Dreaming of Things That Start With W

Dreaming of Things That Start With W


The thought of waffles in your mind shows that you need to be more real in the daytime. It could also indicate that you are unable to make up your decision on important issues. It could also mean that you must be more assertive and confident in your thoughts and ideas.


A bet in a dream is a chance to make a choice based on your personal understanding. It could be related to relationships, work or even new ventures you take on within your personal life.


The idea of paying people wages could mean that you owe them money. However, it could be that you are in a relationship and doing more for someone else than they will give you back.


The dreams of a child can change based on whether the wagon was modern or was designed for children. A covered wagon from the past takes you from one location to another in a traditional style. The moment you fall off, it could mean returning to an old bad habit. If you see the child’s wheel, it could indicate the need to bring out the child inside you. The red hue could indicate emotion or anger. A vacant wagon can signify emptyness and sadness.


The thought of waif models indicates that you are struggling in your body weight. You’re too thin and unhealthy. The dream symbolizes your insecurity about your life and the lack of confidence in your appearance.


A scream in your dream is an appeal for assistance. Someone is in pain and might not seek your help, however, you must be aware of those around you and try to discern their inner. If you’re the one who is crying, then your dream is merely a means to let go of your emotions that you find difficult to release from your mind’s eye.

Waiter or Waitress

The idea of being serving in the restaurant indicates that you place other people’s needs before your own. It could mean that you’re not appreciated or aren’t working hard enough to satisfy others. If you are someone serving you or a waitress, then you want them to be attentive and listen to what you need. Someone is in need of attention.


The act of waiting patiently in a dream suggests that you are aware that life events take time. Certain things are worth waiting for and rushing around is not helpful in certain situations. In addition, being anxious reflects your confidence and control to others; you anticipate too much from an event. It may also indicate that you are concerned about something, however it’s better to slow down and stop worrying about it.


The dream of wakes may be interpreted in different ways depending on the context , or in the case of a recent loss. The dream of your wake is an optimistic dream symbol that represents resurrection and death that occurred recently. People who mourn over a loss could suggest the end of a stage to allow a new one to begin.

Walkies Talkie

If you are dreaming of a walkie talkie, it means the need for communication in your life , whether it’s in a situation or with someone else in your life. It seems like you’ve forgotten the fact that two people are needed people to dance; communication doesn’t just involve one person.


The dreaming process of walking in the night brings you to think about your life direction and your movement. The way you walk will affect the progress you make; whether it is difficult or walking effortlessly reflects the circumstances in your life and the way you can move forward. If you find yourself slow, it is a sign that you need to think about the areas where you should accelerate your pace. It is commonplace to walk on your own, which suggests that whichever route you choose to take will be on your own for the duration of this journey. The circular motion is a metaphor for all the things you have in your life that make you spend your time with. Walking without shoes suggests that you may be grounded, or you may just require only the essentials to move forward. Walking through water or rain can be a sign of our feelings and the power we exercise over these emotions. Walking through the mud or tar signifies the slowing of your pace because there could be small delays. Walking in the city is part of the new adventures within your life that are developing and that you’re trying to comprehend.


The dream of a wallet is symbolic because they symbolize the individual and financial. They store our personal data because it is a part of our identity, who we are and the things we own. If they disappear or are lost, it could indicate an absence of accountability or poor financial management. It may also indicate a lack of awareness of concerns about money that you might have. The most common scenario is that of the theft of your wallet. This could indicate the possibility of a snare on your identity or a possible financial setback in the near future. If someone steals your wallet, it suggests that the outsider is in control of your finances or your identity.


Wallpapers in your dream can suggest hiding your own personal aspects. The house is a representation of our mind and psyche, based on the space and the color can have a different meaning. It is a cover-up or protection against memories and subconscious emotions. The wallpaper removal will have the opposite effect of finding the root of the issue. It is a way to go back in the past to fix the problems that were creating problems within your daily life.


The wars are symbolic and suggest an internal conflict that must be solved. The war usually occurs in our minds when you try to overcome two negative elements. This is the reason it’s very common to escape the conflict in your dreams however it could be interpreted as a negative signification of avoiding. Or, you could be fleeing a unstable or toxic setting. The conflicts could be a reflection of conflicts, unresolved issues, toxic relationships, or even family situations.


They could be stored spaces within your brain which are filled with thoughts or memories that need to be investigated.


A lot of dreamers can tell the different from a normal dream and one that comes with warnings. They are usually nightmares where they are able to sense that it’s an omen of bad luck that relates to fatal accidents or death.

A thorough study of Warning dreams


Most of the time, we are being sought by the police in our dreams, which is an the rejection of something that is considered to be authoritative. Police are symbols in your life, made up of power, rules and feelings of guilt. The fact that you’re running away or being sought out indicates that you are not willing to confront the issue that exists within your own life. Your dream is likely to continue to repeat until you realize the things you’re trying to escape from.


