Dreaming of Things That Start With K


Dreams of a kaleidoscope can be an optimistic symbol that appears after energy blockages have been eliminated. It is a symbol that relates to your chakras, which is constantly changing and can change your mood or character.

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The kangaroo in dreams symbolizes the dreamer’s ambition, security as well as strength and mobility. The kangaroo is a symbol of strength, protection, and agility. is able to get out of difficult situations and is able to shield its young when the event that you are too close. The sack of protection that protects the infant becomes an emblem of protection for your personal growth and belonging to things that are in the dark – connecting to feminine impulses and behaviors an animal of the wild who ventures into the bush. The kangaroo is believed to attack dreamers in the event that they are unaware of these characteristics or the protection of the other people within their lives. Dreaming about a deceased kangaroo indicates an absence of development or awareness of the feminine instincts that are unconscious.


The thought of singing in karaoke can indicate that you’re overly confident in your own abilities or doubt your abilities. The symbol is believed to help the person dream about what they might desire to express their inner desires and be admired by other people.


Any kind of martial art in your dreams are a representation of your defense mechanisms you use to protect yourself. Karate is a demonstration of your skill in conflict resolution , and how you defend yourself from the challenges of your daily life. The way you fight will determine your strengths and weaknesses.


Karma is a recurring theme through dreams and waking when you’re conscious of the effects of your actions in our lives. It is a positive signification to control your thoughts so that it doesn’t get back at you and bite you.


Katydids in dreams are thought of as to be a symbol of wealth, abundance, love and luck when you are moving forward in your journey. The association to the grasshopper signifies that your plans and goals for the future will be leaping into the direction of success. Although katydids are abundant in dreams, they can be interpreted as symbols of destruction. Their antennae are metaphorical image that picks up on the future events that are coming in the near future.


The dream of the idea of a kayak is a positive signification that symbolizes the balance of your emotions in an emotional time within your own life. Water is one of the strongest symbols of dreams, depending on the journey you take, it could be a reflection of something positive or unsettling happening within your own life.


A keepsake is a tangible object that is used to keep a memory of the past, an object that represents moments with a loved one who might have passed away.


The dreaming of Kedarnath connects you to a particular portion of the mind that is a belief system or higher level of consciousness that can be achieved after exploring.


A keg can be a symbol of images of dreams that suggest prosperity and luck which will be a part of your life. What’s inside it and whether it is full or empty becomes an indicator of your accomplishment.


Dreams of kennels represent confined behaviors, traits and instincts that are associated with the masculine aspect of the person dreaming. The symbol encourages the dreamer to discover the hidden traits associated with the qualities of courage, strength, independence as well as assertiveness, leadership, and confidence that have been shut up or subdued by others.


Its close ties to the tomato symbolizes fortune and luck. The dream could also be an attempt to get the person to “catch up” to something you’re behind in.


Dreams of tea kettles can be symbolic representations of the dreamer’s anger that is suppressed or to the feeling of relaxation and pleasure. Based on the context, kettles may depict the dreamer as having restricted emotions (water) that are boiling within their life. The symbol is to let the steam escape before it creates a sound. In addition, kettles can be applied to a time of rest within your daily routine, a moment to think before beginning something fresh.


Keys can be a metaphor in your dreams to suggest something that could open up and uncover a variety of things that you are experiencing. We don’t usually consider keys as valuable until we lose them. Keys in dreams are symbolic and give the possibility of opening any thing that is revealed in your dreams. The symbol of the pursuit of love, success, or even new ideas that be revealed to you. In the end, you unlock something that is either conscious to you, or even unconscious.

A thorough analysis of Keys Dreams


The idea of dreaming of the ring of keys as well as holding the Master Key signifies the power you have over others and yourself. If you are holding the golden key, it indicates an important breakthrough on towards you. Or, Freud might suggest there could have a sexual connotation to it, since the key is inserted into the slot to unlock the door.

Key Chain

You are able to adapt to anything and everybody. You disguise yourself so that people appreciate you and treat you as if you were among them.

Key Maker

If you dream of the key maker, it is a signification that your inner guide or higher self who will open a door that is closed to you. The meaning of the dream will enable the dreamer to determine if the door that is opened by the key is good or bad.


The thought of typing on a computer keyboard implies that you have a message you must relay to someone right away, but you aren’t able to perform the task in person.


The vision of your eye through the form of a keyhole is a symbol of the first steps of progress. The opening could be from any aspect of your life that is related to your personal growth and relationships, or your career. The keyhole could be a sign of a new spiritual development or open (chakras) which will reveal the growth and development.


