Dreaming of Things That Start With V


The dreaming of an empty lot, space or building symbolizes the unexplored or empty spaces of the dreamers ‘ psyche. A space that was not of significance in the past is now becoming visible as a symbol that is only comprehended by the person who is dreaming.

guardian angels together


The idea of a vacation indicates that you require some time off from the demands of your job because of a busy lifestyle. The location and the person you travel with is a metaphorical hint for an exciting new adventure which will unfold in your life shortly. If you imagine an excursion with your partner, it is a reference to exciting times you shared in the past, or is connected to emotions that you’ve buried.


In a dream, if you are vaccinated, it is a symbol the protection of negative elements that may be present in your life. It is a symbol of enduring some minor discomfort for a longer treatment. Most often, the person dreaming about would receive a vaccination by a nurse or doctor which could be interpreted as the inner healer (see the word “covid” in the Google search). Because of the pandemic, the vaccine could be more in line with your beliefs about the world, safety and protection.


A vacuum as a dream symbol could be described by two different ways. One way to look at them is as a representation of cleaning or eliminating elements which belong to the unconscious. Houses represent the psyche or mind of the dreamer, so they can be seen as a way to clean the mind. It’s the same as when you are cleaning spiders, which also symbolizes getting rid of negative thoughts within the dark corners of your mind. The idea behind vacuuming your dreams is a positive signification that symbolically cleanses a negative part of you that you might not have noticed prior to.


A vagina in your dreams represents your femininity, sensuality traits and desires. It is a symbol of sexual desires and feelings that are not conscious however, it is also an expression of femininity and femininity. The place is near the womb, which is the place of birth and the rebirth. Blood discharge, smells, or discharge are a sign of a loss of vitality and can be related to distortion in the unconscious feminine instincts, desires and behaviours.


If you imagine that you’re a wanderer, it means that you are trying to be free of the burdens of the society. But, it could simply be a reflection of your concerns if you’re experiencing financial instability. If you speak to a homeless person in your dream, it is a reflection of your character and how generous you are to other people. Maybe you think that someone is in need of your assistance and you should give more to someone in your life.


The idea of becoming valedictorian is a sign that you’ve been successful in your career and are thinking about these accomplishments.

Valentines Day

If you are dreaming of this day, it means that you’re making progress in your relationship life. However, the dream signifies that you must be a good example to others throughout your day and not take it for granted. When you get something, it an indication that someone loves you. If you find a Valentine’s Day sweets box it means that a past relationship will remain in the background.


Valeting is the ability of guiding people in their lives, however, you are unable to assist yourself. If you have allowed an individual a place to park your car , it implies that you have given individuals or asking them to control and order aspects of your life.


A valley is a symbol of your desire to be secure or defend other people. If you feel that you are at the bottom of the valley, it means that you’re caught up in certain trials throughout your journey. On the other hand, being at the high above the valley suggests that you have gotten through a circumstance within your own life.


Bats and vampires are warning signs about psychic vampires the people around you who take away your emotional energy. Strangely enough, women are more likely to be drawn to vampires because of the increasing popularity of the Hollywood portrayals of them as romanticized. If you’re an aspiring vampire hunter or have killed one in your fantasies, it’s a good sign which means you have to eliminate bad characteristics or behavior from your life the person; or eliminating negative people within your life. If you’re running away from a vampire, it indicates that you’re avoiding certain aspects of yourself or people which could be dangerous.

A thorough analysis of Vampire nightmares


As with any vehicle that offers transportation to show your route The minivan, however, lets others join you with you on your journey. Minivans are a symbol that connects you with your familymembers; a connection that takes you towards your destination (see the driving search bar). A black minivan in your vision is a symbol of a mysterious or hidden journey that will lead you to the next location. The sight of a white van suggests that your travels ahead will be clean and secure. The blue vehicle in the dreams symbolizes wisdom, freedom and trust (see the chakra). If your vehicle was taken away, it could be a sign of an unexpected setback in the future.


A crime that is illegal and is a symbol in your dreams, representing those who deliberately harm or sabotage your reputation. Houses and cars are often damaged because they symbolize the self of the dreamer (house), or the personal drive (car) which is targeted. It is a sign that others are watching your progress, or maybe preparing you to make a bad impression.


Anything associated with vanilla is sure to bring you happiness and joy. This is the reason why vanilla cakes and ice cream appear in our dreams often as a signification that will take you back to the time of joy and reward.


Breathing in A need to concentrate on your awareness. The way you feel about smoking could alter the meaning of your desire to stop or pleasure.