The act of washing anything in a dream could be interpreted as a positive sign of a cleansing or purification of your life. The things you wash become symbolic for the place that which was previously considered dirty or negative. The majority of the time, the area that is cleaned isn’t fully understood by the person dreaming however the process has started. The process of washing your hair in your dreams is the removal from negative patterns, thoughts, or things that hindered your progress. The act of washing your privates could be interpreted as a reference to desires or sexual actions which have been cleaned. The dream about washing the hands can be a metaphor to get rid of or leave things from your life that do not serve any purpose. If you imagine washing your clothes or using the washing machine, it is connected to the person’s identity or self-image of cleaning up.


If the wasp is seen in our dreams, it is a symbol of aggression, anger, negativity or people who are dangerous. Wasps can be very unfriendly when they are provoked, so you appear like you are in a very risky circumstance within your own life. If you’ve been stung by a wasp, you should avoid getting too close to someone who is extremely sensitive.

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A signifying that you are aware that there is a lot of negative energy in your life, or the need to get rid of unneeded emotions.


The water symbol is known as among the top frequent dreams. Water is a metaphor to reflect our emotional state and is a powerful symbol that is part of the unconscious of the person dreaming that isn’t fully understood. It is a symbol that must be understood by the dreamer to comprehend their feelings and emotions to ensure they do not overwhelm them in their daily lives. The shape, color as well as the depth and place of the symbol become an indication to guide the dreamer towards the meaning of the symbol.

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When you step into the territory of nature in your dreams, you have basically entering the sacred space which is currently undergoing internal healing.

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We often eat or looking at the huge watermelon. It is a symbol for fertility as well as balance, strength, and being grounded. It is a positive signification when it appears in your dreams.

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Water Balloon

It could be a build up of anger directed at the person. The person that is struck by the balloon can be a clue as to the person who is the one responsible for this stress.

Water Hose

Based on the context, represent a phallic sign or a desire to ease emotional tension. If you’re using a hose to extinguish the fire, it suggests that you calm the situation that is happening in your daily life prior to it getting more serious.


The waves are very symbolic symbols that hint at some kind of emotional turmoil that is reverberating through their lives. The connection to the winds and sun implies that this force is part of the unconscious part of the person dreaming; the pull toward shore (consciousness) is a symbol that relates to the energy that is raging. The waves can be seen as a reflection of unpredictability of external forces, changes of the mood (moon/feminine) or even relationships. If this is something that can be observed from a distance, it is a sign of the proper level of grounding associated with the particular moment. If you’re in the water , it indicates that you are in danger of being swept away or battling to stay on the water.


Dreams of weakness have more to be due to a weakness within the dreamer’s mental health rather than physical. Inability to fight an attacker or unable to move your arms or walk could be a sign of insecurity and a lack of confidence in one’s dreamer’s life. In a dream, weakness can cause the dreamer to look within and discover the fears or anxieties they feel are able to control them.


The weapon you choose to use can alter the significance in the dreams. In most dreams, weapons are used to express the hurt of others or to show anger. They could be used to prepare for major assignments or trying to resolve a conflict between two sides. The use of weapons such as a gun or guncan change the significance in the dreams.


Weather is a significant symbol that gives us an insight into how we may be experiencing. Sunny, bright days can be a good sign, but the weather and natural catastrophes are not good.


The dream could be an expression of a relationship to a bond or commitment that you’ve made in your life. The dream rings cakes, veils, and the person who is getting married could change their the meaning. It is possible that your subconscious desires are being manifested in your dreams. The desire for love or partnership, or even a connection with one. The common scenario is that you’re getting married to the wrong person. This is a sign of an unbalanced union of two elements within your own life.

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Wedding Ceremony

The dream of ceremonies draw your focus to your family, friends and the celebration within your own life. The possibility of internal unity between two parts of you that will form bonds.


If you are concerned regarding your weight and health, it could be a factor, you should pay focus towards this image. The weight of your dreams is a reflection of the inner self which reflects outwardly. The way you feel about your weight affects the meaning of your dream.

In-depth analysis of weight dreams


Like the vampire, the werewolf is a representation of the animal instincts that we have, suppressed instincts , and the archetype of shadow. The other side of your personality is that is hidden away in dark (nocturnal). It could be related to the sexual aspect of the dreamer, or the desire to be independent.

A thorough study of Werewolf dreams


The direction of west could represent both positive as well as an omen of negativity, depending on the setting that the dreams are taking place in. West represents the path of setting the sun and dusk, thereby linking it to death, the end of and the fall season. But west is also considered as a new opportunity as well as a new chance for hope and adventure and opportunities to follow God’s way.


They are powerful dream omens that come from the subconscious. Whales are not known until they get to their surface (consciousness) because they inspire you to go into the depths and discover the undiscovered aspects of your subconscious. They are connected to our inner guidance, intuition and psychic abilities, as they utilize different senses for navigation. They also encourage you to discover your unexplored depths. Resisting could result in the killer whale.

Deep study of Whale dreams


The symbol could indicate that something may be preventing your progress within your daily life. The wheels could be a sign of completeness or a focus on the self.


The dream may change depending on the meaning. If you’re in the process of whipping someone, it could be a sign for you to whip the person into shape. It could also indicate that you are being too harsh on the person.