The dream of kicking could be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on the place of the kick as well as who is doing the kick. The foot or leg is usually a symbol of progress and movement; it can also be a symbol either positive or negative for the person who is dreaming. In general, kicks are a negative signification that demonstrates a lack of care, obstacles, anger or frustration towards the person. The idea of someone kicking your stomach an indication of a lack of confidence in your gut sense of intuition or intuition.


The thought of kickboxing as a sport implies competition between two forces that are competing to get ahead. The primary focus would be about your personal defense and the way you defend yourself in such a situation.


Dreams of abduction or kidnapping are vivid nightmares that reflect the places in your life where you are held in a cage or are being held against your will. A subconscious symbol that could be interpreted as emotional or physical confinement that must be released. The nightmares can bring to our attention to individuals, relationships, or circumstances that keep us in the midst of our lives. It is more typical to imagine your child being kidnapped during your dreams when you may be suffering from traumas like divorce or personal difficulties.

In-depth analysis of dreams of the Kidnapper


The kidneys play a variety of crucial tasks, such as keeping the overall balance of fluids and removing waste from medications, food and other toxic substances. The kidneys in dreams link the dreamer with their subconscious emotionsand how past experiences have been absorbed and processed within your psyche. The Old Testament the kidney is often viewed as a symbol of moral judgment for reflection and the inspiration.


Dreams of killing serve an uplifting and negative meaning in the setting that the dreams are taking place in. Dreams of killing in the dream show the dreamer the end or destruction of certain things from an earlier time that do not have any purpose. The graphic and vivid style is typical when shifts occur suddenly or in a sudden manner. However, the thought of killing is usually is a nightmare for the dreamer, as if some entity or person is trying to take them down. Do you dream of killing a snake in yellow? It can lead to the removal of jealousy from your life. The killing of negative symbols like rats, mice, or snake can be a positive sign of removing unconscious characteristics or characteristics of other people who could be danger.

Deep analysis on Killing Dreams

Being Killed

If you’re being killed in your dream, it means that the person who is dreaming is creating an obstacle for change within their lives as an unconscious symbol that is interpretatively based on the images that surround it.

A thorough analysis of the Dreams of being killed


In dreams, killers are said to appear in a variety of ways, from clowns, monsters or even masked guys. They carry a message by their appearance. Usually disguised or unidentified faces they reflect the subconscious thoughts of the person who is dreaming. The emotions or feelings that are suppressed transform into the killer prompting you to confront your fears in relation to the situations which need to be gotten rid of.

Killer Whale

Whales have a symbolic meaning as they represent the unconscious that is a part of the person who dreams. The undiscovered depths of the ocean reveals the undiscovered aspects of us that we have not considered.

Deep study of Killer Whale dreams


The thought of wearing this Japanese clothing indicates that you are admired by the Japanese culture or feel affection towards someone from another country.


If you are imagining reliving your childhood days, you could be thinking about your childhood. Kindergarten is the first stage of learning. Perhaps it is a sign the fact that you are working for the future from the beginning. In other words, it could represent knowledge and the transition from being immature to mature.


A symbol of the power, control and accomplishment within your own life. It signifies that you are capable of resolving your problems in your life. The king could also be the father figure you would like to have in your life to help hold your feet. If you dream of as a king is a reality, it indicates that you’re making use of the power you’ve acquired in an aggressive and controlling manner.

King Cobra

The dream of a King cobra is a dream with a dual significance; it is a symbol of the transformation and enlightenment or the connection to dangerous person or situation that you encounter in your daily life. The most potent dreams images that changes based on the way you interact with it. It is known for its dark black hue, this symbol connects to the part of the dreamer that is shadow subconscious instincts and behaviors.

A thorough analysis of the King Cobra fantasies


According to anthropologists, the practice of kissing could have begun in India about 3500 years in the past. The way we kiss differs between cultures but a kiss can be an act of love, bonding and connection that is a part of our lives. When we dream of kissing, it everything is based on the setting that the dreams are taking place, your mood and the way you felt the moment you woke up. An incredibly powerful signification that binds and connects two energy sources to create an inner spark.

A thorough study of Kissing dreams


The dream of a kitchen is a representation of the psyche or mind of the person who is undergoing transformation and transformation.When you see cabinets from your kitchen in your dreams, it is the most important thing that is hidden in the past, growth, and stored memories utilized to grow and learn. In most dreams, kitchens can be negative, it is a sign of warning from the unconscious. If you see the kitchen sink flooded, it could suggests that you have an issue with your emotions (root chakra) which is affecting the flow of your energy. Dreams that feature fire can be considered to be a sign of transformation or a warning sign of the occurrence of events outside that can cause internal turmoil.


