Dreaming of Things That Start With U

Dreaming of Things That Start With U


A U-turn in your in your dreams indicates that you are making changes to your life. Cars are associated with your driving and route; you are likely to make an abrupt change, a possible change in the course of events. You are changing direction soon.


The dreams may be a symbol for something that has happened to you, but is not known or perhaps the subconscious. The sighting of a UFO in your dream could indicate that you are unsure of the direction you’re headed and what you’re destined to do in your the future. It could also be a symbol of the feeling that you are an outcast.

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The idea of being a part of the UFC is a sign of your desire to compete and win in your daily life. Fighting reveals anger and aggression directed towards the opponent. The fact that you win is as a positive signification that can help you stay ahead of the intense competitors.


The idea of dreaming about anything unattractive is a sign of unconscious traits about you or circumstances which are unpleasant or unpleasant. Animals like cats and dogs are connected to the emotional or behavioral aspect of the person who isn’t attractive. The idea of a beautiful baby could indicate a new development that you may reject or feel uncomfortable about. If you’re called ugly in your dreams, it could be related to fears or other people who are pointing out the negative aspects of your character that are not addressed. If you see an unattractive home in your dreams, it could represents undesirable traits in the inner psyche of the person dreaming who is not paying attention.


An ulcer is a wound inside that requires urgent healing. The dream is a metaphor that is connected to past tension or internal conflicts. The location of the ulcer can help the person dreaming to determine the source of the problem from. Mouth ulcers are associated with issues in communication, while stomach ulcers are related to intuition and emotions. The thought of a canker sore is an minor issue related to communication or speech that will disappear soon.


Ultrasounds are symbolic of your inner development. When dreamers are most likely to deliver babies but the ultrasound informs the dreamer of an important change taking place. If you can see the images of ultrasound in your dreams, it means that you are able to understand your inner being or intuition.

Umbilical Cord

The thought of an umbilical cord is a sign of issues with independence and attachment. You’re worried about being able to do things on your own and therefore rely to others for help out. If the baby is a sign of an exciting new development and is transitioning, the cord lets you know that you’re attached to something that was part of the past or was not meant to be let go.


A dream’s umbrella symbolizes protection from the emotions of other people. Rain is often considered to be a symbol of sadness or the release of emotions that are bottled up The umbrellas protect you from the occurrences. When you take a step towards opening an umbrella during your dream you’re subconsciously planning to protect yourself emotionally in the near future. Dreaming of an umbrella that is upside down symbolizes your inability to shield yourself from emotional outbursts that are negative.


If you imagine yourself as an umpire, it means that you’re trying to judge something without being objective. When an umpire charges your of cheating, it means that you are guilty of the situation you’re in.


Uncles can appear in dreams for a variety of reasons. They could be linked to previous experiences, subconscious characteristics that are similar to one another, or related to a precognitive experience. Women who have dreams of their uncle could be connected to their inner masculine as well as an anxiety. A uncle who gives money to you is a positive sign that you are receiving characteristics, actions or energy that are valuable to you. Dreams of negativity occur in the event that your uncle has become either suffering from illness or is dying, which indicates that a portion that you are dying off or aspects of your relationship or values of your family.

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Dreaming of being unconscious indicates that it is a reflection of memories or unconscious aspects that are forgotten or lost. If you’re knocked unconscious, it’s a bad sign that you could be a victim of a blind spot or affected by negative information.


The idea of waking up to the dead symbolizes your family or parts of yourself you’ve removed. If you’re being chased down by zombies, it is a sign of issues that you have pushed away and now come back to harass you.

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The feeling of being uncomfortable in your dream is a reflection of the aspects of your daily life that cause or feel some discomfort, discomfort and physical pain. The emotions you feel are usually buried which is reflected into your dream.


If you think you are hiding, it means that you are a person that you are not in real life.


Underground is associated with the unconscious parts that the person who dreams. They are basements, tunnels subway stations, which are often depicted as representing all the hidden, undiscovered and unexplored potentials within your mind. The things you see can provide clues to what you should investigate further. This is the bottom of the iceberg and the most important aspect of dreaming that helps you better understand yourself.