White Moth

Moths are like the butterfly and have a profound spiritual meaning that relates to the possibility of transformation. Many have suggested that it could be a reference to the death of something you’ve done in your life that was important. Moths are a sign of our intuition, psychic and nighttime.


Wigs cover our thoughts , or concealing something that could be revealed within our daily lives.


Winds’ ability to alter and transform, as well as being messengers of the spirit The powerful influence on your life. These dreams could be a sign of your thoughts, emotions or desires that are causing you to feel. The symbol of communication, or a message that is heading towards you.

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Air is the wind that is synonymous with it. It is among the 4 classic earth elements, alongside water, earth, and fire. It is also the one most frequently associated with breathing communication, life and knowledge, as well as the holy spirit.

A thorough analysis of Windstorm dream


Do you realize that the majority of our fantasies about our wives are negative? The themes are often inspired by repressed or unconsciously imposed feelings on your wife.

Deep analysis of dreams of the wife


They are extremely positive predictions that draw your focus to protecting yourself and your future advancement. Flying is connected to the lucid aspect of dreaming


These are fascinating dreams that change according to whether the window is opened and shut (see house). They draw our attention to the possibilities, perceptions or concepts that are offered to you. The metaphors we use for our eyes are the things we look at that are that are presented to us, whether closed or open. Positive window dreams include wide windows, opening up opening, looking out, and climbing out. But, if the window is closed or not able to open, it could be a sign of a blocked or stuck perception.

A thorough analysis of Window Dreams


These are signs that link us to our drive or path in our lives. It could indicate an impaired vision when you go through your journey in your life.

Winning Money

The concept of money in your dreams draws your attention to the acquisition of items that can benefit you. Invoking the possibility of finding something valuable (unconscious) which will give you in your life.


Witches represent females with negative animus (mother complex) or shadow archetype. People who dream of witches may be experiencing a deformed feminine in the male. Women who have dreams of witches could be exhibiting unconscious behavior of dangerous practices. Witchcraft can also be a spell that is not conscious and is connected to the presence of the spirit. It could also the manifestation of your talents that are hidden.

In-depth analysis of the Witch’s dream


As with possession, witchcraft can be seen in dreams, when you are controlled through a force which is able to influence or control your actions. Through examining the areas in which you may feel being influenced or controlled by your surroundings, it is often it is a manipulation of the feminine, unable to control your emotions, behavior and urges that are part of your personal and external world. For males, the witch may be connected to the mother or the animal. The fact that you can defeat the witch in your dreams signifies that you have found the cause of this problem and are removing the source from your existence. The powers of witchcraft suggests you’re tackling this issue with determination and in the near future, you’ll be able to beat it. If you see someone casting an influence over you in your dreams, it could mean that you are being affected by an outside source.


The images of these bizarre characters can transform in our dreams to become symbols of wisdom and good judgment. The wizard appears in your dreams by providing the dreamer with an information that has to be understood literally.

A thorough study of Wizard dreams


The wolf has been a popular symbol in mythologies for a number of years. It is said that Carl Jung would say that it is a uncommon symbol that appears in your dreams that connects to the unconscious side of the person dreaming. The wolf is often depicted in the present as a cunning and greedy creature. The powerful symbol can also be used to convey guidance, teaching as well as loyalty, friendship and even intuition. They represent terror in mythology, but they come from the wild , which brings to your consciousness unconscious instincts.

Deep study of Wolf dreams


What are the women who appear on your dream list? According to Jung the man dream of his anima, the feminine part of the masculine psyche which needs to be fully integrated. In dreams, women represent wisdom, love , and protection. It is linked to the relationship you have with your mother. The woman in your dreams could be an old lady with gray hair, or pregnant, and even kissing you.

In-depth analysis of dreams of women


The idea of imagining yourself in the woods is a way to connect with the subconscious part of you. In the woods, you’ll be able to face your fears or become overwhelmed by them. In this captivating and mysterious part of your brain you’ll see an abandoned cabin, an individual chasing you, and other times you’re just running.

A thorough analysis of Woods dream


The dreams could evoke feelings of being insignificant and insignificant within your daily life. The symbol of death is renewal, and a desire to feel grounded. Worms’ dreams are considered to be negative when they’re hosting the dreamer. The dreams draw your attention to at the forces of negativity that consume you every day. These could be thoughts, events or experiences from the past that caused you to feel the worms inside you.

In-depth analysis of dreams about Worms


The need to share your thoughts, and pointing to the free association of bringing your unconscious feelings onto the scene. If you dream of writing tests or exams, the dreamcan change depending on the dreams.

Wrongly Accused

They occur when you feel guilt or blamed for something you did not do in real life. But, if you are unable to accept blame or deny responsibility, or failure to admit responsibility for the situation can cause these dreams to be experienced.

Wreaking Car

Car dreams are a dream


In dreams, wrists symbolize relationships, work and your creativity. If your wrist has been damaged or you have cut your wrists , it draws your focus to a communication issue.

Wrist Watches

The dreams draw your focus to your own time and your image/ego. It could be a metaphor for watching the world’s events. The clue is in the details of your dreams.

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