream. They could be a symbol of emotions that are not expressed, positive or bad experiences from the past and support or unconditional love. They can also be a an indication of union or connection that is being formed throughout your day.


The idea of a hotel room is the desire to get away from the world and unwind for a while.

Inner Tube

Dreams of your intestines, or even inside parts knotted suggests that you require to reset your brain as you’ve been a emotional tangled up mess lately.


If you are imagining being probed, it is because you feel that you must show yourself since you feel guilt-ridden about an event. If you’re investigating someone, it means that you don’t trust them and you want them to prove to you who they truly are.


The sanity you dream of could be emotions or feelings that are buried that aren’t recognized or expressed. The dream about an asylum that is insane is like a prison and the shackles or stagnant thoughts in your mind which could be a reflection of current events or the need to change the core values and beliefs.


Be aware of what’s written and where it is. Inscriptions are your subconscious alerting you to something.


The dream of insects suggests that something or someone is bothering you and making you to experience issues within your own life. The word “insect” is a reference to bugs, so whatever is preventing your progress The attack will soon be gone.

In-depth analysis of dreams of insects


In which part of the world? Take a look around and consider what does it mean to you. This means you need to be aware of the things happening at your home. The other dream is that you have to examine your own self and discover the person you truly are.

Inside Out

A person who is a rebel against the rules! The idea of having your clothes worn inside-out indicates the way you view the world and how you display a an uncompromising and rebellious character. If you’re changing your clothes upside down in your dreams, it means that you’re trying be different to safeguard yourself.


Sleep disorders are caused by an insufficient amount of sleep; insomnia can increase the risk of having vivid dreams. Any changes to your sleeping routine, like medication, or traveling far distances (and getting up at an earlier time) or sleeping less than you normally do, may make it more likely to occur.

Instant Message

Typically, any direct message is sent from the subconscious part of the dreamer , or your higher-self. The messages are usually encoded in a metaphorical way and are rarely explicit.


In your dream, following instructions can mean many things. You need to look at the dream and the reason you are following instructions. In the end, instructions represent that you require guidance to move forward. If you don’t adhere to the directions correctly, then you will fail in completing the task in hand.


In general, musical instruments reflect the hope and joy in your life , or can foretell happy events, happiness and harmony.


Insulation symbolizes warmth, security and affection. You are secure in the present situation.


A dream that is characterized by insults is a reflection of your insecurities about yourself. If you make someone feel insulted in your dream, it indicates that you are unable to express your negative feelings towards the person or the person they represent.


Are you worried? The thought of insurance is a sign that you require something to show that you’re safe in the current situation. currently facing.


A dream intercom symbolizes your relationship with others and the way you can listen to and assist others.


A dream like this one is encouraging you to work to the max and demonstrate that you are a person of integrity because it will be worth it in the end.


The internet is to imagine socializing, knowing and being aware of your surroundings.


Your subconscious is telling you that you must locate someone who can assist you in understanding your life and yourself since you do not know where you are currently.

Interacting With Celebrity

Celebrities are often seen to us in dreams, as representations of the things we want to become. Certain traits that celebrities possess are not consciously sought after by.

Interlocking Hands

The dream of locking hands can be a significant symbol which connects two energy sources. It is often an unconscious connection between two opposing forces. If the person you are talking to is not known, it could be a sign of your own feminine or masculine energy is unified.


The idea of being interrogated is often a reflection of the inability of dreamers to find answers within themselves. Police could be an authority figure who wants the correct answers or take information that’s hidden. Maybe the dream implies that you need to express your beliefs about the past.


The interruption in your dream is a sign of distraction or getting lost in your daily life.


An intersection is a symbol of a crossroads in your daily life. It is a powerful symbol of options; whether to go left or right, which do you think? When you come across the crossroads in your vision, you will be faced with choices in your journey to achieve your dreams.


The thought of being interviewed is an opportunity or a chance to develop or progress in your career. Based on the type of interview, these dreams could be a sign of your anxieties and fears being scrutinized.

Internal Bleeding

The concept of blood is connected to the dreamer’s vital energy or life force. Dreaming of internal bleeding is a sign of unconscious deep-rooted pain that drains you physically and mentally.


Dreams of alcohol symbolize your inability to exercise control of the events or circumstances in your life. It is a sign that you are in a state of eludement and are not addressing what must be accomplished.