The idea of you’re imagining you’re painting something is a sign that you’re trying to hide something. Maybe you are a person you’re not, trying to make people believe that everything is perfect.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins in your dreams can signal an internal tension within your life that’s hindering your energy. The spot (see legs) indicates your movement, grounding and stability which could be missing. The goal is to let you that this blockage is making you feel uncomfortable and also to look into your own world to discover the cause.


Do you think the vase is to be empty, or filled? A vase in a dream symbolizes things within your daily life you appreciate or value. Positive interpretations include the vase with blooms (short word growth) or filled with water , which is the state of mind of the person dreaming. A vase that is empty or broken appears to reflect self-deflection and a poor image.


A vasectomy during a dream is a negative signification relating to the removal of masculine energy which is the vital force. The energy that is believed to generate or birth within the dreamer is removed. A symbol that is connected to an emotion in the dreamer , which is unnoticed.


Dreaming of vaults reveals the hidden talents and abilities that you haven’t yet discovered or stored away in your dreamer’s mind. When you open the vault in your dreams, it is a sign that opens something important within the dreamer. The contents inside could be translated metaphorically to talents, memories, emotions, and more are now available.


Dreams of vaulting indicate that you are heading up in your life or rising towards the top of some thing. You will achieve your goals in life and conquer whatever obstacles you face.


The thought of the VCR indicates that there is something that you have done in your life that you have not addressed. There were mistakes you made in your past that you haven’t yet learned from.


The thought of eating vegetables is a signification for the need to rejuvenate your body and mind. Think about the particular vegetable to determine additional significance. They are positive dreams symbols which are connected to growth and prosperity.


Vehicles are vehicles that serve as a means of transport that reflect our movements, goals or our life’s path. Buses represent shorter journeys, whereas vehicles are more connected to your own personal travels. Motorcycles symbolize raw masculine strength or the emergence of new ventures.

A deep analysis of the vehicle dreams


The dreams are a sign of a desire to keep certain aspects of your life secret, or in connection with a relationship or relationship of some kind. The veil could be an indication of covering your true self. Dreaming of the black veil could mean imperfections or the shadow aspect of the person dreaming. The red veils of dreams reflect the inner desires as well as lust and the energy.


The dreaming of veins is actually linked to the core of the person dreaming; non-consious emotions are processed metaphorically through the body. In most cases, the dreamer will see the bulging, black, and varicose, which is a reflection of pain reflecting on the surface. The vivid nature of these dreams remind the person dreaming that what happens visible on the inside is also visible to those around.


Velvet when you dream symbolizes romantic feelings, sexuality and desires.

Vending Machine

Vending machines represent things that are easy to get access to or purchase. A malfunctioning vending machine tells the person who dreams that whatever was useful has been shut down. If the machine is damaged, it indicates that something that could have been previously to have been useful and useful is now gone out of service. However, if the person who is dreaming is able to locate money in the machine, it is an optimistic symbol of newly discovered luck (see coins and money).

Venereal Disease

In general, any kind of illness indicates an internal issue that affects your mind.


The term “synonymous” with serpents or spiders, Venom is a mirror of individuals, emotions that are angry or incidents that threaten our daily lives. When this poison is introduced into your body , it can eventually alter your mind. It is a negative sign when the poison in the dream gets into the Central Nervous System.


Dreaming with the help of a ventriloquist is a sign of trickery people assuming you are fools. You’re being deceived by someone or a situation that you are in. If you’re a ventriloquist, this means you are the one who is manipulating and deceiving situations as well as people who confide and trust that you are the one to trust.


The planet Venus. Venus symbolizes feminine energies and qualities. Venus brings you closer to the top of the line in love. According to Astrology, Venus represents two major areas in our lives that is love and money.


These fantasies suggest the desire for romance in your life.

Venus Flytrap

The idea of the Venus flytrap can indicate an extremely powerful and strong woman. You are being subjugated and controlled by a female influence within your daily life. Perhaps you are being controlled of the female archetype.


The dream suggests that in the near future you will be in peace and forget all anxieties and worries behind.


The dreams can indicate an imbalance or equilibrium in your state of your mind. It is necessary to find inner balance , and the solution lies in the specifics of the dreams.


A veterinarian is a symbol of wild and animalistic traits that require control. However, these traits can cause you to appear unclean in the world of your daily life.


It is likely that you are also angry and frustrated by a situation that you are facing in your life. Dreams serve as a way to express your feelings and it is likely continue to happen unless you eliminate the issue that causes you to feel this way.


A sound is similar to an alarm. The dream is a suggestion to pay attention to what’s happening in every aspect that your brain.