Kites are symbols of your dreams that inspire the dreamer to be an independent spirit. The connection to the winds symbolizes harmony between two opposing forces. It is to believe in the movements of the spirit that guides your in the correct direction. If you see the kite in your dream it’s a signifying positive of growth and spiritual liberation to be.


Kittens are a common sight during our sleep for a variety of different motives. Kittens can represent the new growth of these subconscious characteristics – or even related to your timid behavior. Cats are believed to draw the attention of dreamers to the feminine, intuitive, and a part of you that requires nurturing. They are regarded as a universal symbol of vulnerability, tenderness and innocence.

A thorough analysis of Kitten fantasies


Kiwi is an fruit, therefore the thought of it is a sign that you need to get yourself back up and strengthen your own. It may be physical or emotional strength , but you must nourish yourself to move and be active.


Dreams about Kleenex typically represents emotions that are stuck or minor setbacks. What are the negative things are causing blockages on the inside, and are now manifesting outwardly.


If you imagine the knapsack, it is a symbol of memories from the past that you might be carrying around with you. The connection to school is related to the past experiences that are in the background. It is a part of you, or something you carry around could cause you to fall. If you are worried about getting lost or losing your bag, it means that you are not ready for letting go your past.


The image of your knees is a sign of your flexibility and advancing in your daily life. The knees often appear in a negative light to indicate a problem in the way you move in your life. The thought of having knee problems or knees that are leaking can be a sign of slowing or stopped progress. A knee injury like being scrapped can be that you’ve suffered a minor setback, but you’ll be able to get through.


The act of kneeling in your dream signifies an association with God or to your higher self. If you’re kneeling to pray, it is an empowering sign of a different kind, according to what you’re asking.


Dreams that involve knives represent the removal or cutting of objects that no longer have any function within our daily lives. Sometimes, what we cut is a metaphorical representation of the unconscious elements we’re removing. If you’re the one cutting with a knife, it could be a sign of the loss of anger, removal, or cutting away. As per Sigmund Freud, any kind of wound or penetration on the body is considered phallic in nature.

In-depth analysis of Knife’s dreams


The idea of being a knight suggests that you are a respected person. You keep an eye on other people and ensure that those you love are secure. If you’re helping your boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s a symbol of becoming their shining knight. If you have a dream of becoming knight, it is a symbol of the trust you have gained and respect from other people.


Knitting is a way to bring peace and tranquility for oneself to relax the mind. It could be telling you to unwind and enjoy yourself through your creative talents. Or it could be an opportunity to remind someone you know knits. If you only see needles, it means that you’re fumbling around with things to achieve what you want from it.


The meaning behind “knocking” translates differently in your dreams in contrast to the transitional phase between sleep and wakefulness. In dreams, it is an indication of something that is new or connected to the terrifying sleep paralysis. Dreaming of knocking someone out is a sign of that you have repressed feelings, which are and directed towards this individual. The person you’re knocking out could be the target of your attack or have unconcious characteristics that are similar to someone other. The act of knocking out someone’s teeth is a sign of the direct expression of anger. Teeth link to speech or words that you are angry over. The thought of knocking things over indicates that you need to center your energy and create the balance you need in your daily life.

In-depth analysis of knocking dreams


A vision of a knob signifies the ability to turn and manage problems and situations that occur within you.


The knots in your dreams indicate that you feel confined and are unable to resolve issues within your own life. If you tie the knot, it is the union of two individuals.


Koalas are closely associated with mother earth and family. They symbolize family, stability and community. They also represent calm, peace and tranquility.

Koi Fish

Koi fish appear in our dreams when we is going through a personal transformation and is experiencing good fortune self-worth and abundance. The fish is one of the most powerful image that comes from the subconscious or the spiritual part that the person who dreams. The larger the koi fish, the greater reward or outcome. If you see an orange koi fish that is directing towards your sacral chakra dream chakra, it indicates an opening of these energy sources. If the fish is dead, it could be the end of a cycle, a transition to the spiritual side.


In our dreams, we are usually creating the structure of a Krall as well as seeing cattle in the kraal. Kraals in our dreams connect us to the feminine The Great Mother who nourish our souls. The circular nature of the dream tells us about your inner peace when you’re nourished by the divine source.


Lord Krishna typically appears in our dreams as tiny statues, such as when we were babies or idol, and even when we are getting married. As with many gods and deities like Jesus These powerful images could symbolize higher consciousness, connection to God and your spiritual growth.

Ku Klux Klan

The idea of dreaming about the KKK could be a symbol for your shadow archetype, or something that you hide behind the mask. Your true identity could play a part in your dreams.


These are powerful dreams indications of the divine energy that is within you. The energy flowing through the area could suggests where it could be situated and being worked on.

In-depth analysis of Kundalini dreaming

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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