The context in which you are underwater may alter the significance that the dreams have. Water is associated with the undiscovered emotional unconscious of the person dreaming. If you’re in the deepest depths of your mind or are exhausted, it is all about the ways you connect with the other side of you. The color and condition of the water can provide insight into the clarity and stress that you’re experiencing.

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These dreams represent your privacy and the things you cover up. The feeling of being insecure or embarrassed by other people when you expose too much of your personal details. What you do when you’re wearing your underwear is a sign about your level of comfort. If you notice another person in their underwear, it is a sign that the person, or the person they are is now revealed for who they really are. If you notice dirty clothing, it’s because you are uncomfortable with something or a aspect of you. If you’re not wearing underwear, the next moment all of your clothes will be revealed.


Being naked signifies that you are at ease in your body. You are now ready to express your emotions, especially in relation to your sexuality. If you don’t feel at ease in your clothes, it is a sign that you are having a hard time speaking up and being pressured to do it. If you see someone else dressed in your dream , it means that you must be aware that others also have feelings. Although some might think that revealing oneself in a dream is a sign of sexual desires, it is a sign that you are trying to discover the truth behind their mask. You’re trying to get to get to know them better.


The thought of not being employed is a sign of the talent that is being ignored. It is possible to feel unimportant or unimportant within your own life.


The idea of having luck is not the actual reality of the reality. It is actually a matter of luck when you continue to battle the odds in your life.


The unicorn symbolizes optimism, wisdom and ideals of high quality. It also symbolizes gentleness, strength, and pure. You will aim higher without settling for the mediocre things in your life. They provide endless possibilities and are a signpost of the good future events.


The sight of yourself or someone else in uniforms indicates that you want to be part of an organization. However it could also indicate that you’re not who you are. It is time to stop relying on the ideas of others and instead use your own mind.


The idea of joining an organization means you feel valued as a member of a community which will help others.

United Nations

A vision of your dreaming about the United Nations is symbolic of your desire for peace in your surroundings.

Unborn Baby

Positive dreams indicate that a new baby is coming very soon. It could also be a sign of your having a baby or your unconscious desire to have a child.


The dreams may change depending on whether you have finished or are still waiting to go. If you are planning to go back to school, you could be taking an exam or test or reliving old memories. It could be the idea of taking a new course.


If you are able to see an unidentified location or person in your dreams, it is a sign that you are looking to discover. You’re looking to learn more about yourself as well as a new location. There is a possibility that you have a relationship with the location or person, but you wouldn’t know unless you ask a friend or family member whether they know specific individuals or would like to visit a certain place.

Unlocked Doors

They are extremely positive visions that indicate the possibility of opening doors that are no longer closed or limited. These are the symbols of things that were once closed, but now is the time to explore and open new possibilities.


Positive dreams will help you sort out your personal clutter. It could be that you are organizing or clearing out past memories and events.


Dreams that contain gifts represent the talents and capabilities. When you take gifts out of their wrapping, it indicates that you are willing to put your skills to good use and stop in hiding. If you discover an unwrapped present, it is a sign that someone is making use of your talents and is trying to profit from your talents.


A dream that is advancing signifies that something is emerging from your subconscious. However, it also signifies that you are lifting yourself from a situation that brought you down in your life.


The idea of upholstering something is that you’re looking to hide something. It could be that you are trying to hide your flaws to look attractive and fresh.


The idea of a planet as a dream is your individuality. You have your own style of thinking and tackling issues and you don’t let other people hinder you from doing it.


If you have a dream about urinating, it means you’re dissolving your negative thoughts. If you’re unable to determine how your urine flows, it indicates your inability to control the flow of urine within your own life. If you’re urinating in public, it is a sign that you’re trying to tell people that it is your responsibility to manage and that no one else should be into your personal life. If you see someone urinating on you during your dreams, you are feeling like others are profiting from you.

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Urns are a representation of your previous experiences. Take a look at the lyrics and Let it burn You’ve been injured by something, but you are aware that you have to destroy it off and go on. It is possible that you feel like the harm was caused to you.


The uterus dream is a an indication of something within that could be connected with the female archetype. The context of the dream, it can indicate female character with positive or negative aspect. It is also the location which gives birth. In dreams, this could reflect thoughts, emotions or even things that happen. If you have a dream about the uterus bursting, it could be a sign of being exposed inside.

Mia Harper

Mia Harper