The feeling of being a victim in your dream is a reference to your feeling that others are exploiting you. An inability to control yourself as you feel powerless and insignificant in a real situation. The dream could also indicate that you’re not willing to accept responsibility for your actions.

Victorian C lothing

It was a time of change. Victorian time period is a very varied era, but the most distinctive aspect was the clothes and the way women were formed and covered by it. It was necessary to cover certain parts of yourself to be accepted by society. Maybe you think you can’t be who you are and must be extremely conservative. This also means you’re avoiding sexual desires to conform to maintain your conservative image.


The thought of winning is a sign of your confidence and security. You are confident that you will be able to accomplish what you put your heart on, however, you must get some motivation to achieve it.

Vicious Dogs

Dreams of dogs

Video Camera

The use of a camera for video in your goal implies that you must focus your focus on a particular plan of action. It is important to block all other distractions from affecting your progression. If you have a dream about another person videotaping, think about the videotape they are making. The dream is a reference to your memories. Your subconscious attempts to prompt you to think and gain from your experiences.

Video Game

If you have a dream where you’re playing in a game, it means that you’re powerless and that others are in control of your life’s actions. Dreaming that you’re engulfed by video game is a sign of the way you deal with the things that happen in your daily life. Are you losing or winning? What kind of game are you participating in? If you’re winning the game, it means that you have the capability of being out of a situation instead of coming directly into it. This could be a significant opportunity in allowing you to influence others to gain personal advantage.


The thought of watching a video tape suggests that you’re wasting your energy and using your brain to much. It is time to relax and enjoy some popcorn and watch a film where you can’t help but think about nothing other than relaxation. Are you speed-forwarding, pausing to reminisce or rewinding? The tape could be of your life as well as your current situation or a past event which you’re reviewing. The tape is rewinded because you’d like to go back to the way things were before and you are regretful about the way things went. When you fast-forward the video tape signifies that you wish to get rid of what is happening in your current life and move on and towards other things that you think are more important and better important.


Vinegar is a symbol of things that aren’t working and bitter emotions within your own life. Sometimes, we don’t realize that something we feel is bitter could be beneficial for us. Maybe you’re in need of waking up and work toward a better future for yourself. It is important to know how to get the most value out of everything.


The dreaming of vines signifies optimism and steadfast thinking. You have a vision of what you want , and you will climb to the top of the mountain to get there. However, vines can mean attachment and being bound. It is your feeling that a relation or circumstance is making you to feel a bit trapped and you’d like to loosen up.


A vineyard signifies the possibility of being rewarded all your hard work. The fruit bearing vines symbolize bounty and harvests. Grapes also symbolize the fruits of perseverance, hard work and perseverance. The ancient Sumerians believed that this was a signification of the passage of time.


Vinyl is a symbol of falsehood and a fake personality. If you find yourself in a dream wearing vinyl, it means that you’re not real to yourself. If you are wearing vinyl, this means that you are dependent on others, and that’s why you are not able to take on any responsibility for yourself.


The feeling of being violated in your dreams is a way of feeling in real life. You believe that others are exploiting you, and directing your choices and actions in life. You must regain the control of your life.


Violence is a frequent motif when you have unconsciously bottled up feelings of anger or frustration. It is a frequent dream event that can shake the person dreaming to a point. If you’re committing act of violence, the person who could be the victim could provide a clue to look into further. If you’re being attacked, it could suggest that you are a the victim in your daily life.

Violent Death

The nightmares may seem terrifying but they are actually a sign of internal transformation, death and the possibility of rebirth. The violence could be accompanied by your conscious resisting change.


Violets symbolize affection, love spiritual wisdom, happiness and love. If you see violets in your dreams, it indicates someone who brings happiness to your life. However the act of giving violets indicates that you’re timid to express your love toward somebody. The violet is also rooted in Christianity and symbolizes the modesty of Mary. Mary.


A violin signifies that you are in a state of peace. It will reward you when you have completed your work in your daily life. If the instrument is damaged or you are not able to play it, this means that you are likely to encounter difficulties and chaos in your daily life.


A virgin’s dream signifies purity and innocence which suggests the possibility of anything to occur. If you are dreaming that you’re losing your virginity, it indicates that you are wishing to discover your sexual side. If you have recently lost your virginity, or have not yet lost it now, then you’re probably contemplating. Your thoughts and dreams of what it would be like to lose it could be in your head until you decide to let it go.