Intravenous Drip

Dreams with drips suggests that someone is providing you with the tools to help you survive. However, it could mean that you are recuperating from an event.


The idea of seeing an intruder within your dreams is an outside influence entering your mind. Our homes are often a representation of the thoughts of the dreamer and an intrusion can be a representation of the elements of our daily life that we aren’t able to be able to control. But, it could or could be an outside or external force, but instead relating to something that is unconscious and has been able to enter or penetrate the mind of the dreamer , causing thoughts, behaviors or even beliefs that are weakened. If you see an intruder standing at your front door, it indicates that the threat is still outside.

In-depth analysis of dreams of the Intruder


The inability to dream and the lack of clarity reflects an inability to communicate between the brain and the body.


The dream about an attack is considered a nightmare symbol, which usually indicates a invasion that is related to a specific flaw within your own life. In addition, an invasion could be associated to negative thought patterns or influence on the outside. An invasion of the home connects the mind of the dreamerwith maybe outside forces that you are unable to manage are enter your mind.


In the event that you’re an inventor,, your dreams, it is suggested to investigate your golden shadow. These are the unconscious potential that is not fully realized suggesting the possibility of creating objects.


The idea of taking inventory is you taking stock of your life and the things you want, have or require.


You’re ready, set and ready to start making your commitments for the future.


The idea of being invincible is that you’re too confident in yourself , but you must realize that there is no perfect person.


Being invisible can reveal much about the way a person is viewed by others and the world. It is a symbol of in the subconscious that you are not recognized or not being noticed in your daily life. The desire to be recognized or recognized as who you are. Dreaming of an invisible attacker could mean either an internal or external negative force that is difficult to discern. The idea about an unnoticeable force squeezing your down is usually associated to insomnia which is your inability to move from your mattress.


Who’s the person who’s inviting you? Someone might be trying to contact you. Let them demonstrate themselves to you. If you accept the invitation, it indicates that you’re a social person.


A I-pod can be a representation of a message. Pay attentively to the song you’re listening to.

IQ Test

Are you being tested by someone else or are you required to prove yourself? If you think of taking the possibility of taking an IQ test, you feel as that you’re not meeting the standards, not even for yourself.


The color green brings you closer the heart of your soul. The dream about Ireland can be a very positive dream symbol which reflects “luck of the Irish” and the success that life brings.


The dreaming of iris is a powerful symbol. It symbolizes harmony, courage and a sense of insight. The dream is encouraging you to look up and assist others because you are able to help others.

Irish Potatoes

A symbol that represents the energy and grounding. Potatoes are symbols of positive energy that have been proven to bring happiness to the person who dreams and luck.

Irish Wolfhound

The symbol of the strength and honor of the dreamer. A mythological animal with a powerful power that guides the dreamer towards their masculine energy, often that energy is subconscious.


Iron is powerful and strong to be able to experience it in a dream is a sign of discontent in your daily life. When the iron gets scorching hot, your anger is at its highest. If you notice that iron is solidly and someone is trying to break it, then the person is threatening you, but you’re strong and are able to stand the stress. When the iron appears weak and breaks, it is a sign of insecurity and discontent for you.

Ironing Clothes

Clothing represents the persona of the dreamer , so whenever you put your clothing on, it implies that you are straightening some aspect of your life. A positive dream symbol is related to repairing your self image and how you’ll be perceived by others. It is symbolic of repairing the wrinkles and negative things that happen in your life. If you burn your hands or clothing while ironing, it suggests that you’re only causing more harm to the problem you’re trying to assist.

Iron Gate

Like doors, gates symbolize openings and possibilities in your daily life. Iron gates, however, suggest something that is durable and strength when it is opened.


The dream of watering plants is a sign of spiritual and emotional growth.


If you feel angry even though you try to keep it from yourself, it will show up through your dream.


A dream that you have in a tranquil island reflects your ease and relaxation in your life. Your subconscious is telling you to relax and relax for a while as you’re overwhelmed by your daily routine. A dream of being on an island is a sign of being too at peace and disconnected from reality. It is time to confront your challenges and plan your life.


The idea of having an itch is you are aching to take on something you’ve always wanted to accomplish. It could be related to sexual gratification or just an adventure you need to get ready to. However, it could be a person you know who has been causing you trouble.


Ivy symbolizes closeness and connections. If you do imagine poison ivy as a plant, it is a sign of warning, or to take action in your surroundings. When it is on you it is difficult to get rid of.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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