Dreaming of Wife Being Negative

You may be surprised to learn that men also feel emotions. It’s true that men are emotional, but they tend to not to show that emotion…

Unfortunately , these feelings and emotions are pushed back and tend to surface while we’re asleep.

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That’s why when our wives appear randomly in our dreams, the subject matter is typically odd or disturbing. Actually, the most common themes in dreams that revolve around our wives tend to be based on her murder, dying or lying, cheating, or even being pregnant with another man.

So , what’s going in here?

Common Wife Dream Meanings

Before you leap to conclusions and begin accusing the wife, you must look at your own emotions and feelings.

If our dreams are real and vivid, it is typically a signal to focus our attention to a specific goal however, when we experience problems with our spouse, it can be interpreted as an unreal dreams.

#1. Wife Is Cheating In Your Dream?

If you don’t have reason to believe that your wife is cheating, These dreams typically represent a subconscious feeling of resentment, neglect, and affection that you are not able to expressin the relationship.

In a metaphorical sense, you must discover the elements of your relationship that you felt cheated or mistreated as well. It can be difficult as these things remain unsolved, but you can make use of the content of the conversation, the emotions expressed, and the people she was cheating on to unravel.

You can also determine whether you are experiencing feelings of anxiety, a poor self-image, or fear of being abandoned which make you feel like this.

What you did to react can be a sign of your emotions that are not being expressed.

#2. My Wife Is Pregnant With Another Man In Dream

The dream of your partner becoming having a baby with a different man can have many possibilities of interpretation. The pregnancy can be a good signification that represents the inner journey, rebirth, or some other kind of change.

The way you react to the emotion that you feel in the dream reflect the changes you observe in her. In a metaphorical sense, if she’s expecting from a different man, it could mean that you will be excluded from her growth and development, possibly being a victim or cheated by.

Does it mean that you’re not accepting the changes, or are excluded from this latest development? If you can remember the man who has metaphorical attributes which relate to the current scenario, for example when your wife changes her body and her mind through exercise while you are overweight, the focus and affection she lavishes on fitness (inner transformation) will leave you out or over weight.

Additionally, it is possible that the “so called man” that she is expecting may actually could be ” the trainer” of the gym. Dreams can be funny in the method of encapsulating people as emotional and repressed emotions.

#3. Dreaming Of Dead or Dying Wife

Do you think this means that your wife will pass away? Dreaming about your wife’s death might not be as scary as you believe. The death or dying of your wife in dreams could be a sign of some kind of change or rebirth in the life of your wife.

The dream you are experiencing uses death as an image of death of your loved one to allow the new one to take over. It could be a reflection of old behaviors, addictions, or even past problems in your relationship.

#4. Dreams Of Wife Murdered

As terrifying and horrifying as it sounds, dreaming about your wife being murdered is more frequent than you imagine. Sometimes, we have vividly graphic dreams , there may be psychological triggers that are involved. Individuals experiencing depression anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder could see your wife’s murder within your dream.

According to the University Of Switzerland disturbing dreams like this could be the result of your brain’s method of preparing you for the most terrifying events. Read the article on the benefits from Nightmares.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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