Virgin Mary

It is believed that the Virgin Mary is a dream symbol that can change based on your religional traditions and beliefs. It is believed that she is the mother goddess, similar to Isis in the time of ancient Egyptians. In the Jungian perspective, she is connected to feminine aspects of masculinity ( anima) as the most awe-inspiring level of unconditional love, compassion and the ability to discern. Within Christianity she is symbolized by a new moon , where she is in tune with the notions of peace, purity and illumination. She also represents the perfection. Numerous cultures have associated the moon to change and the idea of rebirth. There have been numerous reports of the Virgin Mary around the globe and they all appear to be very like how she portrays herself in dreams.


Virgos tend to think ahead, and so dreaming about the sign of the Virgo indicates that you’re very cautious. You consider things carefully so that you don’t make rash decisions.


The possibility of contracting a virus in your dream could signal a personal attack or the fear of becoming Covid 19. The outside world could be a symbol of events that are beyond your control and affect your. If you have a dream that you are suffering from a computer virus, it could be a sign that your life is chaotic and you don’t have the ability to manage it.

Deep analysis of dreams about Virus

Visio ns

Dreaming of visions is an extremely powerful and unique feeling. The dreams suggest the mind of your free and you’re exploring it with no limitations. If you’re unable to clearly see in your dream, it indicates that you aren’t thinking clearly and are therefore likely to make rash choices.


If you’re invited by someone in your dreams, it means that you’ll soon discover something important and important that will affect your life. Are you able to accept or rejected? You will undergo some sort of changes in your life, and the way you deal with the person in your dream will determine the way you handle the changes within your own life. If you see someone in your dream, it means that you must re-engage in contact with them or someone else they represent in your life.


If you have a dream where you’re taking vitamins, it means that you are trying to restore your ability to take care of yourself and fight against those who challenge you.


These are messages coming from your subconscious mind, giving you crucial information.


The dreams symbolize the inability to express your thoughts in the course of your daily life.


The voices you hear in your dreams is a sign that you should be attentive and pay attention to what others have to say. Maybe the suggestions people offer or the comments that people make are causing trouble for you. It could be related with insomnia or the process that occurs between wakefulness and sleep.


The dream of a volcano is an accumulation of emotions that have been able to surface. The repressed emotions and feelings that ultimately explode in our lives are often depicted as a volcanic explosion in dreams. The subconscious is trying to send you a message or a warning to be aware of the emotions that are bottled up otherwise you and others are likely to be hurt.

Deep study of Volcano dreams


The majority of the time, any level of volume you dream about has to be related to your voice and talking to others. If you think that your voice is too loud , it means that you are powerful and trying to force your opinions onto others. You must be a bit more open and tolerant. When you turn up the volume, it suggests that you aren’t being heard , and you’re trying to ensure that your voice is heard.


Volunteering in your dream signifies that you are satisfied because that you have helped others without realizing the fact that you took part. However it could be a fantasy that entails you to accept help from those who are willing to help.


The dream of vomiting is a symbol of unresolved or rejected emotions or beliefs which are removed with force. The person who is dreaming must look at the things they are literally rejecting in their lives. Because your body is refusing to accept it, it indicates that it’s an instinctual response (stomach/intuition) which won’t allow it to take up residence in the body, mind, and the soul. The dream of throwing up blood could indicate the loss of vital energy as well as personal injuries and discomfort. The dream of vomiting blood clots may indicate an overdue build-up to these negative feelings. If you’re vomiting eggs that are raw, it suggests neglect and suppressing basic desires and feelings that are the basis of your being. The dream of vomiting hair is a connection with knowledge, thoughts and growth that is being suppressed and a desire to express what you feel.


If you believe that the occult in your life, it will draw your attention to doing things done in the wrong manner. You’re in violation of the natural laws. If you imagine the power of a spell being cast over you , you are implying that you are subjugated by the wishes of others.


The idea of voting indicates that you would like to participate in an important decision that will impact a wider group, not only you. You would like people to be able to hear your thoughts and you believe that your decision is significant too. Maybe you feel that you don’t have any say in the circumstances around you. Your vision is a manifestation of your desires.


The idea of vowing is not necessarily a sign of marriage. It means that you are willing to make a commitment or commitment to someone or something. If you are dreaming specifically of vows to marry this means that you are ready to move on in your relationship and sit to the one you cherish.


A journey in your dreams means that you’re doing similar things in your everyday life. You are discovering yourself and learning new things. Be aware of the direction you’re taking and what you feel about the journey because it is a reflection of the direction you take in your daily life.


Are you attracted by the people you see in your dreams? If you dream that you are interested in voyeurism, it means you are afraid of what you would like sexually. It could be that you are putting up an obstacle due to the fear of becoming too intimate in a relationship.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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